Comics – Skateboardin’ Blossom

Writer: Holly G! (Holly Golightly)*
Pencils: Holly G!*
Inking: John Lowe*
Lettering: Bill Yoshida*
Coloring: Barry Grossman*
Editor: Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater
Original Publication: Cheryl Blossom, No. 26
Cover Date: October, 1999
Length: 5 pages

*Only the lead story in the issue is credited. I assume the credits apply to all of the stories.

Veronica and Betty are at the beach. Veronica’s pissed that Archie and Reggie are ignoring them in favor of skateboarding. Cheryl comes by and asks them what’s the matter. Veronica is irritated, but Betty greets Cheryl. Cheryl says they look like “a couple of skateboard widows”. That’s pretty funny. 🙂

Veronica insults Cheryl, but Betty invites Cheryl to join them and even offers to share sandwiches with her. Judging from Veronica’s comment, it seems they brought the extra sandwiches for Archie and Reggie. Cheryl insults Veronica and then invites Archie and Reggie to join her for lunch. To her shock, they ignore her.

Veronica is amused and insults Cheryl. Cheryl’s pissed. Betty advises Cheryl that it’s a losing battle. Cheryl says the boys are just momentarily distracted by a fad and just need “a little shake-up”. She takes out her cell phone, calls Jamie, and requests her skateboard equipment. For some reason, Veronica and Betty are confused by this. Then Betty holds up her own skateboard (white with red hearts on the bottom and blue wheels) and helmet and tells Cheryl that she tried that idea (she was in their way).

Before we move on, I want to comment on a few outfit choices. Betty is wearing a midriff-baring sleeveless shirt with a boob window. Kinda risque for her, but whatever. Cheryl is covering her bikini bottom with a piece of torn cloth that she’d tied together at her right leg. In what universe is that a fashion do? Did she do that solely to avoid getting sunburned on her ass cheeks?

Jamie arrives. Cheryl puts on her elbow and knee pads and sneakers – and also swaps her revealing bikini bottom and stupid tied cloth for a bigger bikini bottom (though that’s likely just an art error). This is all while Betty is still speaking. I’d mentioned this before, but it really is a weird problem unique to comic books. Anyway, Cheryl thanks Jamie, puts on her helmet, takes her skateboard (white with purple blossoms and a purple star on it – and with purple wheels), and advises “poor little Betty” to watch and learn. Cheryl pulls off some sick moves, being a genuinely talented skateboarder. She earns praise from Reggie, Archie, and Betty (though the latter is more astonished). Veronica’s pissed and vows to put an end to it. She grabs their beach towel, knocking all of their shit onto the sand.

Veronica tears the beach towel, making Cheryl think she’s torn her bikini bottom. Cheryl freaks out (though I don’t know why it would concern her) and covers her ass with her hands, but she still manages to do rad stunts with no hands, earning even more praise and attention from Archie and Reggie. Cheryl checks her bikini bottom and is relieved. As Cheryl gets all of the guys’ attention, Betty sarcastically asks Veronica if her “next big idea” is to start the “Roller Blossom” Fan Club.

This story is pretty cute. Not much else to say.

Author: markmooreauthor

I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

4 thoughts on “Comics – Skateboardin’ Blossom”

  1. About Jamie (a Holly G creation, if I’m not mistaken) — I always got the impression that there was more to her backstory. I’m not sure if Holly ever got around to telling that story.

    The Cheryl-Veronica dynamic is an interesting one, especially in a couple of stories where Betty’s mostly not around to represent a moderating influence on Ronnie. There’s one or two stories dwelling on their interaction in VERONICA… can’t recall the issue numbers or story names right now. You should review one of those.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure which issues that you’re referring to, off-hand.

      As for Jamie, I’m not sure how much exposure that she got in Cheryl’s solo title (and I doubt she existed outside it). She seems like a somewhat interesting character, even if she isn’t given terribly much to do.


  2. There are more than a couple of stories in VERONICA in which Cheryl plays more than a bit part, but some of the ones I was thinking of are:

    VERONICA #152 – “Changing Places” (
    VERONICA #153 – “When Divas Meet” (
    VERONICA #188 – “Prom Showdown” (
    VERONICA #194 – “The Prom Crashers (Part 1) (Part 2 in BETTY #180)

    There are several stories where Holly G hints that Jamie is more than just the simple chauffer she appears to be; I got the impression she was trying to work up something more elaborate in terms of a plot that would involve Cheryl in Jamie’s backstory in some way.

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