Comics – Archie’s Holiday Fun Scrapbook

Writer: Dan Parent
Pencils: Dan Parent
Inks: Dan Parent
Colors: ?*
Letters: ?*
Original Publication: Archie’s Holiday Fun Digest, No. 12
Cover Date: December, 2007
Shipping Date: October 3, 2007**
On-Sale DDC Date: October 10, 2007**
On-Sale Newsstand Date: October 23, 2007**
Length: 12 pages

*Due to the holiday crunch and longer work hours, I’m posting an old review that I wrote in 2007, of a story in a digest that I no longer own. I didn’t make note of anyone other than the writer back then; I got the rest of the info from Grand Comics Database.

**according to solicitations

This isn’t a story. It’s meant to be a scrapbook of the gang’s past and present Christmases, giving some details about the characters’ history.

I got the title from the fact that, on page 1, Archie holds up a book with the title of Archie’s Holiday Fun Scrapbook. It’s dumb that the registered trademark symbol is on his own scrapbook, though. Come on, Archie Comics, couldn’t you have withheld that in this case?

Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead present their scrapbook to the readers on page 1. As a personal rule, stories in which the characters are aware that they’re fictional characters aren’t canon. That means, to me, none of the information in this story can be trusted.

There are some items (mostly Christmas-related) that they saved throughout the years, which I won’t get into here. I’m going to focus on the history of the characters as presented here.

There are pictures of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie as babies/toddlers (some Christmas-related, some not). Veronica got an expensive necklace as a present, Betty got her first dolly, Jughead got his first sub sandwich (turkey and cheese), Veronica (another Christmas) got a tiara with only one diamond (which upset her), and Reggie got his first mirror.

The characters first met when they were in their “Little” stages – or slightly younger.

There’s a picture of Archie’s first visit to Santa at the Riverdale Mall. He asked for, and got, his first train set. There’s also a picture of Veronica reading off a 13-page Christmas list to Santa (tying up the line and causing Jughead to not get a turn).

When Betty got her first “E-Z Cook Oven“, she made Archie “the first of many delicious cakes for years to come”. When Veronica got hers, it was Jughead’s memory of his first barf.

They discovered mistletoe in kindergarten. Betty and Veronica kissed Archie on his cheeks at the same time. Ethel chased after Jughead.

Betty and Veronica made a gingerbread house, but Jughead ate it five minutes later.

There are pictures from the core five’s first year of Christmas caroling. Veronica’s voice attracted dogs from all over Riverdale.

Archie was “two-timing” (actually three-timing) Betty and Veronica (with Tomoko, maybe?) already at age 8. Betty and Veronica hit him with snowballs.

Archie and Betty made a snowman, but Reggie made one of himself.

There are pictures of their first Christmas dance in junior high. Betty danced with Archie, Veronica danced with Reggie, and Nancy danced with Chuck. Archie two-times (actually three-times) Betty and Veronica (with Brigitte, maybe?).

There’s a picture of Jughead’s first Christmas with Jellybean. She grabs hold of his nose.

The first Christmas cards that Archie made for Betty and Veronica are included. It was always precious to Betty, but Veronica just figured Archie was too cheap to buy a Christmas gift.

Little Jughead, Little Betty, and Little Archie were served hot drinks by Pop Tate on a cold day.

Little Archie saw Santa outside one year and tried to snap a picture, but the flash ruined it.

Betty snapped a picture of Santa one year. He said it was okay, because she was such a good girl.

Someone else (who?) snapped a picture of Santa raising his hand, trying to block the shot.

Little Archie got a bunch of presents under the tree one year (according to Archie, “whether we’re naughty or nice”).

There are pictures of the gang enjoying holiday fun: Archie, Betty, and Veronica ice-skating (Archie fell down); the core five, when they were little, building walls out of snow and throwing snowballs at each other (guys versus girls); Betty and Veronica doing holiday shopping; and Jughead eating at a holiday buffet.

There are pictures of people being nice to each other at this time of year: Moose to a nervously happy Reggie; Betty and Ms. Grundy to each other; Archie, Betty, and Veronica to each other; Archie to Fred and Mary; Hal and Alice to Betty; and Veronica to Hiram and Hermione. The sole example to the contrary is Veronica not being nice to Cheryl.

There’s a picture of Riverdale at Christmas time (taken from across the street from Pop’s).

Finally, there’s a group picture of (in rough order from left to right, front to back) Archie (in a Santa cap), Veronica, Betty, Reggie, Jughead, Cheryl, Mr. Weatherbee, Midge, Dilton, Ginger, Moose, Chuck, Nancy, Brigitte, Pop, Ms. Grundy, Frankie, Maria, Fred, and Alice and a wish of Happy Holidays.

This was pretty enjoyable, but the pictures aren’t arranged chronologically, and some of the stuff (such as Archie’s three-timing and Jughead’s appetite) continues to make me wonder how Betty and Veronica can put up with either of them. Overall, though, it’s better than “Betty and Veronica’s Scrapbook” from Betty and Veronica Double Digest Magazine #150 (5/07), also done by Dan Parent.

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