Comics – The Case of the Walk-Away Shoes

Betty-and-Veronica-Double-Digest-Magazine-279Writer: Ian Flynn
Pencils: Jeff Shultz
Inks: Jim Amash
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics (Double Digest Magazine), No. 279
On-Sale Date: December 11, 2019
Length: 5

Sam Hill has shown up at Lodge Manor and is in Veronica’s bedroom, because Ronnie wanted to see him. Betty’s here, too, hanging out on Ronnie’s bed. Ronnie references her dad hiring him. Ronnie brings up a photo of limited-edition custom-fitted Miranda’s. Her pair has gone missing. She orders Sam to find them. Sam declines to take the case. Betty points out that the shoes cost more than his car, cites her knowledge of the town, and offers to help him. Without waiting for a response, Betty gets all touchy-feely with Sam and declares “Detectives Cooper and Hill are on the case!”

On their way to Blossom Manor (Betty gives Sam directions), Sam asks Betty if she borrowed the shoes and forget to tell her “bestie”. Betty says they’re not her style. Betty suspects Cheryl (due to similar tastes and a “reason” to steal from Ronnie). They arrive. Once Cheryl comes out, and they question her (which is skipped over), Cheryl is incredulous. Sam is tactful, but Betty theorizes Cheryl did it to spite Ronnie. Cheryl admits that might be fun but says it’s “far more fun” to just buy even better shoes and show her up. Confronted with this logic, Betty frowns in anger at her. As they leave, Sam asks Betty if she buys Cheryl’s story. Betty does, saying Cheryl is petty but not subtle. Sam suggests the motive was profit and asks who in town would think to fence stolen shoes.

They go to Pop’s and question Reggie (which is skipped over). He’s incredulous and tells “Betts” that he’s hurt. Sam finds a tag on Reggie’s jacket and accuses him of shoplifting. Reggie says, if he sold premium clothes, he wouldn’t be eating at this “dive”. For bad-mouthing his “buddy” Pop’s cooking, Sam threatens to punch Reggie (Pop sees this but doesn’t seem to care). Reggie’s even more surprised. Betty tells Sam to chill the fuck out and points out that, if he had money, Reggie would be blowing it all over town, because he lives to live it up. Sam’s down to “one last lead”.

They go to Sole-Full Needs, the high-end shoe store where Veronica bought her shoes. Betty is astonished at the prices, noting she’s seen car parts less expensive. Has she never been shopping with Ronnie before? Anyway, Sam theorizes someone at the store stole Ronnie’s shoes, hoping Ronnie would buy another pair here. The owner (or whoever) shows up, having checked their records. Ronnie bought only one pair of the Miranda’s Sweet Summer Dream Collection. He’s amazed that Ronnie, ordering so many shoes per day, can keep track of what she has. Betty and Sam have a eureka moment.

Later, at Lodge Manor’s Shoe Repository, Smithers retrieves the box for Ronnie, apologizing for accidentally filing them under the new Miriam’s collection instead of the new Miranda’s. Ronnie’s upset at him, but he just rolls his eyes. Ronnie praises Sam. Sam praises Betty, even though she didn’t really contribute much. She thanks him, anyway. Betty asks Ronnie what the special occasion for the shoes is. Ronnie says it’s just a Sunday drive, and she already has a different outfit picked out. She tosses the shoe box to Betty and just fucking leaves. Betty tells Sam that Ronnie’s the real crook for stealing their time. Smithers is amused. Sam gives a zinger.

So, um, yeah, Ronnie just totally wasted their time. I think Betty could use some time away from her.

Author: markmooreauthor

I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

4 thoughts on “Comics – The Case of the Walk-Away Shoes”

  1. Using some time from Ron would be good for Betts
    But also have her friends with Cheryl blossom
    Since you always have them as best friends
    And telling from your reviews
    Cheryl seems like a fit for Betty’s best friend

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Betty and Cheryl were best friends in canon 21 years ago. That was covered in a three-part story called “Friendly Fire”. Afterward, they likely were no longer technically BFFs, but they were still friends and hung out together. After the cancellation of Cheryl’s solo series, these moments of friendship were fewer, but they still occasionally showed up (such as Betty Cheryl, and Ronnie going to hang out at Pop’s together after Archie three-timed them in a new story in the mid-2000s and Betty casually waving to Cheryl at a public pool in a new story in a digest back in the late 2000s). Also, Betty still occasionally wears a shirt with a blossom on it (which is what she wore in “Friendly Fire” when she started dressing like Cheryl). Then there’s this story, where Betty knows the way to Cheryl’s mansion and gives Sam directions – almost as if she’s been there before.


  2. I knew they were BBFS temporarily in Friendly fire and were still friends when they hung out together.
    What I meant was how it would have been good if Betty and Cheryl were Best Friends Again Permanently in Canon like your Headcanon Story called a Woman of all seasons on fanfiction

    Liked by 1 person

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