Comics – Betty & Veronica: Vixens, No. 6

Betty-and-Veronica-Vixens-6.jpgWriter: Jamie Lee Rotante
Art: Jen Vaughn
Colors: Elaina Unger
Letters: Rachel Deering
Original Publication: Betty & Veronica: Vixens, No. 6
Cover Date: July, 2018
On-Sale Date: May 9, 2018
Length: 19 pages

This scene doesn’t occur in the actual story.

I’m sorry that this is late. My sister showed up for a somewhat lengthy visit (starting late on Monday night and lasting until early next Monday morning), so it’s been a bit chaotic here.

With this issue, the series has a new artist: Jen Vaughn. Her artwork is serviceable, but I don’t like it as much as Cabrera’s. Eva Cabrera draws a variant cover:

Betty-and-Veronica-Vixens-6-Variant.jpgBefore the story, there’s a recap of the previous issue on the credits page.

This issue begins a new five-part storyline called “Hunted”. Let’s get into it.

The first two pages consist of a flashback to the Vixens kicking the punks’ asses outside Sugar’s Roller Rink on Friday night and saving that girl. We get the impression that they’re being watched.

Later, the girl is walking along and forcefully confronted by some punk.

In the present, on the Greendale/Riverdale border, Mad Doc Doom swears he comes in peace, but Toni calls him out on his bullshit (it’s censored) and says he was stalking them. Evelyn wants to kick his ass. Cheryl blows him a kiss with her left hand while having her right hand balled into a fist. Is this a trademark of hers or something? It’s cute.

Anyway, Doc puts down his knife and claims to be unarmed. He wants to chat. Cheryl wants to know why he was following them. He claims it was a coincidence. Evelyn doesn’t believe him. He sticks to his story, even managing to praise his hot rod. He claims he was going to help them in the house. Toni calls him out.

He admits he was going to give Ang’s asshole boyfriend “rightful justice”. Hugging Ang, Toni asks Doc how he knew the asshole. Doc says they “both ran with similar bad crowds”. Toni still doesn’t trust him. He says he wanted to right some wrongs, including getting Ang out of there. Toni says they did and tells him to stay the fuck away from all of them. They get on their bikes and leave Greendale (population: 4,012). Doc guesses he has his work cut out for him.

The Vixens ride at night. Ang is riding with Toni and holding on to her. Cheryl seems to have disappeared (no, this isn’t a plot point; it’s sloppy artwork; she should be riding with Betty as she had been). Anyway, Betty asks Veronica what they do now in case he follows them back to Riverdale and finds out who they are. Veronica is dismissive.

At Doc’s base of operations, he meets with a guy about the Vixens.

We get a flashback to the Riverdale Police finding Fangs Fogarty tied to the tree. A bloody wrench is in the grass nearby. Fangs doesn’t wanna give up who did this to him. He begs to be arrested and taken away from here. They oblige.

Back in the present, Doc is glad that the Vixens scared the “suckers”/”punks” straight. He’s upset at the Serpents for missed opportunities and not seeing the bigger picture. The guy that Doc is talking to is named Chester. Oddly, Chester counts only five girls among the Vixens. Doc enlists the help of Ang’s asshole ex-boyfriend, Sam, to “break” the girls.

The next evening, Veronica is walking downstairs and overhears a news report that her parents are watching about a young local woman being reported missing: Abbey Finn, age 22. Veronica is shocked to realize it’s the girl that they’d helped at Sugar’s Roller Rink. Hiram is surprised at Veronica’s reaction and asks if she knows her. She says she doesn’t and excuses herself.

Later, at Pop’s, Betty, Veronica, Midge, Ethel, and Toni (the core five of this group, it seems) have a Vixens meeting. Betty, the tough biker chick, says her parents don’t want her out too late. Midge exposits what we already know. Veronica tries to convince Ethel that this isn’t her fault. Veronica wants to find out who’s responsible for Abbey’s disappearance but doesn’t exactly have a plan. Toni says she’s full of shit (censored). Toni starts complaining about Veronica and then about Cheryl as well. Betty tells Toni to “be reasonable”. Veronica says Toni’s right: they’re in over their heads.

Veronica gets up and leaves Pop’s. Betty goes after her, sensing Veronica wants to give up. Veronica says they screwed up by not noticing Abbey walked away while they were celebrating. Betty says they have to make it right.

The others come out. Toni not-quite-apologizes to Veronica and says Ang is staying with her while her (Toni’s) parents are away. Ang is traumatized, and Toni feels helpless. Veronica tells her to not apologize.

Cheryl and Evelyn make a flashy entrance on Cheryl’s new(?) motorcycle, which has a lot of red on it. Cheryl’s pissed that the others “forgot” to send her “invite to the pow-wow” and thanks Eve for telling her. Betty asks Eve, “How?” How what? What’s she asking about? Toni tries to kick Cheryl out of the gang, but Cheryl brings up the fact that she handled the ladies’ unfinished business. Betty rudely demands an explanation.

As Cheryl explains, we get a flashback where she and Eve go on “clean-up duty”. Fangs threatens to tell the cops everything. Eve starts punching him. Cheryl jokingly “admonishes” her. Cheryl insults Fangs and explains she had a “ladies lunch” with Bubbles and Penny, where they talked about his relationships with the latter two. Cheryl admits she’s spoiled, but she also says at least she knows no means no. She kicks Fangs in the nuts and threatens the destruction of his dick and balls in a vise by Eve. Cheryl tells him to keep his mouth shut about the Vixens. Fangs begs Cheryl. She takes some blood off his face and puts it on the wrench, I guess to make them seem more badass or something. She tells him to learn some respect.

Back in the present, Toni finds this disturbing. Cheryl insists they need her and asks for Ang’s location. Toni says she went to a kickboxing class that she signed her up for. Cheryl is shocked that Toni let Ang go out alone and says they don’t know what they’re doing. Veronica suggests Cheryl work with them instead of insulting them. Cheryl tells Toni to round up “Stockholm Sally” and for the girls to be on the lookout for anything odd. Cheryl will try to go back to the scene of the crime. Betty’s upset that Cheryl’s bossing them around. Toni adds Cheryl makes it really hard to like her. Cheryl is pleased by that and tells her to move it.

At Lodge Manor, Hiram and Hermione are turning in for the night. All of this gang bullshit and disappearance bullshit is giving Hiram second thoughts about moving his family to Riverdale. He wants them to up and leave if he can’t get answers from his men soon.

Meanwhile, in a warehouse or wherever, a kidnapped Ang is being escorted by Doc, Chester, and Sam. Doc is ready to give Ang her “gift” – and then slits Sam’s throat. Ang is shocked. Doc opens a room, where Abbey is tied to a chair. He says he can finally start his “business”.

This was another good issue! I’m looking forward to the next one. A caption on the final page promises “the Vixens head toward danger” next issue, but since when do they not? Anyway, after the story is a one-page cover gallery for this issue and another Riverdale Gazette article (dated May of 2018); this one talks about the cameo of the real-life WFTDA team, River City Roller Derby, in the previous issue and welcomes suggestions for cameos by other teams or leagues in future issues. A photo of the actual team is included. There’s one page of ads for other Archie Comics, a full-page ad for Archie Superteens Versus Crusaders (beginning on June 20th), and the cover of Betty & Veronica: Vixens #7, which has Betty and Veronica driving in (presumably) Arizona or New Mexico and about to collide with each other. Both girls have tattoos on their backs – Betty a sword or dagger and Veronica a “V”.

Tune in next Wednesday!

Author: markmooreauthor

I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

6 thoughts on “Comics – Betty & Veronica: Vixens, No. 6”

  1. Hey no problem, family is family.

    Cheryl beating Fangs senseless with a wrench to the point of serious injury and then threatening to castrate him, dang, this isn’t the “censor Robot Chicken” Archie.

    Who is Mad Doc Doom, is he a part of the Archie franchise, like a character from Archie’s stint as a Superhero?

    Is your email on the blog? Hope that didn’t come off as intrusive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He was Little Archie’s arch-nemesis. Jaime Rotante’s VIXENS draws heavily on LA for characters: Fangs Fogarty, Bubbles McBounce, Evelyn Evernever, Mad Doctor Doom and Chester — they were all characters created by Bob Bolling that originally appeared in LITTLE ARCHIE (and for many years, in no *other* Archie comics).

      Mad Doctor Doom did make a couple of more recent appearances: in 2010, in ARCHIE #610-613’s “The Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E.”, in the alternate universe where Archie is a superspy, and also in 2011 in ARCHIE #618-619’s “Robbing Arch of Riverwood Forest” (which takes place in yet another parallel universe of the Archie multiverse).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m reading his page on Comicvine right now.

        Does the VIXENS version of Doc Doom have green skin and a snake tongue. Also I wonder who came first, him or Marvel Doc Doom?

        Reason I was thinking of getting your email was I was thinking of sending you NES and SNES roms for you to try.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. No, Vixens’ Mad Doc Doom looks like a normal guy with a mohawk.

      My e-mail is

      No, Cheryl didn’t beat Fangs senseless with a wrench. She merely took some blood off his face (I guess from when Eve punched him) and wiped it onto a nearby wrench to give that impression, but I’m left wondering why. The cops that found Fangs didn’t seem to notice it, and Cheryl had scared Fangs into silence regarding the Vixens. And it’s not like anyone else that finds the wrench would know it’s Fangs’ blood on it, much less who did the deed. I really don’t see the point. Hell, it would have been awesome if Cheryl did bludgeon Fangs with the wrench.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Little Archie’s Mad Doctor Doom and Marvel’s Doctor (Victor von) Doom appeared at almost the same time in 1962 — Victor von Doom first appeared in FANTASTIC FOUR #5 (cover-dated July 1962), only a couple of months before LITTLE ARCHIE #24 (cover-dated September 1962). Owing to production lead times, there’s no way anyone at Archie Comics could have seen FF#5 before LA#24 was written and drawn.

        Aside from that, an entirely different Dr. Doom (not related to the earlier “Mad” Doctor Doom from LITTLE ARCHIE) also appeared in an issue of LIFE WITH ARCHIE (#190, Feb. 1978) — probably in yet another parallel world of the Archie multiverse.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Doctor Doom is a name that makes some sense that it’d be used by two different people.

        Doctor is your typical title for any Mad Scientist villains, which are quite common.

        Doom is a catchy word with an evil meaning.

        Combined with Doctor and Doom start with D, it makes sense two people would unknowingly use the same name.

        Liked by 1 person

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