Comics – Barely Friends

Writer: Frank Doyle
Pencils: Dan DeCarlo Jr.
Inks: Jimmy DeCarlo
Colors: Barry Grossman
Letters: Bill Yoshida
Original Publication: Archie’s Pal Jughead, No. 325
Cover Date: October, 1982
Length: 6 pages

Jughead is napping on the beach. Cheryl comes upon “Spindle Schnoz – the clownie townie”. Jughead asks her what’s new in “snob city”. We learn Cheryl attends an “exclusive institute of learning” named Pembrooke Academy. Jughead gives Cheryl a hard time about her swimsuit, which she says is “the very latest in European beach wear”. Jughead continues to make fun of her bikini. Sloppy artwork has Cheryl’s bracelet switch from her left hand to her right hand.

Anyway, Cheryl yells at the “insensitive boor”, and Jughead continues to insult her. Jughead leaves. Cheryl finds Jason with his tongue down some girl’s throat and calls on him to “defend” her “honor”, which amuses him. Even she admits it’s “maybe not exactly honor”, but she’s been insulted by a “townie”. Jason is confused, because Cheryl supposedly has the hots for Jughead (that’s just weird), and Cheryl admits to flip-flopping on it. She sends her brother off to beat the shit out of Jughead.

Meanwhile, Jughead wants to go for a swim, so he has Moose keep an eye on his hat, because “wise guys” are “always hiding it” on him. In other words, Jughead gets bullied for being weird. Moose puts the hat on and gets under the shade of Midge’s umbrella to avoid the heat.

Jason’s looking forwarded to beating the shit out of a “townie”. He sees the hat and mistakenly confronts Moose, who hurls Jason into a waste basket.

Some onlookers are amazed, and a girl claims the “skinny townie with the silly hat” did it, despite Moose no longer wearing the hat while he was hurling Jason. This leaves the guys fearful, the girl craving Jughead’s cock, and Jughead confused.

Overall, this is an okay story. Cheryl appears for only the first half of it. We learn Cheryl attends a different school than the main characters, and we finally learn her and Jason’s last name: Blossom. As in the previous story, the main characters are already familiar with them. Jughead knows Cheryl by name, and Moose knows Jason by name. It’s also kind of funny that both stories are set on the beach and involve Cheryl wearing a skimpy bikini – not that I’m complaining!

Tune in next Wednesday, when The Archies suddenly become “New”.


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