Comics – Miss-Cast!

Writer: Mike Pellowski
Pencils: Bob Bolling
Inking: Al Milgrom
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica Comics Digest Magazine, No. 175
Cover Date: July, 2007
Length: 6 pages

Betty and Veronica are visiting a movie studio and have all-access passes that give them free rein of the place. Veronica had invited Betty on this weekend trip to California.

As they explore the lot, Betty and Veronica wonder about some casting decisions, such as casting an actor with long hair as a bald man and making him wear a bald wig – and casting a bald actor as a long-haired man and making him wear a long-hair wig. The latter guy can barely swim and had to do a swimming scene. They also come across a scrawny actor that voice-acts as a super-hero.

Later, Mr. Lodge’s client offers Betty and Veronica bit parts in a movie. Veronica asks Mr. Lodge for permission for her and Betty to be in the movie, and he gladly grants it. Veronica is cast as a snobby, spoiled girl shopper, and Betty is cast as her nice, down-to-Earth friend. Veronica is upset about being “miscast”, but Betty amusingly thinks there is such a thing as perfect casting after all.

This is a cute story. I like it a lot better than the lead story.

Tune in next Wednesday!

Author: markmooreauthor

I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

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