Comics – Word Game

Writer: Frank Doyle*
Pencils: Dan DeCarlo*
Inks: Alison Flood*
Colors: Barry Grossman*
Letters: Bill Yoshida*
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica, No. 87
Cover Date: May, 1995
Length: 6 pages

*I don’t have the original issue and am reviewing this story from the PEP Digital #45: The Best of Cheryl Blossom e-book. The credits were removed from the story. The credits come from Grand Comics Database.

After getting her ass handed to her in a tennis match, Betty exits the school gym, sweating. Veronica, who had attended the match, agrees with Betty’s assessment. Cheryl makes fun of the fact that “Losers’ Prep” has tennis, calling it pretentious. Betty points out that Riverdale High had tennis courts before Pembrooke Academy was even built. Cheryl says it’s not quality tennis. Oh, this is one of those stories where Cheryl has an upside-down “u” nose instead of her usual triangle nose.

Cheryl talks some shit about Riverdale High’s tennis and then asks Betty if Betty Boop beat her. Um, okay. Anyway, Betty admits she did lose – to a “terrific” student named Tiny Terry Tyler. Cheryl and Betty discuss Tyler for a bit, and Cheryl tells Betty to send “him” to her for a match. Betty corrects her that Terry is a girl. Cheryl is surprised, but Ronnie points out that Terry is short for Theresa. Is that common?

Anyway, Terry arrives at that moment. She’s very short. Cheryl laughs as she gets in her gold sports car. Betty dares Cheryl to play against Terry (isn’t that what Cheryl wanted?). As Cheryl drives off and waves to them, she says to bring Terry up to her house tomorrow. Betty waves to Cheryl and says they’ll be there. Um, I assume one of them will call the other to work out the specific time.

Ronnie admits Cheryl is good. Betty reveals Terry’s secret: hearing the word “fault” triggers her and turns her into a raging, asskicking motherfucker. Betty claims she was winning her match until the ref called “foot fault”, and then Terry kicked her ass. Ronnie finds that very interesting. This is what we’re going with, huh? Okay, let’s get to it.

The next day, Betty and Ronnie bring Terry to Cheryl’s…private tennis court? I guess? And it has bleachers with a crowd of Pembrooke students waiting to see Cheryl kick Terry’s ass. Cedric, Priscilla, and others cheer for Cheryl. Cheryl is very confident. The match begins. Ronnie and Betty observe from the sidelines. Ronnie notes Cheryl is lobbing the balls just a little too high for Terry to reach. Betty admits it’s good strategy but also says it’s poor sportsmanship. While insulting Terry, Cheryl says fault, which delights Ronnie and Betty. Um, why didn’t they says it themselves? Were they trying to keep the match fair?

Anyway, Terry turns into a beast (complete with fangs and a dragon-like tongue) and lets out a primal scream. She kicks Cheryl’s ass.

Exhausted (“too pooped to pop”), Cheryl concedes the match and says Terry wins. Cedric, Priscilla, and at least one other student harshly criticize Cheryl for quitting. While gloating to Cheryl, Ronnie accidentally says “fault”, much to Betty’s horror. Terry proceeds to attack them with multiple tennis balls at once…somehow. Betty and Veronica run away. Um, so…was Terry briefly untriggered before she got retriggered?

This story was pretty stupid. Not much else to say.

Author: markmooreauthor

I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

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