Comics – Gimme Some Space!

Betty-and-Veronica-Double-Digest-Magazine-274.jpgWriter: Bill Golliher
Pencils: Dan Parent
Inks: Rich Koslowski
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics (Double Digest Magazine), No. 274
On-Sale Date: June 19, 2019
Length: 5 pages

Before I get into the story, I need to note two things:

1) Betty and Cheryl aren’t exactly what I’d consider attractive on this cover.

2) Amazon’s description mentions an entirely different story (the same description is used for both this digest and another that came out on the same day): “BRAND NEW STORY: “A Squeak from Beyond!” A fun night at the Lodge Mansion gets a supernatural twist when Veronica gets everyone to try to communicate with others from the great beyond! But will everyone be convinced of Veronica’s new abilities?”

Veronica’s driving along a desolate road in the late afternoon with Betty as her passenger. They’re looking for a new shopping center. An angry Ronnie blames Betty’s phone. Betty mentions “some kind of weird interference”. Veronica suggests Betty try her phone. It’s kind of unclear, because there’s no indication that Ronnie hands her her phone, but the phone that Betty’s holding has a bunch of blossoms on the back, which matches Betty’s blossom shirt (just saying). Anyway, Betty tries Ronnie’s phone but gets jack shit.

Then the girls get abducted by aliens. Seriously. Ronnie’s car dies, and a tractor beam from a UFO lifts it up. The aliens (in the shadows) welcome them. Ronnie demands to know why they stole her car and them.

All of the aliens look like Archie, which raises questions from the girls, and the aliens want to experiment on them, which raises protests. Veronica starts up a “Do you know who I am?!” rant.

After Ronnie threatens physical violence, the aliens agree to her demands that they return them where they found them. Back on the road, Betty questions what happened and suggests getting home. Ronnie says no one will ever believe them.

On the UFO, one of the aliens exposits (for our benefit only) that they probed Veronica and Betty’s minds to take this form, but then they shed the “hideous” form for their true forms, which are basically green-skinned elephant things with pointy arrow tails – something like what you’d find in a Dr. Seuss book.

Veronica and Betty arrive at Pop’s. Betty wants to tell the gang what they saw. How does she know any member of “the gang” is at Pop’s at the moment? Anyway, an alien comes out of Pop’s and greets the “Earthlings”. The girls scream. Archie removes his helmet and tells the girls to calm the fuck down, but they scream louder, get back in Ronnie’s car, and tear off. Archie’s confused, because he was just trying to show them his outfit for this weekend’s costume party. Ha.

This story is okay. My one question: Why does Veronica have a rather unattractive Mom car?

Author: markmooreauthor

I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

4 thoughts on “Comics – Gimme Some Space!”

  1. Betty and Cheryl aren’t exactly what I’d consider attractive on this cover.

    That’s the pros and cons of the Kennedy bros. art: certain cast of characters are given a great sheen homage to Lucey (Arch, Juggie, and Ronnie), but others are unfortunately almost down right unrecognizable (change her hair color and you probably couldn’t tell that’s Cheryl).

    They can draw Betty well, but In certain cases (such as this) she comes off as a generic blonde.

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    1. Should be on the last day of the month, with any luck. These things take a hella long time to put together, compared to comics posts, and I’ve also got my fanfics and my original fiction writing, which are taking a back seat, so I can get the next cartoon post up before gay pride month is over.

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  2. They really dropped the ball on Betty on this one. Both her hairstyle and her facial expression are so atypical of the usual markers by which Betty is identified that the only thing left to ID her by is that she’s the only blonde in the scene (equally applicable to Cheryl, but she’s not the focus of the gag).

    Also (this applies to all of the girls on this cover), there’s something slightly off about their head-to-body proportions, as compared to the usual classic Archie style. The usual classic Archie style is that their heads, hands and feet are ever-so-slightly larger in proportion to their bodies than realistic life-drawing proportions, which makes them look cute-but-sexy in an inoffensive way. The girls as shown here all appear ‘tall and willowy’, their bodies and legs longer and slimmer compared to the size of their heads. It feels like the influence of ‘New Archie style’ is slightly in effect here, including the non-classic hairstyles.

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