Comics – Wooden It Be Nice?

Writer: Ron Robbins
Pencils: Jeff Shultz
Inks: Jim Amash
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Original Publication: World of Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest, No. 18
On-Sale Date: August 31, 2022
Length: 5 pages

Oh, great, that Ron Robbins guy is the writer. I hope this story is better than that other one.

The gang is at Riverdale’s Fall Carnival. Cheryl seems to be with Reggie (at least, for one panel). Are they dating again? Veronica is walking arm-in-arm with Archie, leaving Betty to have to carry a stuffed donkey (foreshadowing!) that someone won as a prize. Ronnie is having lots of fun. Archie agrees and offers to help Betty, who grunts. Ronnie insists she’s fine and wants to ride the Ferris wheel. Betty complains to Cheryl about Archie and Ronnie, but it’s unclear who she wants to carry stuff. It’s interesting that Betty is bitching about one BFF to her other BFF.

Toni tries to warn Betty about a basketball heading right for her head. Too late, though. Betty gets knocked unconscious.

Then…she has a dream. Great. Betty is Pinocchio. She recognizes Cheryl, who’s Candle Wick. She helps Betty to her feet. Betty freaks out when she realizes she’s made of wood.

Candle Wick suggests scamming two boys (Reggie and…Chuck, I think) out of some cotton candy. Jughead, the Talking Cricket, arrives and admonishes Betty. Betty says she was only going along with Candle Wick. Both girls start turning into donkeys.

Sabrina, the Fairy with Turquoise Platinum Blonde Hair, poofs in. Betty recognizes her as Sabrina. Sabrina admonishes her. Betty just wants to be back at the Riverdale Carnival…in Archie’s arms. Sabrina taps Betty on the hat twice with her wand, and a poof of smoke envelopes her.

Betty wakes up. Archie asks her if she’s okay. He tells her what happened and offers a hand. Cheryl looks shocked/concerned. Archie offers to carry Betty. Cheryl happily follows them. The others trail behind, Ronnie stuck carrying the donkey. Archie notes the stars and tells Betty to make a wish. Betty tells him that it’s already come true.

This story was pretty cute. Not a whole lot to it, but it’s worth noting, when Betty dreams of herself as Pinocchio, she dreams of Cheryl, not Veronica, as Candle Wick. This is significant, because, in the original story, Candlewick is Pinocchio’s best friend.


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