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Betty-and-Veronica-3Writer: Jamie Lee Rotante
Line Art: Sandra Lanz
Colors: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letters: Jack Morelli
Original Publication: Betty & Veronica, Vol. 4, No. 3
Cover Date: April, 2019
On-Sale Date: February 27, 2019
Length: 20 pages

Before the story, there’s a recap of the previous issue on the credits page. It’s mentioned “Betty no longer wants to go to Pickens U”, something that hasn’t been made clear in the story itself.

After a very brief recap of the previous issue, Veronica finally catches up with Betty after chasing her for four blocks. She asks what’s wrong. Betty says nothing’s wrong but totally makes it clear that she’s pissed. Veronica asks if she thought something was going on between Reggie and her. Betty storms off without a word.

Veronica returns to the school. Reggie’s upset that Veronica didn’t get Betty to talk to her. Veronica’s upset at him and goes back into the school, leaving him upset into late fall / early winter.

On New Year’s Eve, at Pop’s, at Archie’s coordination, he, Kevin, Toni, and Dilton have met to do a (late) Secret Santa gift exchange. Toni asks where Betty and Veronica are. Archie doesn’t know, because they haven’t responded to his texts. Toni calls Kevin “Riverdale’s resident tastemaker“. Shut up, Toni. That’s Veronica and Cheryl. Anyway, Toni mentions Reggie hasn’t been seen all winter break. Archie guesses he has a girlfriend. Dilton agrees while insulting Reggie. Jughead arrives and admonishes Dilton for gossiping. Kevin says it’s all in good fun. Toni teases Jughead about being “the reporter”.

After some more banter and some awkward silence, Archie sees Betty walking outside and rushes out to meet her without opening his gifts.

Archie asks Betty where she’s been and reminds her of the gift exchange. She apologizes, citing the school year. The snow’s starting to come down, so Archie offers her a ride, which she accepts. They get in his car and buckle up. He asks about Veronica. Betty says Veronica’s busy, and they haven’t really seen much of each other. Archie invites them to his New Year’s Eve party tonight. Betty says she’ll be there. Archie guesses maybe Reggie will show up, too. Betty isn’t thrilled about that.

At Sparkle, Veronica writes a response to a reader looking for advice regarding a fight with her bestie. Ginger comes by and tells her to go home, because she’s an intern and freelancer. Veronica focuses better in the office but agrees to leave. They’ll meet up later at Archie’s party tonight.

Veronica drives to Betty’s house, but, once again, she’s not home, and Veronica declines to have Alice let her know she stopped by.

Some time after Veronica leaves, Archie finally drops Betty off at home. Betty will be at Archie’s party after more scholarship and application shit. Through the “rumor mill”, Archie learned about her Pickens scholarship and asks about it. Betty doesn’t wanna go there, which confuses Archie, but he drops it. As Betty exits Archie’s car, she’s happy to sing about how she’s not going to Pickens.

That changes as soon as she’s in the door, due to Alice being present. Hal’s at the unemployment office, sorting something out. That gets Betty thinking about bills. Alice asks her if she’s okay. Betty says she’ll be fine and goes upstairs.

Betty goes into the bathroom, looks in the sink and at her reflection in the mirror, and remembers Veronica wiping her forehead after her anxiety attack and the pinky-swear pact. Alice comes in and informs her that Veronica had stopped by, even though Veronica had declined to have Betty notified. She’s been over every day this week but seemingly hasn’t been with Betty at all. Alice asks if something’s going on with them. Betty says everything’s okay.

Veronica arrives at Pop’s and meets Dilton and Toni outside. Toni gives her a hard time about missing Secret Santa. Dilton tells Toni to give Veronica a break. Toni mentions she and “Dilt” are going over some coursework. Dilton explains Toni’s founded a STEM initiative program for middle schoolers. Veronica is impressed. Toni admits she’s partly doing it to get some volunteer work on her resume. Veronica asks if they’ve seen Betty. Toni, continuing to have a stick up her ass, questions why Veronica doesn’t know.

At home, Betty sits at her desk and writes a handwritten note of apology to Veronica. She then walks to the Lodge mansion in the snow, puts the envelope in the mailbox, and walks away. Because that’s totally what a 21st century teenager would do.

Later, Veronica arrives home. She gets a bunch of mail out of the mailbox, but Betty’s note falls to the ground and goes unnoticed. Veronica checks a letter from Hitchens University before she enters the mansion. Due to a “fabulous recommendation”, they are correcting an “error” on their part and offering Veronica a position in their freshman class.

Veronica is pissed, suspecting her dad pulled some strings, so she marches up to his study and knocks on his door. Not receiving an answer, she enters.

She cries out when she sees Hiram kneeling on the floor in front of his desk, clutching his chest, his papers and drink spilled on the floor.

At Riverdale Hospital, Veronica is sitting with her mom on a bench. A doctor comes by and tells Hermione that Hiram had a “major cardiac event” tonight, but he handled the surgery well. The doctor suggests rest and some dietary and lifestyle changes. Hermione asks to see Hiram, and the doctor allows them in but advises them to not cause him stress. Before they go in, though, Veronica wants to talk with her mom.

After Veronica tells her mom what’s been on her mind, Hermione says Veronica’s happiness means more to them than carrying on the “Hitchens legacy”. Veronica hugs her and asks if Hiram will understand. Hermione says yes but advises waiting until Hiram’s out of here. They go to see him. On the way, Veronica looks into a room and is surprised to see Reggie visiting someone.

At the Andrews’ home, the guests are gathered, the TV’s tuned to ABC, and everyone’s waiting for the ball to drop. I’m not sure who all of these people are supposed to be. One girl insinuates Veronica and Reggie are off fucking. Anyway, they all do the countdown and welcome the new year. Archie wants to kiss Betty, but she gets a text, pushes him away, and runs off.

Suddenly wearing a coat and gloves, Betty runs and comes across Veronica outside. They hug. Betty apologizes. Veronica says it’s fine; he’s going to be okay. Betty clarifies she’s sorry about the way that she’s been acting and says Veronica deserves a better friend than that. Veronica says Betty is the best friend that she could have ever hoped for. They hug again.

Veronica makes Betty promise she’ll give Veronica a chance to explain herself, if she thinks something’s wrong. Veronica suggests a pinky promise, but Betty declines. Yesterday, Veronica found out that she’s going to Pickens, and she declares they’re going to college together. Betty isn’t thrilled but acts excited. The two friends walk, arm in arm, through the snow.

The next story will supposedly offer a “Spring Awakening”.

Sadly, there’s no cover gallery for this issue. There’s a (cropped) cover for the next issue (occurring during the prom) with a blurb that teases more drama. That’s followed by an ad for the trade paperbacks of Mark Waid’s Archie run.

This is another good issue. I look forward to the next one.

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