Comics – Distress Over a Dress

Writer: Kathleen Webb
Pencils: Dan Parent
Inks: Jim Amash
Colors: Barry Grossman
Letters: Teresa Davidson
Original Publication: Veronica, No. 179
Cover Date: May, 2007
Length: 5 pages

I’m reviewing the digital edition as reprinted in the Betty and Veronica: $hopping $pree! collection.

In Mr. Lodge’s study, he flips his shit over Veronica’s “atrocious” exclusive designer bills. Stunned, Ronnie counters with her designer helping to keep her “reputation as a trend setter” alive. Hiram says he also helps keep his (Hiram’s) bank balance in the red (I trust this is an exaggeration). Ronnie whines. Hiram apologizes but says Ronnie will have to return to buying her clothes in the shops. Ronnie storms out, pissed.

Ronnie goes and sits on a couch somewhere. She has a cute white cat, who joins her. Ronnie stews and talks about the thrill of being a “unique fashion diva”. Then she quickly gets over it, grabs her purse, and goes out to the waiting limo to go to the malls.

At the mall, Ronnie goes to shop at a high-end store. She buys a retro dress for next week’s “Fashion Flashback” day at school. After Ronnie leaves, the manager has an assistant move the last remaining dress of its kind to the reduced rack and mark it down 40% to make room for new stock coming tomorrow.

The next day, Betty comes to shop at the same high-end store (even she doesn’t know why). She notes Ronnie shopped here before getting her clothes made by the designer. Betty spots the clearance rack and is delighted. She picks out the same dress that Ronnie did.

Even Kathleen Webb acknowledges the predictable outcome, but let’s keep going. At Riverdale High, on “Fashion Flashback” day (why is that in quotes?), various random girls are having a great time.

One girl loves Ronnie’s dress, and another girl points out Betty’s. Ronnie is stunned. Betty says she “should have known”. Crying, Ronnie asks her how she could afford it. Betty says it was marked down. Ronnie remembers there was one left on the rack. Midge and Tomoko show up, wearing the same dress. Midge angrily says there were more when it first showed up. Um, how did Midge and Tomoko afford the dress? It wasn’t on clearance then. Betty is stunned. Midge asks Ronnie about her “copy cat look”. Ronnie’s pissed, feels ill, and goes home. Amused, Betty says it must be a “fashion bug”. Archie randomly shows up for one panel and does nothing.

At home, Ronnie throws off her dress in anger but then has an idea.

A few days later, in Mr. Lodge’s study (I guess), he’s pissed at Ronnie for buying out the junior department of every single store in the mall. Apparently, he got the bills, despite the fact that it’s way too early for those charges to show up on mailed bills. Ronnie explains she’s trying to keep her exclusive look.

Later, Betty learns Ronnie’s back to having a designer make her clothes. Ronnie says “Mumsy” convinced Hiram that it would be cheaper. They sit on the couch. Betty says it leaves clothes in the stores for the rest of them to buy. Angry, Ronnie says she wasn’t buying any of the ugly clothes.

This story is pretty fun. Typical Veronica.

Author: markmooreauthor

I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

One thought on “Comics – Distress Over a Dress”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever read a bad story (or even a ‘meh’ story) written by Kathleen Webb. There really should be a themed collection of stories where B & V are wearing the same outfit. The biggest problem would be picking the best ones out of the hundred + stories published using that trope.

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