Comics – The Best of Buds

I’m sorry that this is late.

Before the story, there’s a 1-page pin-up called “Text & Relaxation”. Betty and Veronica are hanging out at the beach. Veronica talks about it being just them at the beach all day, but Betty calls her out on texting Archie behind her back.

Writer: George Gladir
Pencils: Jeff Shultz
Inking: Jim Amash
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica, No. 255
Cover Date: October, 2011
On-Sale Date: August 24, 2011
Length: 6 pages

Betty and Veronica are at Pop’s. Pop asks what it’ll be. Veronica says milkshakes to help celebrate “Memory Lane Day”. No, this isn’t an appearance of that stupid time-travel gimmick. Anyway, Veronica doesn’t specify what kind of milkshakes.

Nancy arrives. Betty invites her to sit and celebrate with them, and Veronica orders a milkshake for Nancy on her. Nancy asks what it’s about. Betty gives the backstory, which is the typical fighting over Archie getting in the way of their friendship. Veronica explains they decided to recall good moments once per month. Nancy pulls up a chair and disappears in the next panel. Despite that, Pop still brings three milkshakes (strawberry, it seems).

Veronica thanks him and recalls a cherished memory from back in grade school. There was a bully, so Betty taught her some moves that she picked up from watching Polly practice karate. So what was the bully doing? Untying Veronica’s hair bow (the fiend!). Veronica’s solution was to punch that motherfucker right in the goddamn face. Well, it worked: he stopped bothering her.

Betty recalls when her pet cat, Caramel, went missing. She cried to her mom, and Veronica had her servants scouring the neighborhood for Caramel. Veronica finally found Caramel snoozing under Betty’s bed. Okay, Betty was little; I’ll accept her not checking there first. Anyway, Betty says they’ll always be great pals.

Veronica then relates a lighter moment: she once gave a costume party for the neighborhood pets (she was probably in middle school at the time), and Hot Dog (Jughead’s dog) had the last laugh by eating the cake while they were laughing at his silly tie.

Veronica also relates how Betty helped her celebrate her ninth birthday by teaching her how to blow out all of the candles with just one breath, so her birthday wish would come true. This leads to Veronica and Betty arguing over who Archie’s #1 girlfriend is. Claiming to have foreseen this argument, Nancy tells them to cool it.

Betty realizes they don’t need a special day; they know they’re still the best of friends in their hearts. Veronica agrees an orders a tray of Pop’s best desserts. Pop asks what they’re celebrating now. Veronica and Betty say the end of Memory Lane Day. Pop is surprised, despite probably hearing the entire conversation.

This story is okay. It’s nice to get some background details on the girls’ friendship. I just wish they didn’t get into a stupid argument over Archie again (which was what they were trying to avoid in the first place).

Tune in next Wednesday!

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3 thoughts on “Comics – The Best of Buds”

  1. Digest editor Nelson Ribeiro, inspired by Robert Frost’s classic poem “The Road Not Taken”, devised the concept of the other Memory Lane for “When Archie Meets Archie” in ARCHIE DIGEST #236 (a “Special Commemorative 65th Anniversary Issue” that turned out to be the first of four such Memory Lane stories), but had nothing to do with it being used by writer Michael Uslan as the basis for the whole “Archie Marries” multiparter that kicked off in ARCHIE #600 (which itself led to the LIFE WITH ARCHIE “The Married Life” series of parallel-future stories). If you thought those last two extended storylines were stupid, it’s probably not fair to put the blame on Ribeiro. He just wanted to invent a premise that would allow the Archie of 2007 to meet his 1941 counterpart, and actually all four of the original short stories were fun stories (all in the digital-only collection PEP Digital No. 173/BLAST TO THE PAST).

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    1. I generally liked LWA:TML. I was referring specifically to its use in those early stories (which I felt were generally rushed, and the characters didn’t seem to think much of 1) going back in time by walking down a street and 2) versions of themselves existing far in the past. I also didn’t like its use in the Archie Marries… storyline, which could have just been some out-of-continuity issues set in an alternate future. The same could have been done with LWA:TML. Archie Comics has a habit of needlessly overcomplicating stuff, such as feeling the need to explain the “Sabrina: The Animated Series” tie-in comic by using time travel. Just say “It’s set in the past.” Done!


  2. As far as I know, punching bullies only gets the bully victim in trouble with adults!

    Betty and Veronica were after Archie even at Eight-Nine years old?

    How good can Archie be as a boyfriend, really?

    Read the Ranma comparison, what did you think?

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