Comics – Best Witches

BVFF15Writer: Francis Bonnet
Pencils: Dan Parent
Inks: Bob Smith
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica Friends Forever, No. 15 (Halloween Spectacular #1)
On-Sale Date: September 8, 2021
Length: 5 pages

I bet the numbering is a bit confusing to some of you, so here’s a brief history of the title. It started as an all-reprint title, reprinting new stories shortly after they’d appeared in the digests. This didn’t stop Archie Comics from slapping an “All-New” notice on the front covers. Each new issue had a big #1 on the front cover and a different subtitle, but the indicia includes the cumulative numbering in parentheses. Eventually, they started including new lead stories, but this is still mostly a reprint title. It’s sad that Archie Comics can’t seem to justify doing an ongoing all-new floppy title, but that’s where we’re at these days. I guess we should be grateful that we’re getting any new stories at all.

Betty and Veronica are browsing in a thrift store. Betty is impressed with the selection. They’re looking for Halloween costumes. Betty puts on a purple witch hat and suggests going as witches. Ronnie agrees. They purchase some stuff. When they leave the store, Betty puts the hat on Ronnie and says it looks good on her. Cheryl is standing outside and says nothing looks good on Ronnie.

Cheryl adds Ronnie never did have any fashion sense. Betty advises Ronnie to not let Cheryl get under her skin and to think only happy thoughts. Since Archie makes her happy, Ronnie wishes he was here. Archie is zapped in, holding a game controller. The girls are astonished. Archie is confused. He needs to get back, because he was about to win a video game. Ronnie wonders about the hat and wishes him back home to win his game. Archie is zapped away. Betty pulls out her cell phone and says Archie just texted: he’s back home and just beat his high score. Ronnie realizes the hat must be magic. She tells Betty to put on the rest of her witch costume, so they can “go have some Halloween fun”. They both put on their costumes. Betty’s doesn’t include a hat. Ronnie wishes for a flying broomstick (to look authentic), and they take off. Betty sits up front.

They fly by Pop’s. Jughead is standing outside, holding a burger. He’s so hungry, but the burger is so small. Ronnie wishes his burger was the size of a bus. Somehow, this doesn’t kill him. I don’t know if she’d heard his complaint or if it’s just a coincidence. Anyway, this will hold Jughead over until dessert. They come across Cheryl browsing clothes during an outdoor sale at a department store. Ronnie says she knows what wish that she’s going to make and then puts the hat on Betty’s head. Cheryl’s hair is turned green, which freaks her out when some random guy shows her her reflection in a handheld mirror that he conveniently has. So…Ronnie wished Cheryl’s hair green (even though we didn’t see her actually making the wish), but she had put the hat on Betty’s head immediately before that, so why did the wish come true? Anyway, Ronnie and Betty have a laugh over it, and Betty thinks this will be some sort of lesson for Cheryl about insulting others’ fashion sense. Cheryl angrily waves her fist at them as they fly away on a motherfucking flying broomstick. They go out to a grassy area. Ronnie notices Raj “filming” a movie with his cell phone. It’s a ghost movie starring Trev and Ginger. Who’s Trev? Trevor Brown is the younger brother of Valerie Brown of Josie and the Pussycats. He was introduced in Archie #631 (cover-dated May of 2012, released on March 28) and is (or at least was) a love interest for Betty.

Raj is worried over Ginger and Raj’s acting (since there’s no actual ghost for them to react to). Betty wishes a real ghost would show up to help them out. Ginger and Trev run away in terror. Raj loves their performance. Does he not see the motherfucking ghost chasing them? For some unexplained reason (hint: because it’s convenient for the plot), Betty and Ronnie are now standing on the ground. The ghost takes the hat off Betty’s head, and Ronnie realizes it’s not a friendly ghost. Betty suggests losing “him” in the woods. How does she know the ghost is male? Anyway, Ronnie criticizes Betty’s decision, bringing up scary movies.

Sure enough, the ghost corners them. The girls hug each other in fear. Sabrina shows up with a magic vacuum cleaner and sucks up the ghost. She also lamely (yet still somehow self-confidently) tries to cover up the supernatural elements for the sake of maintaining her “secret”, all while winking hard at the reader. Whether the rest of the gang knows Sabrina’s a witch varies from story to story. It’s never consistent, particularly when she openly uses her magic in front of the others in cover gags. They might be surprised. Maybe. Or they just smile. It’s dumb and absurd in a Filmation way. Cheryl shows up to complain about her hair. How did she know where to find them? Ronnie and Betty snicker. Sabrina is surprised.

This story was pretty dumb. Characters like Cheryl, Raj, and Sabrina behaved unrealistically.

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I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

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