The Tonight Show – Peanuts (Riverdale Parody)

Peanuts-00-posterWriters: bunch for the episode as a whole; no telling who wrote this sketch in particular
Director: Dave Diomedi
Upload Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Length: 5:46

I have no doubt that Jimmy Fallon is a huge nerd. He got most of the Saved by the Bell gang back together to record a new mini-episode, he did a California Dreams reunion, and he got Alicia Keys to perform a healtfelt piano rendition of the Gummi Bears theme song. Somehow, though, this one slipped by me.

Fallon decided to do a parody of Riverdale (which was in its second season) by doing a Riverdale-style take on Peanuts, the long-running comic strip (which spawned television specials, theatrical films, and a stage musical).

Here’s the incomplete cast, courtesy of IMDb:

Jimmy FallonCharlie Brown
Lianna NielsenLucy van Pelt
Steve HigginsPig-Pen
Quest LoveFranklin

You can watch the parody here (it’s up to you if you wanna watch it before or after the review):

Let’s get into it:

Peanuts-01-town-1Peanuts-02-town-2Peanuts-03-town-3Peanuts-04-town-4Peanuts-05-town-5The story begins like the first episode with the shots of the town and the typical Jughead-style narration.

Peanuts-06-SchroederThen Schroeder urgently informs some random students that Charlie’s gonna kick the football.

Peanuts-07-Charlie-shoesPeanuts-08-CharlieCharlie asks Lucy if she’s gonna take the football away.

Peanuts-09-Lucy-footballPeanuts-10-LucyLucy tells Charlie that he’ll have to trust her.

Peanuts-11-SnoopySnoopy barks a warning.

Peanuts-12-CharlieCharlie insists he’s got this.

Peanuts-13-Lucy-CharliePeanuts-14-Charlie-groundShe never changes, and he never learns.

Peanuts-15-Lucy-phoneShe takes a picture of him to post on Instagram.

Peanuts-16-Charlie-picturePeanuts-17-gangPeppermint Patty and Marcie arrive, upset. Charlie asks what’s wrong. Patty says it’s Linus.

Peanuts-18-Marcie-Patty-patch-1Peanuts-19-Marcie-Patty-patch-2Patty and Marcie had gone to the pumpkin patch to wait for the Great Pumpkin

Peanuts-20-Linus…but found Linus Van Pelt, “cold, alone, and anything but great”. Yeah, dumbass went out to the pumpkin patch and froze to death.

Charlie’s reaction? “Good grief.”

Peanuts-21-titlePeanuts-22-gangLucy can’t believe her “idiot brother” is dead. Charlie tries to assure Lucy that he has a plan.

Peanuts-23-Marcie-PattyPatty asks if he has a video of the killer. Marcie asks if he has online forensic evidence.

Peanuts-24-gangNope. He wrote a song about it. He plays a stupid club song on his laptop, consisting of the words: “Linus is dead, and we’re all really sad.”

Peanuts-25-SchroederYep, that’s about my reaction, too. Of course, in addition, I have to question when Charlie composed this song.

Marcie gives a half-assed attempt at a compliment, and Charlie seemingly sees right through it.

Peanuts-26-Schroeder-Lucy-CharlieSchroeder hopes Charlie isn’t going to perform it at the Fall Formal, but Charlie thanks him for the “great idea”.

Peanuts-27-Pig-PenPeanuts-28-gangPig-Pen shows up and greets the “buttholes” with an insult and a cloud of dust.

Pig-Pen asks if the “skidmarks” are crying about “that loser, Linus”. He calls the dead kid gross and then proceeds to play with boogers and have bowel movements in front of everyone.

Then Pig-Pen tells Chuck that Ms. Othmeyer (not sure about the spelling) wants to see him; she says it’s “super-urge”.

Dramatic music plays. Charlie goes into the school. The bell rings.

Peanuts-29-schoolPeanuts-30-teacher-CharlieSo now they parody a scene from the second episode. Charlie and his teacher had a fling over the summer, and he tries to say it’s wrong. Hilariously, the teacher sounds like a trombone, like the adults (mostly) sound in the various Peanuts specials and films. They were in the pumpkin patch when Linus was killed, and Charlie insists they have to tell someone. The teacher trombones at him a bit, and Charlie gets turned on.

Peanuts-31-Lucy-shockedLucy walks in on them and is shocked. She runs off, and he gives chase.

Peanuts-32-Lucy-CharlieLucy confronts him about it – but only because her brother’s dead. So Lucy is like a cross between Jughead and Cheryl here.

Peanuts-33-Lucy-Charlie-2Lucy heard everything. He has her back up. She confronts him again and demands he tell everyone the truth.

Peanuts-34-Lucy-Charlie-3When Lucy says they’re sixteen years old, Charlie looks directly at the audience and doesn’t exactly do the best job of convincing us.

Lucy doesn’t have time for this shit. She tells him to have fun at his “stupid dance” and leaves. Charlie punches a locker in frustration.

Peanuts-35-nice-sceneryPeanuts-36-Charlie-FranklinAfter school, Franklin meets up with Charlie. A depressed Charlie tries playing his stupid song for Franklin, who immediately shuts that shit off.

Peanuts-37-Charlie-Franklin-2Franklin says moping won’t bring Linus back, and he’s gotta keep living his life. Charlie thanks him, and they head to the Fall Formal to put on their show.

Peanuts-38-FranklinFranklin wonders why he’s the only black person in this town.

Peanuts-39-school-nightPeanuts-40-disco-ballPeanuts-41-Charlie-stageAt the dance, everyone is having a great time. Charlie gets on the stage and mentions how “it’s been a rough eight hours”.

Peanuts-42-LucyLucy silently encourages him.

As he goes down to meet her, he tells the crowd that they don’t know who killed Linus, but he swears they won’t stop until they find out who did it.

Peanuts-43-Charlie-LucyAs long as they’ve got each other (and his music), he thinks they’re gonna be okay. He then suggests they “turn things up a notch”. He signals to Schroeder.

Peanuts-44-Schroeder-pianoSchroeder starts playing “Linus and Lucy”, the familiar piano music from the animated specials:

Peanuts-45-dancingPeanuts-46-Charlie-dancingPeanuts-47-Pig-Pen-FranklinPeanuts-48-Charlie-Lucy-dancingEveryone rocks out. The narrator informs us that they danced all through the night, trying their best to regain the innocence that they had lost, but things would never be the same, because, under the surface, this town was “nuts”.

Then these assholes show up:

Peanuts-49-gangPeanuts-50-gang-WTF“What the fuck?”

Peanuts-51-dancing-2Betty asks what they’re doing.

Peanuts-52-gang-CherylCheryl asks “Is that, like, dancing?”

Peanuts-53-dancing-3Veronica finds it very “weird”.

Archie finds it “so crazy” and asks the others if they wanna hear the song that he just wrote about it.

Peanuts-54-gang-Jughead-laughsCole Sprouse briefly breaks character.

Peanuts-55-gang-ArchieThen they’re like “Fuck no!”

Peanuts-56-gang-leavesPeanuts-57-title-2So this was pretty hilarious. A Riverdale take on Peanuts? Genius. The cameos from the gang at the end were icing on the cake.

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