Archie’s Weird Mysteries, Episode 32 – I Was a Teenage Vampire

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-01-Riverdale-ReporterWriter: Brian Swenlin
Original Air Date: Thursday, February 10, 2000
Length: 22:16

I’m sorry that this is so late. My job responsibilities – and thus my schedule – recently changed, and my browser has been acting up recently.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-02-titleAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-03-mansionThe episode opens with a bat and red mist arriving at an old, abandoned mansion.

By the way, as the mist is making its way through the mansion, the picture goes black for 8 frames (though the audio remains). Not sure if that’s a problem in the original episode or a DVD error of some kind.

The red mist goes down to the basement.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-04-ScarletYeah, Scarlet’s still alive. I told you that her “defeat” at the end of the last episode was different and suspicious. She announces to the other vampire that arrived at the mansion that she’s back. Okaaay. How long’s it been since she was here?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-05-Scarlet-vampireThe other vampire chastises her for being late and asks if she’d heard the Master’s call. Angry, she snatches a shovel from him and says she did.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-06-Scarlet-digsShe orders him to get digging, because it’s time to free the Master.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-07-RHSAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-08-Reggie-girlsThe next day, at school, Reggie reads the headline of Archie’s column: “Veronica Lodge Saves the World from Vampires”.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-09-Veronica-photoHehe, Archie even got Veronica to pose for a photo, holding the cross. Reggie is in disbelief.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-10-Reggie-girls-2Veronica makes a joke about Reggie not being the center of attention. Betty washes down her pot brownie with a drink. The two girls laugh.

Reggie reads from the article and asks where he was when all of this happened.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-11-Archie-Reggie“Like, you snooze, you lose, man. Smoke a joint.”

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-12-girls-laughThe girls laugh again. Seriously, I think everyone’s stoned in this scene, but it affects them differently. Anyone wanna look in Betty’s paper bag?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-13-girls-ArchieThe girls simultaneously greet Archie. He greets them. He asks Veronica why she’s not wearing her Sun Stone.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-14-girls-Archie-2“Like, total fashion don’t, totally.” Really? But a babushka scarf is a fashion do?

Also, she’s trying to put the vampire stuff behind her.


AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-18-gangReggie asks where Veronica’s “magic necklace” is. She says “Safely tucked away.” Archie and Betty make guesses as to where. Veronica says it’s in a shoe box. Reggie asks what’s so safe about that. Betty explains through metaphor, but it basically boils down to “Veronica has a shitload of shoe boxes in her giant-ass closet.”

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-19-Veronica-posesVeronica tells “Archiekins” that she picked up “the cutest pair of pumps” to wear on their date tonight. Betty shakes her head…for…some reason.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-20-Veronica-poses-2Veronica says Archie’s taking her to La-Cha-Ching for dinner and dancing, which is news to him, but she says he owes her for saving his ass and giving him the story for his latest column. Reggie advises him: “Speak now or forever hold your wallet.” For saving the world from “the unholy hordes of darkness”, Archie agrees to the date.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-21-Veronica-ArchieShe tells him to wear his best suit, and she wants his word that he won’t be late. He promises to be there at 8:00 PM sharp. Veronica means it, because Smithers is on vacation, and her parents are going to some charity banquet. Girl, you’ve got a huge mansion to yourself. Invite Archie over for a fuck session! “I did save the world. Don’t you think my pussy deserves to be licked thoroughly, and my asshole deserves to be ripped and reamed by your massive cock?”

Anyway, Veronica claims to be scared of being alone at night. Archie again promises and then gives Veronica his “super-sacred word”. He says she’ll be “as safe as a necklace in a shoe box”.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-22-mansionAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-23-coffinIt’s now twilight, and Scarlet and the other vampire have just now gotten the Master’s coffin out of the ground, which means it took the two of them nearly an entire day to dig that hole. I’m a lazy-ass motherfucker, but even I could have dug that hole in a few hours at most.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-24-MasterThe Master, Medlock, wakes up.

Scarlet and Medlock greet each other.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-25-Master-cracks-knucklesThen Medlock cracks his knuckles and his neck, which makes it really hard to take him seriously as the “Dark Master”.

Medlock seems to be aware that he’s been asleep for centuries. How the fuck does he know?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-26-Medlock-ScarletAnyway, he gives the typical vampire villain speech.

Scarlet and the other vampire also talk about how the sun will set tomorrow, on Halloween, and never rise again. But then Medlock learns Scarlet hasn’t “had the chance to convert” the Ender. The other vampire, who seems to be called Nilnuze (that’s a stupid name), asks Medlock to give him a shot, which angers Scarlet, and Medlock grants it.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-27-Andrews-houseAgain, why is one garage door left open at the Andrews house at night? It’s not safe!

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-28-Archie-dressesArchie is getting dressed for his date with Veronica.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-29-Archie-flowersHe then steals some of his mother’s flowers to give to Veronica. Ass.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-30-Archie-Mary-1Archie rushes to the front door and encounters his mom.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-31-Archie-Mary-2Mary wants to take a picture of her “handsome” son. She doesn’t notice her flowers in his hand.

Archie declines, citing his “super-sacred word”. Mary understands, excusing him from the “glamor shots”. But then Archie checks himself out in the mirror and agrees to the pictures, thinking Veronica won’t mind if he’s “just a few minutes late”.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-32-Veronica-waitingAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-33-Veronica-waiting-2AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-34-Veronica-waiting-3The clock chimes in Lodge Manor, and Veronica is getting bored. She’s also upset at Archie for breaking his word.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-35-Mary-Archie-poseAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-36-Andrews-familyAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-37-FredMore time-wasting at the Andrews house. Even Fred’s gotten in on the action.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-38-Archie-flowerAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-39-Mary-kisses-ArchieMary finally puts an end to the photos and sends Archie on his way.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-40-Jughead-moonJughead arrives at that moment. Looks like someone finally closed that damn garage door.

Archie rushes out the door and…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-41-Archie-Jughead-cheese…gets sauced.

Archie’s worried about his suit. Jughead’s worried about his dinner. Why the fuck was Jughead just randomly coming over to Archie’s house, anyway?

Archie sniffs the mess and, disgusted, asks what it is.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-42-Jughead-breathes-on-ArchieJughead says it’s Pop Tate’s newest “culinary delight”, the Roasted, Spicy Garlic Burger.

Archie asks what the fuck he’s doing here. Jughead apologizes and says he thought he’d see if Archie wanted to catch a movie. Who the fuck does that? Don’t people make plans to go to the movies? Even if it’s a last-minute thing, shouldn’t Jughead call Archie instead of walking over to his house?

Anyway, when Archie reveals his dinner plans, Jughead seems to blame him for the way that he looks. Ass. Archie doesn’t know what to do, since this is he only suit.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-43-Veronica-phoneAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-44-phone-callArchie calls Veronica from Jughead’s house. Rather than explain the situation, he says it’s a “long story” and promises to make it up to her. She says he’s always making promises that he doesn’t keep. She mentions he gave her his super-sacred word and seems to indicate she’s scared to be “all alone” in “this creepy house” at night. Archie tells her to relax, saying nothing’s going to happen to her. She tells him to get here soon.

Archie and Jughead briefly discuss Archie’s appearance.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-45-Lodge-ManorAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-46-Veronica-waitsVeronica’s waiting at the bottom of the staircase again. There’s a knock at the door.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-47-Veronica-happyShe says come in. Seriously? You’re the one that’s scared, but you’re leaving the front doors unlocked and just inviting anyone in?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-48-front-doorsThe show ruins the suspense by immediately showing no one outside.

Veronica finally opens the doors, sees no one, and closes them. She hears a loud bang and then complains about Archie breaking his promise and her being creeped out and hearing things. Meanwhile, Nilnuze mists into the mansion through a (conveniently) open window.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-49-Veronica-NilnuzeAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-50-Veronica-mirrorAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-51-Veronica-Nilnuze-2AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-52-Veronica-scaredAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-53-Nilnuze-fangsShe doesn’t seem him until it’s too late.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-54-Archie-apologizesArchie arrives and rings the doorbell. Veronica answers the door. Archie apologizes and offers her the stolen flowers.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-55-Archie-scaredIt actually takes him a moment to react to this:

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-56-VamperonicaHow the fuck does he not immediately notice his girlfriend’s a vampire? And why does she still call him “Archiekins”?

Anyway, she criticizes him for being late and for the suit. He again says it’s a “long story”.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-57-Vamperonica-ArchieShe moves in for a bite of his “delicious” body.

He tries to get away but runs into her “new friend”, Nilnuze.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-58-Vamperonica-Archie-2She wants to feast on Archie, but Nilnuze shakes his head. She’s surprised. In typical short-sighted fashion, he says there will be plenty of time for that later. Even as a vampire, Veronica is her usual impatient self. Then she wants to bite Betty and Reggie – but not Jughead. Archie suggests she listen to her new friend.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-59-Vamperonica-Nilnuze-flyAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-60-Nilnuze-Vamperonica-flyAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-61-bats-moonNilnuze and Veronica fly away. Archie begs her not to go.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-62-Archie-drivesArchie laments what’s happening, believing it’s his fault (due to being late), although Veronica might have been turned after their date. Anyway, he gets in his car and tears off.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-63-bat-moonA single bat flies overhead.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-64-mansionAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-65-Scarlet-MedlockBack at the mansion, Scarlet and Medlock make small talk, because…I guess there isn’t anything to do until the Ender is turned. We learn Medlock is around 900 years old. That means he would have been born around the turn of the 12th century. Also, apparently, vampires age, but they won’t once the Eternal Night falls.

Scarlet pledges to spend eternity by Medlock’s side – even if he grows old and toothless. Medlock says there will never be another one like her.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-66-VamperonicaAnd then he promptly ditches her for Veronica. Ha.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-67-Vamperonica-mistAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-68-batVeronica kept Nilnuze (in mist form) in her mouth. She breathes him into her clenched fist and then reveals him (in bat form) in the palm of her hand. Just…why? Was Veronica just so eager to make a flashy entrance but didn’t wanna be stuck in Nilnuze’s mouth?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-69-vampiresMedlock praises Nilnuze and welcomes his “child” to the fold. Um, he didn’t turn her. Veronica flatters him.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-70-Scarlet-slaps-VamperonicaThen Scarlet bitch-slaps Veronica. Veronica is surprised that Scarlet still exists.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-71-Vamperonica-ScarletIt looks like the two of them are about to fight, but Medlock tells Scarlet to lay off their “beautiful new friend”. Medlock and Veronica walk off, complimenting each other and leaving Scarlet pissed off. She won’t put up with this shit. Even Nilnuze laughs at her. Medlock asks Veronica for the Sun Stone.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-72-batNilnuze turns into a bat and flies after them for whatever reason.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-73-Pop'sAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-74-Jughead-Betty-ReggieJughead, Betty, and Reggie leave Pop’s, pretending to have an actual conversation. Seriously, it’s weird; they’re not actually talking. Come to think of it, what do these diverse people talk about in normal conversation?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-75-gangArchie drives right up to them and gets out of the car. Reggie ribs him about the suit.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-76-Jughead-BettyWe learn Jughead has an Uncle Ahern. What’s up with Betty? Do these teens constantly scarf down food at Pop’s, because they’re constantly high?

Anyway, Betty asks Archie about his date with Veronica.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-77-gang-2Archie catches his breath and explains what happened. Reggie doubts the story.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-78-gang-3AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-79-Scarlet-moonScarlet comes by to confirm it.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-80-Reggie-faintsBetty, Archie, and Jughead are surprised that Scarlet still exists. Reggie faints.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-81-ScarletThen we get this creepy/cool panning shot of Scarlet’s face.

Betty, while taking a step back, brings up Scarlet’s supposed defeat.

Through the use of a flashback, during which there’s a new voiceover of Veronica reciting the incantation (but incorrectly saying “shall” instead of “will”) while aiming the cross at Scarlet (even though she hadn’t done so in the previous episode), Scarlet explains she transformed into mist before the deadly light of the Sun Stone could touch her.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-82-Scarlet-hitSeen here: Scarlet not transforming into mist before the deadly light of the Sun Stone could touch her.

Also, the animation was redone for the flashback (although the differences are almost imperceptible), which seems like a huge waste of time and effort. It also led to this completely avoidable error:

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-83-gang-Scarlet-NightAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-84-gang-flashbackAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-85-Scarlet-ArchieAnyway, Archie assumes she’s back for revenge, but Scarlet wants to help them save their “annoying friend”. Basically, kill Nilnuze, and Veronica turns back to normal.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-86-Scarlet-throws-ArchieAs she explains this, she throws Archie to the pavement, which is hilarious.

Oh, yeah, they have only one hour before the “vampire spell” becomes permanent. Vampire spell? The fuck?

After expositing stuff that we already know, Betty questions Scarlet’s motive. Scarlet doesn’t wanna spend eternity with “an eternal pain in the neck”. Betty doesn’t trust her. Archie doesn’t either, but he has to try to save Veronica to right his wrong. Scarlet will bring Nilnuze to the high school in a half-hour; she claims they “know what to do”. She turns into mist and takes off.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-87-Archie-Jughead-BettyJughead doesn’t know what to do. Betty is repulsed by Jughead’s garlic burger. Archie tells Jughead to take a breath mint and adds “Those garlic burgers are lethal.”

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-88-garlic-burgerC’mon, you dumbass, put it together. The answer is literally right in front of you.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-89-Reggie-wakes-upReggie regains consciousness…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-90-Reggie-passes-out…and promptly passes out again from the scent of the garlic burger.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-91-Reggie-duhIt’s only at this point that Archie gets an idea.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-92-Archie-BettyBetty volunteers to help. Archie sends her to find the Sun Stone in Veronica’s closet.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-93-Archie-Jughead-toss-ReggieArchie and Jughead toss Reggie in the back seat of Archie’s car. Then they go into Pop’s to “prepare for battle”.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-94-RHSAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-95-guys-eatLater, at Riverdale High School, the guys hide behind the Thinker statue and chow down garlic burgers. Reggie’s confused about Archie’s plan.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-96-Archie-newspaperArchie’s like “Read my column, you dumbass! It’s the garlic!” Does Archie just carry his column around to show off to people? Was he gonna show it off to the patrons and staff of La-Cha-Ching? Veronica would have kicked his ass.

Also, hasn’t Reggie ever seen a vampire movie?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-97-Nilnuze-ScarletAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-98-guys-statueScarlet brings Nilnuze to the school, reveals his “dinner”, turns into mist, and leaves.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-99-Lodge-mansionAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-100-Betty-closetBetty has a difficult task before her.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-101-Nilnuze-ReggieNilnuze swats Archie and Jughead aside and goes directly for Reggie…for some reason.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-102-Reggie-breathesReggie knows what to do.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-103-Reggie-stuffedUnfortunately, Nilnuze is smart enough to tear off a piece of Reggie’s shirt and stuff it into his mouth.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-104-Lodge-mansionAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-105-crossAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-106-Betty-crossAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-107-Vamperonica-MedlockVeronica chastises Betty for digging through her shit.

Reggie and Nilnuze struggle. Then…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-108-Archie-Jughead-breatheAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-109-Betty-cross“I can wield this cross like a nunchuk, bitch!”

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-110-Vamperonica-crossVeronica tries to take the cross. She also suddenly lapses into broken English for some reason.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-111-girls-fight-1AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-112-girls-fight-2Betty and Veronica struggle over the cross.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-113-Vamperonica-cross-2Veronica is victorious.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-114-guys-breatheThe guys are kicking Nilnuze’s ass with their garlic breath.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-115-Scarlet-moonScarlet comes by to laugh at his misfortune.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-116-guys-breathe-2AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-117-Nilnuze-crumblesAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-118-windowOdd establishing shot, considering Veronica’s bedroom is on an upper floor.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-119-Veronica-revertsAnyway, with Nilnuze’s defeat, Veronica returns to normal.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-120-Veronica-crossShe’s momentarily disoriented.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-121-Veronica-Betty-crossBetty helps her out.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-122-cross-shinesAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-123-guys-celebrateThe guys celebrate Nilnuze’s defeat.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-124-Archie-highLooks like Archie had a little somethin’ else with the burgers. Maybe some of that “Jingle Jangle” that Reggie’s been selling on “Riverdale”.

Scarlet takes off, worried about “Master”.

Archie wonders about Veronica and Betty, but he says it in such a way that he’s realizing something. Not sure what, though. I mean, if Veronica got to Betty and bit her, both of them should have reverted upon Nilnuze’s defeat.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-125-Lodge-mansionOnly now does Veronica say the incantation. What’s taking her so damn long?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-126-Veronica-Betty-cross“Cross of silver, ray of light, in Ender’s hand shall end the night.”

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-127-cross-beams-MedlockDespite Veronica misspeaking, the cross fires…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-128-Medlock-old…and turns Medlock old. Okaaay…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-129-Sun-Stone-shattersThe Sun Stone shatters.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-130-Veronica-Betty-cross-2The girls don’t know what to make of this.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-131-Scarlet-shockedScarlet arrives, shocked to see Medlock.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-132-gangThe guys arrive. Archie goes straight to Veronica. Betty doesn’t seem to mind…much.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-133-Veronica-ArchieAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-134-Medlock-ScarletScarlet walks off with Medlock.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-135-Archie-JugheadJughead wants to burger their asses, but Archie lets them go, reasoning the Master won’t be causing any more trouble. Um, both he and Scarlet are still vampires, dude.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-136-Scarlet-Medlock-moonAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-137-Andrews-houseThat night / The next morning (by which point, the full moon had waned to half), Archie declares in his column that the vampires are “no longer a threat”. Scarlet loves Medlock just the same and keeps her word to take care of him.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-138-Archie-windowArchie will never forgot how he almost lost Veronica due to breaking one little promise.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-139-Archie-window-2He vows to always keep his word – and his super-sacred word…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-140-Riverdale-1AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-141-Riverdale-2…in a little town called Riverdale.

This was another cool episode. Veronica took a back seat but managed to come back at the end (because of Archie, Jughead, and Reggie) to defeat Medlock (with help from Betty). It really was a team effort this time.

Tune in next Wednesday!

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2 thoughts on “Archie’s Weird Mysteries, Episode 32 – I Was a Teenage Vampire”

  1. So Vampires are dead in this show if they are digging up the master’s grave.

    A very old school vampire, cool design.

    This totally won’t be important later..

    That vampire, Nilnuze, is totally a better boyfriend then Archie.

    So are they a couple rather then just master and servant.

    Also Bram Stroker’s Dracula novel Vampires actually DID AGE if , something which many vampire works forget. Basically Vampires need to drink blood from victims to stay young and strong. When Dracula is first met, he’s an old man, after killing several victims in london, Dracula becomes a younger and more powerful being who can stand the sunlight. Movie adaptation with Bela Lugosi kept him at early middle age, probably because old make up wouldn’t be believable.

    As for the children comment, I think like Dracula, the Master is the source of most vampires in this universe. And looks like Master became the new Archie for Veronica while Scarlet is the new Betty.

    Weird Medlock is much more humanlike when he’s old, note his forehead is no longer big and veiny. I find it odd, Veronica just allows him and Scarlet to walk away.

    By the way, have you seen my comment on the Stealing the Show episode?

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