Comics – The $hopping $cene!

Writer: George Gladir
Pencils: Jeff Shultz
Inking: Bob Smith
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica, No. 270
Cover Date: April, 2014
Length: 6 pages

Another inventory story.

At Lodge Manor, Mr. Lodge tells Veronica and Betty, since he’s thinking of hiring them as interns in their marketing department, he’s arranged for them to meet a veteran marketing friend of his. He freaks out when Veronica says she and Betty have scheduled “mucho shopping trips” – and are taking a van (supposedly, Betty had suggested a larger vehicle).

After the girls leave, Hiram expresses his disappointment in the girls to Hermione. Apparently, earlier, they both showed much promise with some innovative marketing ideas (pop-up stores at his mall during the holiday season and live models in some of the mall display windows).

On their way to the Riverdale Mall, Veronica, who’s driving the van, mentions she picked up on her father’s disappointment. Betty asks if she explained to him why they’re shopping. Veronica claims she didn’t have the time, because she was busy planning their vlog post for tomorrow.

Later, Mr. Lodge sees Veronica and “her van” return. She surprises him by carrying only one bag (from Lacy’s). Apparently, she and Betty just “dumped” all of their purchases at Betty’s place, which confuses him. She says it was a “big haul”. Exhausted, she wishes her parents good night and heads upstairs. Hermione smiles, seemingly proud of her daughter.

Hiram is disappointed in Veronica. He’d been hoping Betty would be a good influence on her. Instead, Veronica has seemingly turned Betty into a chronic shopper.

The next morning, Veronica comes downstairs. Hiram informs her that he’s planning an important marketing meeting today and would like the girls to attend. The girls have their vlog, and Veronica doesn’t know if they can make it. Hiram’s upset that they want to brag online about their shopping prowess.

At Lodge Industries headquarters, the meeting is regarding how they can connect with the back-to-school shoppers in the coming months. A woman points out a video by local vloggers, and then she has to explain to Hiram what they are. Hiram wants to see the video. It’s Betty and Veronica’s video, of course. On The B&V Show, they show off “some really cool items” for back-to-school. Hiram is astonished. He then criticizes the lack of production values and the girls’ ages, both of which the woman says are strengths, considering the target audience.

The woman also says one of the nation’s top vloggers is a 14-year-old with over 50,000 subscribers. Um, no, that’s nowhere near the top. If she’d said 5,000,000, then I’d take her a bit more seriously.

Anyway, the woman also talks about this basically being free advertising, but they usually give the vloggers free samples. Hiram wonders where he’s been all this time. Veronica and Betty walk in. Hiram wants to hire them as vloggers. Veronica flatly rejects it, saying vloggers are independent and can recommend the products of any company, but she adds a lot of stores in his mall carry products that they love. Hiram’s mind is blown by the girls’ tech-saviness, and Veronica good-naturedly makes fun of her ancient dad.

This was a nice story. It’s nice to see them addressing something current.

Author: markmooreauthor

I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

2 thoughts on “Comics – The $hopping $cene!”

  1. Already seems a little dated in the sense that you don’t read terms like “vlogging” any more. If it were current it would just mean B&V had their own YouTube channel with a bunch of subscribers.

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