Comics – The Minds of Betty & Veronica!

Writer: Angelo Decesare
Pencils: Jeff Shultz
Inking: Bob Smith
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica, No. 270
Cover Date: April, 2014
Length: 6 pages

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This story is introduced by an omniscient narrator, who’s promptly dropped after the first panel. Anyway, the premise of this story is finding out what BFFs Betty and Veronica think about.

It doesn’t get off to a good start, since they’re each hoping the other doesn’t show up at school today, so she can have Archie all to herself.

They’re disappointed to run into each other on the sidewalk but pretend to be thrilled to see each other. Each of them asks if the other has seen Archie today and then thinks the other is lying for denying it. Archie shows up, and the girls act bored to see him but are secretly thrilled.

At Riverdale High School, in Chemistry class, Professor Flutesnoot warns the students to be careful handling the chemicals. Betty asks Archie for help, and he agrees. Veronica seems less than thrilled until she imagines Archie causing an accident that destroys Betty’s appearance and then deciding to ask Veronica to tonight’s dance.

Later, at lunch, Betty can’t find Veronica, who was supposed to meet her here. She’s upset when she sees Veronica sitting with Archie at a table for two. Veronica apologizes and says it was the only table that was available. Betty pretends it’s all good but then imagines dumping her food on Veronica – and Archie inviting Betty to go out later and celebrate her “awesomeness”.

At dismissal, the girls race through the halls to find Archie before the other does. As they both find him, they think unkindly of each other.

Betty needs help with soccer practice for a big game tomorrow. Veronica needs research help with a big project due tomorrow. Archie tells them to shut the fuck up, because he can’t understand what the fuck they’re saying when they’re “blabbering” in his face at the same time. They take offense to this, ditch a confused Archie, and help each other. As the BFFs walk away arm-in-arm, they reaffirm their friendship but secretly hope the other doesn’t show up tomorrow.

So that was…a story. Basically, the takeaway is these supposed BFFs maintain a facade, fight over Archie, get pissed at Archie, help each other, and then look forward to fighting over Archie again tomorrow, and this supposedly goes on, day after day. Who behaves like this?

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I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

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