Archie’s Weird Mysteries, Episode 33 – Halloween of Horror

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-01-Riverdale-ReporterWriter: Brian Swenlin
Original Air Date: Friday, February 11, 2000
Length: 22:17

This episode’s “Riverdale Reporter” segment actually includes a line from Archie, not spoken in the episode proper. That’s unusual.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-02-titleAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-03-mansionThe episode opens at the abandoned mansion.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-04-Scarlet-MedlockScarlet feels sorry for Medlock and wishes she could help restore him.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-05-Scarlet-youngAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-06-Scarlet-oldAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-07-Scarlet-Medlock-2He drains her life force, stealing her youth. Um, so why didn’t he do that earlier?

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-08-MedlockHe declares he will claim his “destiny as ruler over the Eternal Night of the Vampires”. Then he laughs evilly. Typical villain shit.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-09-Lodge-gateAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-10-Lodge-mansionAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-11-doorbellAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-12-Archie-JugheadAt Lodge Manor, Archie and Jughead arrive for Veronica’s Halloween party. Also, the moon went back up to full.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-13-SmithersI’m surprised that Smithers got into costume. Mr. Lodge must have forced him.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-14-decorationsWe learn this is an annual Halloween bash.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-15-bash-1AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-16-bash-2AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-17-bash-3Jughead goes to eat. Betty calls to Archie.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-18-Betty-hidesShe hides her face from him momentarily, I guess to…surprise him?

Oh, and she wore her cheerleading outfit to the Halloween party. Laziest costume ever!

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-19-Betty-confusedShe’s confused over what he’s supposed to be.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-20-Archie-firesHe’s a “cyber-warrior”.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-21-Betty-rubs-ArchieThen she rubs his face with a pom-pom. Bitch, cut that out; it’s rude.

She asks if he likes her costume: captain of the cheerleading squad. When he points out that that’s what she actually is, she excuses her laziness by saying she was going for realism.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-22-Reggie-JugheadReggie comes by and tries to scare Jughead, who’s unfazed. By the way, the mountain of cheeseburgers is a nice touch; it shows the Lodges were prepared for Jughead.

Anyway, Reggie’s disappointed, and Jughead points out that this is Reggie’s costume every year.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-23-Reggie-DiltonDilton sees through it, too.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-24-EthelOh, look, a silent cameo by Ethel. I wonder who she’s with.

Archie wonders where Veronica is. Betty says she’s playing a gypsy fortune teller. They go into the tent to check her out, but she’s not there. Betty guesses she’s on her break.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-25-Archie-Betty-ScarletThen Scarlet comes in. Archie and Betty think she’s Veronica. Scarlet talks about the Eternal Night of the Vampires being upon them.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-26-Archie-Veronica-BettyAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-27-Veronica-crossAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-28-VeronicaThen Veronica comes in. Archie and Betty are confused. Veronica compliments Scarlet’s costume. Scarlet finally reveals her identity, surprising the others. Veronica asks what happened, insulting her at the same time. Scarlet explains the sitch.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-29-gang-ScarletBetty tries to comfort her. Archie only now realizes the implications of Medlock stealing Scarlet’s life force. He’s not very bright, is he? Anyway, he wants to stop Medlock. Scarlet says it’s impossible. Veronica’s like “I’m the motherfucking Ender.” There’s a flashback to Medlock’s defeat at the end of the last episode.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-30-Scarlet-Veronica“Um, the Sun Stone was destroyed, you shithead. This cross is about as useful as the trinkets that you get out of the clucking hen machines at Wal-Mart.”

Betty’s confused, because the prophecy said the amulet could end the Eternal Night. Scarlet says unless Medlock befriends the chosen one. Okay, he kinda did that in the last episode, I guess, but this still isn’t making any sense.

Anyway, Veronica guesses Medlock is gonna crash her party to make her his “friend”. Archie says vampires can’t enter a home unless invited.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-31-Betty-Veronica-Archie-dohThey find out that Smithers invited Scarlet in.

Fade out – but not all of the way.

Fade in.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-32-Reggie-bumperOh, look, it’s the tail-end of Reggie’s commercial bumper. Great job. It’s like “Hey, here’s a tease of what you’re missing out on, motherfuckers!”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-33-Lodge-mansionAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-34-Smithers-MedlockAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-35-MedlockAnyway, Medlock shows up, and Smithers praises his “most impressive costume” and just lets him in. A little sound effect lets us know Medlock entered the mansion. What was that? The uninvited barrier going down?

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-36-guestsWhile Scarlet instructs the gang inside the tent, we see these two random, nameless guests.

Anyway, Scarlet tells Betty and Archie to protect Veronica from Medlock, because she’s the chosen one, and they react like this:

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-37-Scarlet-gangAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-38-Veronica-shockedUm, this is not exactly a surprising revelation. It’s been the main crux of the past two episodes.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-39-Reggie-MedlockReggie tries to scare Medlock but momentarily gets frightened himself. They make small talk about the “costume”. Reggie takes off the werewolf head and introduces himself. So does Medlock, and then…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-40-Reggie-Medlock-2AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-41-Medlock-fangsOh, shit.

Fade out. Fade in. No commercial break, though, because the music is continuous.

Betty says they have to warn the other guests about Medlock. Scarlet tells them to save themselves. Archie says real friends stick by their friends. He tells the girls to come on.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-42-VeronicaAs Veronica follows him, she motions with her hand. I’m not sure if she’s indicating for Betty to follow her or just thinking “Oh, whatever.”

As they leave, Scarlet cries out that friends are worthless, and they must protect the chosen one.

Betty spots Medlock hanging out with some random dude.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-43-Veronica-ReggieAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-44-Veronica-Reggie-2Reggie comes by and tries to attack Veronica. She dismisses it as his usual bullshit and says he’s got to protect her from the vampires.

Medlock floats toward them.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-45-Veronica-unmasks-ReggieAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-46-Veronica-shockedAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-47-Archie-Veronica-Betty-shocked“Oh, you’re fucking kidding me!”

Medlock arrives. Reggie moves in to bite Veronica. Archie hands her a jack-o’-lantern, and…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-48-Veronica-jacks-ReggieAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-49-Reggie-jackedAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-50-Reggie-MedlockSeriously? Medlock’s knocked over by someone walking into him? What kind of Dark Master is he?

Archie grabs hold of Betty, Betty grabs hold of Veronica, and the three of them run a short distance.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-51-Archie-warnsArchie gets on a coffee table and warns the guests.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-52-Moose-MidgeReally, that’s the reaction that he should have expected. Oh, look, cameos by Moose and Midge.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-53-Veronica-Archie“Motherfucker, move over; I’ll handle this.”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-54-Veronica-happy“I’m attractive and awesome.”


AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-56-Veronica-grinsAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-57-Veronica-thanks“I totally deserve that. Thanks.”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-58-Betty-Veronica-Archie“Get to the fucking point, bitch!”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-59-Betty-Veronica-Archie-2“Oops, sorry, my bad.”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-60-Betty-Veronica-Archie-3“Everybody get the fuck out right fucking now!”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-61-Betty-Veronica-Archie-4“That was Oscar-worthy, right?”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-62-Veronica-shocked“Oh, shit.”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-63-Reggie-Medlock-floatAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-64-EthelThe guests run away, leaving Archie, Betty, and Veronica against Medlock and Reggie.

Our heroes scramble for ideas for a bit, and Archie finally suggests garlic.


Scarlet finally comes out of the tent. It turns out that Jughead’s still here, too.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-66-Medlock-Scarlet“Relax, bitch, you ain’t worth the trouble.”

Archie and Betty come into the kitchen. Archie asks about garlic powder.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-67-Archie-Betty“Spice rack!”

Veronica comes into the kitchen and finds Smithers (somehow unnoticed by Archie and Betty). She begs him to help them get out of here.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-68-SmithersWell, shit.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-69-Veronica“Stay the fuck away from me!”

Betty and Archie drop the spices that they were holding. Then Archie finds the garlic and…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-70-garlic-pouredAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-71-Archie-girlsAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-72-Archie-fires…y’know, that’s actually pretty clever.

Anyway, the garlic makes Smithers itch, and he flies away.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-73-Veronica-BettyVeronica is upset about Smithers, and Betty tries to comfort her, saying it’s not her fault. Veronica’s just concerned about who’s gonna clean up the mess; it won’t be her. Disgusted, Betty and Archie walk off, much to Veronica’s confusion.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-74-Jughead-ArchieThe three of them check the dining room. Archie looks pissed when Jughead runs into him. Um, just be grateful that your friend’s still alive, asshole.

Jughead warns Archie about the vampires and runs off. Then Archie comes face to face with Reggie and…just stands there until…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-75-Reggie-ArchieThat’s what happens, man.

Archie actually gasps after this happens, like it’s some profound revelation that the bad guy will snatch your gun from you if you don’t shoot.

The door closes.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-76-Jughead-girlsYeah, Jughead accidentally left his friend in a room with a vampire. These things happen.

Betty opens the door to check things out.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-77-Betty-shockedReggie grabs Betty and pulls her into the dining room. The door closes. Why does the door close on its own?

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-78-Jughead-Veronica-scaredAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-79-Reggie-BettyBetty tells the “snaggle-toothed traitor” to let her go. Um, it’s not Reggie’s fault that he’s a vampire.


AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-81-Betty-elbows-ReggieAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-82-Betty-throws-ReggieHoly shit, Betty’s strong!

Betty calls out to Archie. Archie calls back for her to run and get help. Betty runs into the tent, vowing to not leave without him.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-83-Betty-Archie-Smithers-MedlockAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-84-Reggie-BettyAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-85-Reggie-Medlock-BettyAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-86-Medlock-BettyWell, shit.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-87-Veronica-Jughead-hideLater, Veronica and Jughead hide from the vampires. Medlock wants to use Archie as bait for Veronica.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-88-Jughead-VeronicaVeronica tries to go out to him, but Jughead stops her.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-89-vampires-Archie-flyThe vampires take Archie back to the abandoned mansion.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-90-Jughead-VeronicaLater, Veronica and Jughead come out of hiding. Veronica regrets not doing anything, but Jughead basically says they couldn’t do anything. Scarlet continues to be negative about the whole thing, which makes Veronica gasp. What is it with characters being surprised by mundane stuff?

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-91-Scarlet-JugheadJughead doesn’t wanna give up (friends should stick by their friends) but wants a plan first.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-92-Scarlet-Jughead-VeronicaSuddenly, they’re surprised by a noise and movement under a nearby table.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-93-Lodge-mansionAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-94-Scarlet-Jughead-VeronicaAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-95-Dilton-tableAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-96-Dilton-garlicOh, it’s just Dilton. Why didn’t he run out with the other guests?

Veronica asks Scarlet where Medlock took her friends. Scarlet is still all doom and gloom.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-97-Scarlet-Dilton“Bitch, we have to try…for science!”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-98-Scarlet-VeronicaVeronica speechifies and tries to make Scarlet feel useful. Scarlet’s still a Negative Nancy but agrees to help.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-99-gang-mansionLater, they arrive at the mansion (in a pretty cool panning shot).

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-100-gang-gunsThey bust in, locked and loaded. So, um, where’d they pick up the extra Super Soakers? Did they stop by Wal-Mart on their way to the abandoned mansion? I can totally imagine Veronica refusing to go in just out of principle, opting to wait in her car.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-101-Scarlet-DiltonIs this the inspiration for Riverdale’s version of Dilton Doiley?

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-102-ArchieIt’s a trap. Don’t fall for it.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-103-Archie-2Told ya.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-104-Veronica-shockedY’know, the clearly pale skin should have been a dead (undead?) giveaway.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-105-Dilton-Jughead-VeronicaAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-106-vampiresSon of a cock, the vampires were hiding…on the ceiling.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-107-Betty-itchesJughead fires at Betty and successfully makes her itch.

But then he hesitates when Reggie approaches.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-108-Reggie-takes-gunThat’s what happens, man.

Anyway, Medlock gets to Jughead, and Reggie gets to Dilton.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-109-Veronica-gunOnly Veronica remains. She alone can save the world.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-110-vampires-1AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-111-vampires-2AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-112-Vamperonica-1Well, shit.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-113-Vamperonica-2She introduces herself as “Vampronica”, although I’ve always has the feeling that the proper name should be “Vamperonica”.

Anyway, she takes off the cross and throws it away.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-114-Medlock-celebratesMedlock feels triumphant.

I want to make an observation here. Medlock seems far more serious and scarier in this episode than in the previous one. His humor is almost completely absent. I’m not saying it’s unwelcome, but it does feel off compared to his previous portrayal.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-115-Medlock-celebrates-2AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-116-sunriseAnyway, Medlock speechifies about eternal darkness, and then the sun rises. Ha.

He goes and shuts the doors, confused.

Scarlet reveals they were “mistaken”; Veronica Lodge was never the Ender to begin with. *sigh* I’ll give my feelings about this later. Let’s just wrap this up.

Scarlet speechifies, and then…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-117-cross“Cross of silver,…”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-118-Medlock“…ray of light,…”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-119-Scarlet-window“…in Ender’s hand shall end the night.”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-120-Medlock-2AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-121-vampiresAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-122-Medlock-crumblesEveryone turns back to normal and witnesses Medlock’s destruction.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-123-Veronica-ScarletScarlet explains the part of the prophecy that Veronica had read in the first part. You can tell Veronica is utterly disappointed that she wasn’t the Ender.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-124-Veronica-happyOr not.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-125-Veronica-Scarlet-hugVeronica and Scarlet talk for a bit and then hug.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-126-gang-happyAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-127-ScarletAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-128-Scarlet-ascendsAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-129-gangScarlet regains her humanity and ascends to the afterlife.

Fade out. Fade in. No commercial break, though.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-130-Andrews-houseClose the garage door, damn it!

As Archie continues to narrate his column, he informs us that Veronica’s parents flipped their shit over the mess in the mansion once they got home from their charity gala.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-131-Archie-windowHe wonders if they’ll ever let Veronica have another Halloween party.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-132-Archie-typesBut he figures no party could ever live up to this one, when the real vampires came trick-or-treating…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-133-Riverdale…in a little town called Riverdale.

So…I have mixed feelings about this episode. It’s generally creepier than the previous two, which is fine, but…

Okay, I’ll be blunt: the resolution sucks. Yeah, I know they set it up in part 1 with that prophecy, but saying Veronica never was the Ender diminishes her contribution. She did far more than Scarlet did. Scarlet’s contribution amounted to holding a useless cross and simply exposing Medlock to sunlight, which had already been established to be his weakness in part 2. So, just to be clear, Veronica’s role in all of this was to deceive Medlock, so Scarlet could simply tear open a curtain and expose him to sunlight. How pathetic. Oh, and Scarlet held the cross just to make it seem like that incantation applied to what she was doing.

Anyway, sorry for the extreme lateness of this post. Have a happy Halloween and tune in tomorrow for a new review.

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I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

3 thoughts on “Archie’s Weird Mysteries, Episode 33 – Halloween of Horror”

  1. And now I notice old Medlock has a normal nose, unlike the snout of regular Medlok, odd. Is that intentional or a DIC error?

    So Moose is just himself, duh! Ethel’s beau has three legs, at least wearing that costume.

    Dilton is just as creative as Moose and Betty. Wonder what he’s talking to that generic extra about?

    I saw the last parts of this episode(but not the other Eps of this arc) while channel surfing years ago. Even back then, I thought “its always the human/attractive female to get redeemed, just once I wanna see a vampire with the Orlok appearance get a redemption.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Betty’s cheerleading outfit was originally seen earlier in “Invisible Archie”, Archie’s cyber warrior costume was originally seen earlier in “Virtually Evil”, and Reggie’s werewolf mask, gloves, and feet were originally seen earlier in “Fleas Release Me”.

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