Comics – The Winning Float!

Writer: George Gladir
Pencils: Jeff Shultz
Inking: Bob Smith
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica, No. 270
Cover Date: April, 2014
Length: 6 pages

This is obviously an inventory story, since the writer, longtime Archie Comics writer George Gladir, died on April 3, 2013 (at age 87). So, for around a year (or more), the script for this story sat in a desk drawer or filing cabinet somewhere until Archie Comics finally decided to have it illustrated and published.

That and it’s a homecoming story that very obviously takes place in autumn.

Outside Riverdale High School, Betty and Nancy show Veronica Chuck’s design for their class float. Betty and Nancy think they stand a good chance of winning the “best float” award at Friday’s homecoming game.

Reggie comes by, having just see the float made by their senior class (so I guess they’re juniors in this story). He says there’s no way that they’re gonna top them and is telling them so they don’t get their hopes “to high” [sic]. Betty insults Reggie.

As Reggie leaves, Archie and Chuck come by. Archie tells them to not pay any attention to Reggie. Time is short, and Betty wants their help in making the float. Unfortunately, Coach Kleats has them practicing overtime, hoping they’ll beat “tough” Central High in the “big” homecoming game. Maria comes by and offers to help. Betty gladly accepts and seeks Maria’s opinion on Chuck’s design. Maria loves it but thinks it calls for using flowers instead of paper mache. Um, Betty literally just showed Maria a picture of a bulldog standing on top of a blue-and-gold football; building materials had yet to be mentioned. Anyway, Betty agrees but wonders where to get all of the flowers. Maria’s aunt owns a florist shop on Main and practically guarantees a donation. Veronica goes with Maria to check it out.

At Cruz Florist, “Auntie” readily agrees, claiming to live near the Rose Bowl as a teen and help with “many a float”. All of the girls put in a lot of work on their float.

On homecoming night, at halftime, Riverdale and Central are tied 13-13. The winner’s trophy for the best float goes to the juniors (Betty and company). Mr. Weatherbee presents the trophy to Betty, Veronica, and Maria. Nancy, the black girl, is conspicuously absent.

The football team arrives for the second half. Betty notes they look a little worried and tense. Veronica says they need something to cheer them up. Jughead, the mascot, arrives in the bulldog costume and makes the players laugh. Throughout the “hard-played” second half, neither team is able to score and break the tie.

With only seconds to go, Riverdale attempts a field goal and wins 16-13. To celebrate, Veronica decides to throw a victory party at her home and invites the entire football team. As the guys cheer, Nancy secretly tells Maria and Betty that this is really a celebration of their victory. Maria and Betty are amused.

This was a pretty good story. Nothing else to say.

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I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

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