Comics – Masquerade Madness

Writer: Dan Parent
Pencils: Dan Parent
Inking: Jon D’Agostino
Coloring: Barry Grossman
Lettering: Bill Yoshida
Original Publication: Cheryl Blossom, No. 8
Cover Date: January, 1998
Length: 11 pages

Although I have the original issue, I’m reviewing this story from the digital edition.

Oh, you’re fucking kidding me. They’re bringing Sidney Snavely back? We haven’t seen this asshole since 1995 (as a footnote tells us), but even that’s just a flashback to a 1980s story. Did Archie Comics really expect kids to track down two-year-old issues?

Anyway, Sidney is watching tabloid TV and is amazed at the coverage that Cheryl is getting. He needs someone like her to “complement [his] sheer genius” He thinks she can “propel [him] into world fame”.

He goes to see her at Club Blossom. Cheryl is friendly toward him, but she’s also busy hanging up a banner for the club’s masquerade ball. After some banter, Sidney proposes they become a couple (though Cheryl guesses it before he says it).

Cheryl laughs him off, saying she goes for celebrity types. She then apologizes (technically) and goes to prepare the inn for her gala masquerade ball. She’s got “tons” of celebrities attending. This gives Sydney an idea.

On the night of the ball, everyone’s in costume. Louella is wearing historical clothes. Cheryl is a devil. Jason is a vampire. The band (called Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun) is getting ready. The paparazzi are starting to come. Their guests are arriving. Knockoffs of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee show up. Cheryl compliments their “costumes”, but they’re wearing their normal clothes (Pamela doesn’t even know this is a costume ball…somehow).

Actors from an ER knockoff series show up. Jason calls them stuck up, but that’s appealing to Cheryl. Cheryl is shocked that a pig has shown up. Louella points out that it’s the pig from a Babe knockoff. After the pig slobbers all over her, Cheryl goes to change but bumps into a handsome costumed man (spoiler: it’s Sidney). He romances her.

He refuses to disclose his identity but gives his initials (S.S.). Cheryl is intrigued but is then disappointed to discover he’s with someone (it’s his cousin, Emily). Sidney and Emily stage a fight. She “leaves” him. Cheryl is overjoyed.

Cheryl suggests they go out. She wants to dance. Sidney hopes he can dance in elevator shoes. Archie and Jughead (and possibly Betty) are at the ball.

After a couple hours, Sidney has to leave but asks to see Cheryl soon. Cheryl agrees. She’s attending a trendy party at Sardi’s Restaurant next week and suggests he be her date. He agrees and kisses her on the lips. Cheryl gets a lady boner and can’t wait to see what he looks like normally.

The next week, Sidney decides to attend the party in costume and then explain who he is. He hopes, by then, Cheryl will have to admit their chemistry.

At the restaurant that night, Cheryl is happy to see “S.S.” but is confused about the costume. Sidney says he wants to relive that night. Cheryl finds that romantic. The paparazzi take pics of Cheryl and the “kook”. Sidney asks Cheryl to tango, and she agrees. He romances her.

Cheryl notes (happily) everyone is looking at them. Sidney asks to kiss Cheryl, and she agrees. A coloring error gives Cheryl yellow lipstick for one panel. Sidney trips on a platform (which Cheryl warns him about), and his disguise falls off. It takes Cheryl a moment to realize it’s Sidney, and then she’s mad.

They argue. The paparazzi take pictures and video. Aware that the cameras are rolling, Cheryl put Sidney in the punch bowl and storms out. A reporter asks Sidney for a comment. Sidney thinks Cheryl is coming around.

That might be the case. Outside, Cheryl hates to admit it, but she can’t forget that kiss. She seems to be in love. The final text reads “Definitely Not The End”.

This story was okay, but Sidney’s an odd choice for a character to bring back – especially as a potential love interest.


Between Parts 1 and 2 is a 2-page Cheryl illustration titled “Cheryl’s Masquerade”. She’s a gypsy, a pirate, a clown, an alien, a cat, a witch (she references Sabrina), and herself.

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