Comics – Bath Wrath

Writer: Mike Pellowski
Pencils: Tim Kennedy*
Inks: Jim Amash*
Colors: Adam Walmsley*
Letters: Jack Morelli*
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica Comics Digest Magazine, No. 180
Cover Date: February, 2008
Shipping Date: December 5, 2007**
On-Sale DDC Date: December 12, 2007**
On-Sale Newsstand Date: December 26, 2007**
Length: 6 pages

*I’m posting an old review that I wrote in 2008, of a story in a digest that I no longer own. I didn’t make note of anyone other than the writer back then; the info comes from Grand Comics Database.

**according to solicitations

Alice comes into Betty’s bedroom and asks about all of the stuff on her floor. Betty picked up most of it on her way home from school today. It’s everything that she needs for a quiet, soothing soak in the tub: bubble bath, scented candles, a CD (Lovin’ Me Some 80’s) of her favorite songs, and “even” some new reading material. The reading material is magazines of teen gossip and hot Hollywood rumors. Alice says they aren’t exactly classic literature. Betty admits they aren’t food for the brain but says they are fun to read. Alice says she’ll take Betty’s word for that but asks why Betty’s doing this on Friday night. Betty puts on her robe and says, since she doesn’t have a date, she thought she’d just stay home and pamper herself. Alice says she hopes Betty enjoys her bath and that it does sound soothing.

Betty prepares everything. She dips her right foot in the water to test it and finds it to be still a bit hot.

Betty runs downstairs to fetch the plate of snacks that she prepared and left in the fridge. Betty’s cell phone rings. Betty takes it out of her robe and checks it. It’s Archie, who Betty says was going to a pro hockey game tonight. Betty answers. Archie says Reggie is sick, so they have an extra ticket. He asks if Betty would like to join them. Betty, who loves hockey, agrees to go with Archie, Chuck, and Jughead. Archie says he’ll pick her up in ten minutes. Betty is startled and asks Alice if she can use her bathroom to take a quick shower. Alice agrees and then asks about Betty’s soothing soak. Betty remembers that and says, if she takes the time to pick everything up, she won’t be ready when Archie arrives. She starts to ask Alice something. Alice agrees to clean up Betty’s bathroom, and Betty can owe her a favor. Betty thanks her mom and runs off to get ready.

Ten minutes later, the boys arrive to pick Betty up. Alice says to have fun at the game. Betty thanks her and says they will.

When Alice goes upstairs, holding a towel, she looks in Betty’s bathroom and thinks it’s a shame to let all of this go to waste. She decides, since Hal’s away on a business trip and she has the entire house all to herself, to take the bath herself.

Later, Alice is soaking in Betty’s bathtub, the scented candles lit, the cookies and soda within reach, the CD playing on the boombox, and a magazine in her hands. Alice finds the experience soothing. She finds Betty’s music to be good, but she thinks Betty’s reading selections need improvement.

This is a fun, relaxing story. I like these kinds of stories that explore Betty’s home life – particularly her relationship with her parents.

Betty earns major cool points for loving 1980s music – and promptly loses them for liking tabloid trash.

There’s some confusion on page 2. After an exterior shot of the Coopers’ snow-covered house, Betty is shown putting on her robe, and then she’s shown reaching to fill her bathtub with water. What confuses me is the vanity has changed. It now has lights on the mirror frame, a picture of Archie taped to the mirror, and different bottles on the table. Is Betty supposed to be putting on her robe in her bedroom or her bathroom?

Betty puts her sock back on her (wet?) foot before going downstairs. What’s the point?

For that matter, what’s with the robe? Betty wasn’t wearing it when she was organizing her stuff in her bedroom. Why does she put it on (over her clothes) to get her bathroom ready?

Is it cold for Betty? There’s a reprinted story in this digest where Hal keeps the heat down (and his daughter cold) to keep the heating bill lower (so Betty takes a nice warm bath). With Hal away on a business trip, Betty could have turned the heat up.

Why does Betty have her cell phone in her robe’s pocket?

The oddness of that aside, why does Betty run with her cell phone in her robe’s pocket? It could easily fall out.

I like Alice and Betty’s playful Princess Betty / Queen Mother banter when Betty goes downstairs.

Is Betty so desperate to date Archie that she’ll scrap her plans on short notice and go out with him even when he, knowing she loves hockey, decides to go to a pro hockey game with his buddies instead of her and invites her only because he has Reggie’s unused ticket? That’s the one part of this story that really irritates me.

Why does Betty ask if she can use Alice’s bathroom, if Alice doesn’t remind Betty of her bath until a moment later? It would have made more sense if Betty decided to shower in her own bathroom, and then Alice reminded her of her bath.

Why does Betty try to ask her mom to clean up her stuff? She should clean it up herself. She’s going to a hockey game. I doubt anyone there will notice she hasn’t showered.

What’s the gold thing that Alice is holding when the boys pick Betty up?

Whatever it is, it seems to turn into a pink towel once Alice goes upstairs. Why is she holding this?

The cookies are in the bathroom when Alice arrives, even though Betty had gone downstairs to get the plate out of the fridge right before Archie called. Her plans changed, I doubt Betty would have taken the plate upstairs.

It seems the vanity with the lights is in Betty’s bathroom. Okay. At least that was cleared up.

Since Hal and Betty aren’t home, Alice has the entire house all to herself? Is this one of those Polly-doesn’t-live-here or Polly-doesn’t-exist stories?

Where does the can of soda (seemingly 7-Up) come from? Did Alice go downstairs to get it, or was it obscured by the stereo in the earlier panel?

Alice likes 1980s music, too. Cool. I guess she might be at the right age to have grown up with it (at least at the time that this story was written).

I like Alice’s views of Betty’s reading material. Of course, considering she’s reading about Paris and “Lindsey” (it’s Lindsay, Mike), it naturally sucks.

Overall, this is a nice, cozy story, even if it does have some bad points.

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