Comics – Seal it with a Kiss

Writer: Holly G! (Holly Golightly)*
Pencils: Holly G!*
Inking: Jim Amash*
Lettering: Bill Yoshida*
Coloring: Stephanie Vozzo*
Editor: Victor Gorelick
Editor-in-Chief: Richard Goldwater
Original Publication: Cheryl Blossom, No. 34
Cover Date: September, 2000
Length: 6 pages

*Only the lead story in the issue is credited. I assume the credits apply to all of the stories.

Although I have the original issue, I’m reviewing this story from the digital edition.

Before the story is a page of Cheryl fan art.

Cheryl is relaxing on the beach and watching the “magnificent sunset”. She yawns and stretches and decides to get home. She shudders and hugs herself as it gets a little chilly. Suddenly, cries get her attention.

A seal pup on a rock in the water has his flipper stuck (Cheryl just assumes it’s a male) in the rock. Cheryl feels sorry for it and decides she can’t just leave it there, because he won’t survive the night. Putting her lifeguard skills to good use, Cheryl dives into the cold water (which I’m sure is unnecessary from shore) and swims out to the little pup. The frightened seal is confused. Cheryl frees the pup’s fin and tells it to go back to its family before they both freeze.

Once back on shore, Cheryl grabs her beach towel and jumps in her Jeep. Cheryl decides it was worth the ice bath, because the seal was so cute. The seal, meanwhile, is looking at Cheryl in confusion. She doesn’t notice when he jumps into the back of her Jeep. Cheryl wonders what it would be like to have a pet seal. It’s a moot point, though, since her dad won’t let her have anymore exotic pets after her pot belly pig ate his $400 slippers. She sighs, believing she’ll “never know the joys of seal ownership”.

Before we move on to the next scene, I wanna talk about Cheryl’s Jeep. It’s pretty cute. It’s purple with pink seats, a “Flower Power” tire cover with a large blossom, and a custom “CHERYL” license plate in the back. Um, shouldn’t she have an official license plate in the back? Anyway, cute car.

Anyway, Cheryl arrives home. The garage has blossoms on it. Cheryl smells herself, realizes she stinks of seaweed, and decides to take a bath right away. The seal happily announces his presence, surprising Cheryl. The seal snuggles with Cheryl, and Cheryl finds him sweet. Rationalizing she didn’t bring him, she carries the seal through the mansion and sneaks him past her parents, who are watching the news. She just quickly yells a greeting to them, says she smells like fish, and announces she’s gotta take a shower. Her parents are like “What the fuck?” Penelope says their daughter has very good hygiene. Clifford admits she’s very clean. That’s pretty funny.

The next morning, at breakfast, Clifford asks Jason if Cheryl isn’t coming down for breakfast. Jason says Cheryl told Michelle to bring her breakfast in bed. Clifford asks Michelle (a maid that looks like Jamie with a lighter shade of brown hair) what she’s bringing Cheryl. Michelle shows him a plate with 10 kippers on it. Clifford realizes something’s “fishy”.

Meanwhile, Cheryl’s lying in bed, the seal to her left and Sugar to her right. Her dad screams at her. Cheryl orders “Sandy” under the covers. Sandy complies with an “Arf!” Cheryl tries to pass that off as Sugar, but Sugar goes “Yip!” Sandy loudly and proudly announces his presence. Cheryl explains what happened.

Later that day, at the beach, Penelope has her arm around Cheryl as they watch Sandy jump into the water to rejoin his mother, who has been waiting for him. Cheryl waves and says bye to Sandy. Clifford puts his arm around Cheryl, says she did a good thing, and says he’s proud of her. Hopeful, Cheryl asks for a pet porpoise, which Clifford immediately shoots down.

This was a really nice story. Not much else to say.

Author: markmooreauthor

I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

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