Comics – Photo Finish

Writer: Mike Pellowski
Pencils: Pat Kennedy*
Inks: Al Nickerson*
Colors: Barry Grossman*
Letters: John Workman*
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica Comics Digest Magazine, No. 177
Shipping Date: August 1, 2007**
On-Sale DDC Date: August 8, 2007**
On-Sale Newsstand Date: August 21, 2007**
Length: 11 pages***

*Due to the holiday crunch and longer work hours, I’m posting an old review that I wrote in 2007, of a story in a digest that I no longer own. I didn’t make note of anyone other than the writer back then; the info comes from Grand Comics Database.

**according to solicitations

***Yeah, that stuck out as weird to me, too, but it’s what I’d written down back in the day.

Veronica is outside Betty’s house, asking Alice if Betty is home. Alice says Betty left early this morning to go running as training.

When Betty arrives, she explains she’s entered the Friendship Assistance Marathon. Pop Tate is sponsoring her. The race raises funds for local services and creates awareness of aid programs available to people in need of assistance. The top ten finishers get their pictures on the front page of the newspaper. Betty entered the race for the worthy cause and to get in the paper. Veronica decides to enter the race to get in the paper (she says her dad will sponsor her), and she and Betty train together day after day.

During a conversation that Betty has with Archie, Veronica learns Betty isn’t confident of finishing in the top ten, and Veronica thinks Betty and Archie don’t think Veronica will finish in the top ten. Veronica decides to train with professional trainers. Veronica intends to leave Betty in the dust.

On the day of the big race, Betty wishes Veronica good luck, and Veronica wishes Betty good luck – but not in a caring manner. Betty and Veronica keep pace with the leaders. When there are only three miles left to go, Betty pulls a muscle (as she had warned Veronica of doing during their training), and Veronica starts to leave Betty behind, but then she goes back and helps her. Veronica is determined that they’ll finish the race together, no matter how long that it takes. They cross the finish line last, long after all of the other runners, but they arrive just as some photographers are about to leave.

Betty and Veronica’s photo is on the front page of next day’s paper – under the headline of “A Winning Friendship”.

This story is very nice. After treating Betty with contempt, Veronica does the right thing at the end and helps her, perhaps remembering Betty’s warning of pulling a muscle. It’s unclear whether Betty and Veronica’s photo appears in the newspaper instead of the top ten finishers or if it appeared in another newspaper. The newspaper that Veronica initially imagines her own photo in (without any information from Betty) has a different title than the newspaper that their photo finally appears in. Either this is sloppy continuity, or Riverdale has more than one town paper, which is doubtful. Also, a period is missing in the last panel on page 10. Anyway, despite the slight confusion, the story is nice.

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