Comics – Camp Out Clout

This scene doesn’t occur in the story (this seems to be a sleepover at Cheryl’s, but the actual story involves a camping trip), though all of the same characters are involved. I initially thought the Asian girl was Tomoko Yoshida, a longtime Japanese character. As it turns out, it’s Kumi Tamura, a new student from Japan that was introduced in late 2008 but didn’t seem to stick around past a few appearances (her main character traits at the time were “I’m from Japan! This is how we do things in Japan!” and her extreme naivete), so I was surprised when I actually read the lead story in this issue and saw her showing up nearly three years on (she looks different).

Writer: Tom DeFalco
Pencils: Jeff Shultz
Inking: Jim Amash
Colors: Digikore Studios
Letters: Jack Morelli
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica, No. 256
Cover Date: December, 2011
On-Sale Date: October 26, 2011
Length: 11 pages

Betty exposits to Veronica that the boys are going camping up at Lost Lake this weekend. Veronica says it sounds like fun while her disinterested look says the opposite. Archie, Reggie, and Chuck make fun of Veronica for not understanding rugged, dudebro camping shit. Jughead cares about just the food. Archie makes fun of the “pair of delicate flowers”. Veronica decides to show the sexist pigs up. Betty agrees but points out that Veronica’s not the outdoorsy type. Veronica decides to “go camping the Lodge way”. Unknown to them, Ginger is spying on them. Betty asks about inviting anyone else. Veronica suggests Nancy and Kumi to even things out.

Ginger goes and tells Cheryl. Cheryl’s pissed that they weren’t invited and decides to teach “those Riverdale rejects” a lesson.

On the trip, the guys are tiring from hiking to Archie’s favorite campsite. They smell hamburgers cooking and realize the girls beat them there. They have two tents set up. Veronica’s relaxing on a lounge chair and has a chef cooking the burgers. Nancy and Kumi are relaxing in a hot tub. Even though the guys left before the girls, the girls have access to a private seaplane.

Nancy and Kumi have a far different idea of “roughing it” than Chuck does. Reggie wants to find another campsite. Jughead wants to stay for lunch, but the other guys are opposed. The girls are happy for showing up the guys. Cheryl is spying on them and vows their moment of triumph won’t last long.

As workers bring in boxes of live animals, Ginger observes Cheryl went through a lot of trouble and expense to ruin Betty and Veronica’s weekend. Cheryl rhetorically asks what funs is it to be “fabulously wealthy” if you can’t engage in the occasional act of petty vengeance. One of the guys, Ernie, says he had to charge Cheryl double for the rush job, which is fine with her. She wants to get the “party” started.

Veronica has a maid serve her iced tea. How many people can that seaplane carry? Anyway, a “plague of frogs” arrives. Oh, and Smithers is here, too. Betty observes the frogs are coming from the forest instead of the lake and then notices the bats.

Ginger thinks they might have gone a bit overboard, but Cheryl wants to release skunks. Ernie warns they’ve all been de-scented. That’s fine with Cheryl, because Betty and Veronica don’t know it.

Veronica tells Smithers to tell the pilot to fire up the seaplane, and they’ll be back for him and the others later (he’s expected to strike the camp). He agrees to this.

Cheryl compliments Ernie and his guys. The guys are gonna round up as many of their critters as they can (I thought Cheryl bought them) and meet Cheryl and Ginger back at the parking lot. Dark storm clouds arrive, and Ernie advises them to get a move on.

The guys are stuck in a tent in the rain and think the girls are having a great time.

As Cheryl and Ginger trudge through the rain and mud for five miles, Ginger sees the advantages of owning a seaplane (something that she’d never considered before). Cheryl doesn’t mind, because their revenge is complete. She’s convinced they “totally ruined” Betty and Veronica’s weekend.

Unknown to her, however, Veronica is treating Betty, Kumi, and Nancy to a “deluxe pamper package” at an exclusive spa. Betty guesses this is “the bitter taste of defeat – the Lodge way”.

This was a pretty fun story. It’s a bit odd to see a mean-spirited Ginger on Cheryl’s side, since Ginger is more known to hang out with Betty and Veronica (then again, so does Cheryl, sometimes).

After the story is a one-page pin-up titled “Camping Stinks”, where Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, and Reggie are unknowingly sprayed by a skunk on a camping trip. The coloring is very bright and odd; it doesn’t fit the look of the rest of the issue.

I’m sorry that there was no review last Wednesday. My work schedule has been crazy recently. Hell, I’m scheduled from 5:00 PM to 2:00 AM on Thanksgiving night! On top of that, I’ve fallen way behind on NaNoWriMo and won’t crack 50,000 words this year. 😦 Anyway, stay tuned for another review later tonight.

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