Comics – Waterparked!

World-of-Archie-Digest-110Writer: Francis Bonnet
Pencils: The Kennedy Brothers
Inks: Bob Smith
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Original Publication: World of Archie Jumbo Comics (Double) Digest, No. 110
On-Sale Date: June 16, 2021
Length: 5 pages

Veronica has rented the entire water park for just herself, Betty, Archie, and Jughead. Betty is in disbelief. Ronnie explains she “does not wait in lines”. She’s brought her two poodles. Smithers is on-hand to serve refreshments. Archie wants to check out the water slide first, and Jughead wants to check out the snack stand first. Ronnie, Betty, and the poodles go surfing (Betty’s glad that there are no sharks to worry about).

While on a ride, Ronnie says this would be more fun with more friends. Betty suggests inviting all of their friends. Ronnie decides to text out an invite. Betty suggests waiting until the ride ends. Oh, the poodles are along for the ride, because that’s totally safe.

Reggie, Ginger, and Toni arrive. Ronnie greets them. Toni hopes Jughead left some food for her in the snack stands. A poodle has helped itself to a bunch of sausage links. Ginger has invited “a few others” to join them. Toni and Jughead take a bunch of snacks with them on a ride.

Reggie challenges Archie to a race down the water slide, and Archie accepts. They each try to hide the fact that they each have their eyes closed. They argue over who won the race, and Midge calls them out on having their eyes closed. Yes, Midge, Moose, Dilton, and “a bunch of other friends” have just arrived. Dilton’s trying to study the mechanics of a wave pool, but Chunk points out that it’s just Moose. Moose apologizes to Chuck and Nancy for the impact. Raj is “filming” everything for a water park documentary (it’s a comedy).

Archie goes to find Betty and Veronica, but Cheryl wants to go on a ride through the Tunnel of Love with him. Ronnie’s pissed. Betty messes with the water pressure in order to murder Archie and Cheryl ruin Archie and Cheryl’s ride. They crash.

Archie apologizes to Betty and Ronnie. Ginger comes and gets Archie, Ronnie, and Betty, because “everyone’s waiting for” them to join them at the wave pool party. Jughead asks if they still have the water park to themselves. Archie says it’s just them and a few hundred of their closest friends.

This story was pretty meh. It was mostly just a bunch of random shit that didn’t amount to anything. I guess the big “draw” (if you could call it that) was the large number of characters. Even Mr. Weatherbee and Ms. Grundy make appearances. Notably, excluding cover appearances, this is Cheryl’s first appearance in a Classic Archieverse story in well over a year.

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