Archie’s Weird Mysteries, Episode 04 – Invisible Archie

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-01-Riverdale-ReporterWriter: Brian Swenlin
Original Air Date: Saturday, October 23, 1999
Length: 22:18

Note: This episode is placed fifth on the DVD.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-02-titleAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-03-football-fieldAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-04-Archie-Reggie-stretchAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-05-Veronica-Betty-runThe episode opens during gym glass.

Archie and Reggie smile, wave, and greet Veronica and Betty as they run by.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-06-Veronica-Betty-flirtThe girls flirtily say hi to them.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-07-Archie-ReggieArchie and Reggie argue over who the girls are interested in.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-08-Reggie-smilesReggie shows off one of his “magnificent Mantle smiles”.

He tries it on the girls. They laugh. When Veronica talks, her voice sounds off. It honestly sounds more like Betty.

Convinced of his success, Reggie elbows Archie in the chest. Ass.

Archie decides to give the girls “a healthy dose of Triple A” (Archie Andrews Action).

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-09-Archie-pole-vaultsDude, don’t.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-10-Archie-matLet Katy and Sabrina show you how it’s done.

Reggie is unusually surprised at this.

Reggie asks if Archie would have pole-vaulted if no one had been watching him. Archie says sure and adds “The important thing is to do your best, especially when no one’s around to see you do it.” Reggie says “When no one’s watching is when you can get away with all sorts of things.” Archie says Reggie’s “warped”. Reggie lets Archie know the girls weren’t even looking at him.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-11-girls-RobbieIt turns out that Veronica and Betty are gaga over Robbie Dobkins, the Riverdale “super jock” that edged Reggie off the track team.


Somewhat impressed, Archie says Robbie’s put on some muscle since last year. Robbie says hi to Reggie and apologizes for taking his place on the team. Reggie’s clearly irritated but pretends it’s no big deal. Archie brings up Robbie’s muscles. The girls compliment him in the flirtiest way possible. Robbie says he’s been working out. Betty exposits Robbie’s going to be in the track meet today after school. Robbie decides to practice his pole vaulting. The girls are incredibly turned on by that and decide to watch him. Archie’s jealous. Reggie comments on how guys like Dobkins make “suckers” like them “invisible” to girls.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-13-RHSAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-14-FlutesnootAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-15-classLater, in Chemistry class, an unusually angry Professor Flutesnoot has the class choose lab partners for tomorrow’s assignment.

Seriously, why does he look so pissed?

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-16-Reggie-girlsReggie offers himself to the girls. They pass on him…

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-17-Archie-girls…and Archie…

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-18-girls-Robbie…and go for the “super jock”. Betty claims she’s “really good at Chemistry”. Veronica admits she isn’t but promises expensive tutors, courtesy of “Daddy”.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-19-Archie-touches-VeronicaAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-20-Veronica-shockedArchie invades Veronica’s personal space, shocking her. Veronica cozies up to “Robbiekins” (ugh).

Reggie says “We’re just a couple of invisible guys.” Archie asks how they’re supposed to compete with muscles like that. Suddenly, there’s an explosion.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-21-Archie-DiltonHuh, that’s a twist. Usually, it’s Archie causing the lab explosions.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-22-Archie-Dilton-cleanIn a funny bit, Archie has to wipe shit off Dilton’s goggles, because he can’t see anything (and apparently can’t recognize Archie by the sound of his voice).

Dilton says “Oh” before his lips start moving. He explains he already finished this week’s assignment last week. He’s running his own experiment using the school’s resources now, which he claims is one benefit of getting ahead in class. Wow, that’s pretty generous.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-23-Reggie-reptileAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-24-reptile-formulaAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-25-reptile-enhancedDilton’s current experiment is a physique-enhancing formula. One external application does it.

Reggie and Archie are impressed. Dilton says it lasts only a few hours, and then the reptile returns to normal, “experiencing temporary feelings of inadequacy”.

Archie inadvertently gives Reggie an idea, and Reggie’s so inspired that his lips keep moving after he’s done talking. That’s followed by a shot that lasts less than a half-second.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-26-Reggie-DiltonAnyway, Reggie wants to buy a shot of the “muscle juice”. Dilton, however, is principled, saying it’s not for sale, and he’s never tried it on a human test subject before. Reggie volunteers. Dilton says it’s extremely unstable.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-27-Reggie-Dilton-2Reggie is willing to take the chance and gets in Dilton’s face about it.

Dilton pushes Reggie away from him and tells him to forget it. He closes the fridge.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-28-Archie-Reggie-DiltonArchie tells Reggie – in a *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* kind of way – that he was “just kidding around”. Reggie goes along with it. Dilton looks completely unconvinced.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-29-bellAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-30-girls-RobbieAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-31-Reggie-Dilton-ArchieAfter class lets out, Reggie seems to not be looking forward to his last class of the day: History with Grundy. Dilton abruptly stops and randomly says he’ll have to check with Professor Flutesnoot. Was a line cut or something? Archie thought “old Flutesnoot” didn’t teach in the lab this period. Dilton says he doesn’t, but, as soon as he turns in this assignment, he’s got permission to come back and work on his formula. Wait, I thought Dilton already finished this week’s assignment last week. Why’s he only now turning it in? Was it so Professor Flutesnoot wouldn’t lose it? Also, why does Dilton have permission to come back after Chemistry class to work on his formula? What about his last class of the day?

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-32-Reggie-steals-formulaAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-33-Reggie-steals-formula-2Who didn’t see this coming?

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-34-Reggie-Archie-argueArchie, having forgotten his backpack, catches Reggie and gets judgmental. They argue about it and grab the flask from each other. Guess where this is going.

Well, it doesn’t go exactly as you think. Reggie tries to pour some on himself, except you don’t really see it happen (it’s a POV shot from the top of Reggie’s head, I think), and Archie tries to stop him, so it goes on Reggie’s shirt; then Archie gets some on his shirt and jacket…

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-35-Archie-formula…and then stupidly wipes it with his hand.

Reggie apologizes, although he doesn’t sound sorry.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-36-Reggie-ArchieNothing seems to happen, disappointing Reggie. Reggie claims to have learned his lesson and puts what’s left of the formula back in the fridge. They’re gonna pretend this never happened, but Archie will tell the truth if asked by Dilton.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-37-Archie-restroom-doorArchie hurries on his way to his next class but then feels kind of funny and heads into the restroom.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-38-Archie-restroom-mirrorHe figures he’s gotten paranoid. He splashes some water on himself and…

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-39-Archie-disappearingWell, shit.

He soon becomes entirely invisible.

So, for those of you trying to keep track, this episode’s plot revolves around a performance-enhancing formula that, when haphazardly applied to clothes and combined with a splash of water on the face, renders the subject invisible. (Oddly enough, Archie’s left hand, the only area to be exposed to both the formula and water, is one of the last to disappear.) Got that? Okay, moving on. It’s worth noting this is the first episode of the series where the problem is caused by one of Dilton’s inventions, not the general “weirdness” that the town has become a magnet for. In fact, I’m going to start keeping a tally at the end of each review to see which is the source of more conflicts in this series, the general weirdness or Dilton’s inventions.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-40-Reggie-disappearingAs Reggie disappears, he feels “kind of light-headed”. Why is Reggie disappearing? Is the water a catalyst or not?

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-41-girlOkay, Reggie’s gone completely invisible, so let me take this opportunity to say I’m particularly fond of this nameless extra.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-42-VeronicaSomehow being completely unaware that he’s invisible, Reggie warms up the “magnificent Mantle smile” for Veronica. He’s surprised when she ignores him.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-43-MooseReggie wants to give Moose a high five. Moose is momentarily confused but then shrugs and moves on. Reggie thinks it’s “weird”.

The bell rings, and Reggie heads to class.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-44-handleDo schools use handles instead of knobs now? Did they in 1999? I graduated in 1996, and I don’t remember if we used knobs or handles. I believe we used handles in college.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-45-Dilton-formulaMeanwhile, Dilton checks on his formula and notices something’s up. It’s less than the 80 milliliters that he’d filled it to, and it’s “too soon for evaporation to take effect”. What the hell’s the boiling point of this formula?

Archie comes in and calls for Dilton, who’s startled and drops the flask (but catches it). Dilton is confused, so Archie says he’s invisible.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-46-Archie-DiltonDilton thinks it’s a gag, so Archie proves it. Dilton asks how it happened, and Archie explains. Dilton admonishes him. Archie says it was an accident. Dilton is intrigued and asks if Reggie’s with him. Archie guesses Reggie’s still in Grundy’s History class.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-47-GrundyThat clock is nowhere close to the correct time.

Ms. Grundy wants the class to pass up their homework while she takes attendance.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-48-homeworkHow does Reggie not fucking notice he’s fucking invisible?! And why is his homework unaffected?

Reggie’s pissed at being skipped over, so he gets the attention of the girl in front of him.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-49-Reggie-unnoticedShe’s probably high as fuck. That’s the only explanation for her non-reaction.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-50-attendanceReggie’s surprised that Ms. Grundy thinks he’s absent. She doesn’t hear him when he asks “Huh?” Then again, she’s not using an actual attendance log to take attendance, so maybe she’s got a few issues of her own.

It’s only now that Reggie realizes he’s invisible. The class laughs. Ms. Grundy thinks she’s being pranked, but she doesn’t know by who, despite clearly hearing Reggie’s voice. She gets on with class.

Reggie wonders what he’s going to do. He decides to do whatever he wants.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-51-Dilton.jpgBack in the lab, there’s a cute gag where Dilton’s addressing Archie while facing in the wrong direction.

They discuss the problem. By Dilton’s calculations, Archie is “going to completely fade from existence within a few hours”. Archie freaks out, but Dilton is all scientific about it until he finally realizes, yes, this actually is a serious situation. That’s pretty funny.

Dilton gets to work on an antidote. He tells Archie to find Reggie and bring him back here as soon as possible. Archie asks how.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-52-Dilton-PPEAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-53-Archie-PPESo…did Archie get naked or just put all of that stuff on top of his regular clothes?

Dilton makes a joke about Archie’s appearance and then sends him on his way.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-54-Grundy-mapAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-55-class-amusedBack in History class, Reggie’s pranking Ms. Grundy – to the amusement of the class.

Oh, and that damn clock still isn’t right.

And what’s with the diagrams on the walls? Is this a multi-subject classroom or something?

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-56-Grundy-pissedAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-57-Grundy-tears-mapYeah, that’ll show him. Great job, Grundy.

Just kidding. The class keeps laughing, further pissing her off.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-58-Archie-doorArchie arrives just as Reggie’s leaving. Wait. Was one of Reggie’s pranks replacing the door’s handle with a knob?

Reggie fucks around and tries to scare Archie. They argue for a bit. Reggie refuses to get visible until he’s “had some fun with Dobkins and the girls”. He leaves. Archie tries to go after him but…

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-59-Weatherbee-ArchieAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-60-WeatherbeeFade out. Fade in.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-61-Weatherbee-ArchieMr. Weatherbee wants Archie to take off that “ridiculous get-up”. Archie bullshits about having a “skin condition”, which makes him “very sensitive to light”. There actually is such a thing, but Weatherbee doesn’t question it further. Instead, he wants to see a hall pass, which Archie doesn’t have.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-62-Weatherbee-Archie-2Weatherbee takes great delight in taking Archie back to his office for detention. Archie tries to get out of it – to no avail.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-63-doorReggie walks outside and realizes he has time for some fun before the track meet.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-64-Robbie-fountainHe spots Robbie, out of class early for track practice.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-65-Robbie-wetReggie changes the direction of the spigot on the water fountain (hmmm, can you really do that?), getting Robbie wet. After Robbie leaves, Reggie points the spigot back in the proper direction.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-66-RHSAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-67-Betty-Veronica-cheerAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-68-Robbie-praisedAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-69-Betty-Veronica-cheer-2Later, at the track meet, Betty and Veronica cheer for “Riverdale Robbie”.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-70-Reggie-ties-sneakersReggie goes for a classic prank.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-71-Robbie-snaps-lacesBut his expectations are subverted!

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-72-Weatherbee-Archie-officeMeanwhile, Mr. Weatherbee has been back-in-my-daying at Archie. Archie asks to leave. Weatherbee takes a phone call. It’s a Mrs. Hudsucker. While Weatherbee’s got his back turned, Archie strips (though he is neither seen nor heard leaving the office). When Weatherbee gets off the phone, he’s very confused.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-73-Dilton-antidoteDilton’s finished the antidote just as Archie arrives. Archie again calls for him, again making him drop the flask. He catches it, though, and tells Archie to cut that shit out. Archie apologizes. Dilton invites him to try the antidote.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-74-Archie-DiltonSuccess! Archie used everything that’s in the flask on himself, though.

Dilton asks about Reggie. Archie remembers and guesses where he is.

Dilton’s confused, and then he does this weird thing where he looks at the empty flask, smiles, and nods, like he’s so fucking proud of himself. He follows Archie.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-75-Archie-DiltonAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-76-Dilton-ArchieArchie and Dilton arrive at the track meet. Dilton says time’s running out for Reggie and doesn’t think they’ll find him.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-77-Archie-ideaArchie gets an idea – and a seriously fucking creepy look on his face.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-78-sprinkler-systemAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-79-wrenchAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-80-Archie-DiltonDilton is impressed.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-81-pouring-antidoteWhew! It’s a good thing that Dilton had more of that antidote, which he must have pulled out of his ass, because he was holding an empty flask when he followed Archie out of the lab.


AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-87-Reggie-sneaks.jpgBecause Reggie’s a fucking dumbass in this episode, he doesn’t realize he’s visible again, so he sneaks over to Robbie and…

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-88-Robbie-ReggieAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-89-Betty-Veronica-1AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-90-Betty-Veronica-2AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-91-Archie-DiltonAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-92-Robbie-pissedAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-93-Robbie-ReggieAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-94-Betty-Veronica-3Betty and Veronica seek to avoid witnessing as much of the carnage as possible.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-95-Dilton-Archie-celebrateDilton and Archie celebrate.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-96-Weatherbee-DiltonAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-97-Archie“Oh, hiiiiii!”

The scene fades directly to the scene where Archie’s typing up his column instead of doing a fade out and fade in as usual.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-98-Andrews-houseAs usual, there’s no sign of Archie’s car in the garage – nor his parents’ car(s), for that matter. Also, if Archie’s parents went out, couldn’t they have stopped by the post office instead of leaving mail in their box for the mail carrier to pick up the next day?

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-99-bedroom-windowAWM-04-Invisible-Archie-100-Archie-window“Poor Reggie” thinks he was the victim of their practical joke. Why didn’t Archie and Dilton explain they were saving his life? Also, Reggie got “clobbered” in the process, but that was his own fault.

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-101-Riverdale-1Archie hopes, the next time that Reggie’s invisible, he won’t use it as an excuse to cause trouble…

AWM-04-Invisible-Archie-102-Riverdale-2…in a little town called Riverdale.

This was a pretty good episode. But let’s talk invisibility. If Reggie’s retinas were invisible, he’d been blind. That aside, he’d have to deal with constantly seeing things, since his eyelids were invisible.

Regarding time placement for this episode, outside California, outside high school track season lasts from March through June.

General Weirdness: 3
Dilton’s Inventions: 1


Archie’s Weird Mysteries, Episode 33 – Halloween of Horror

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-01-Riverdale-ReporterWriter: Brian Swenlin
Original Air Date: Friday, February 11, 2000
Length: 22:17

This episode’s “Riverdale Reporter” segment actually includes a line from Archie, not spoken in the episode proper. That’s unusual.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-02-titleAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-03-mansionThe episode opens at the abandoned mansion.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-04-Scarlet-MedlockScarlet feels sorry for Medlock and wishes she could help restore him.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-05-Scarlet-youngAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-06-Scarlet-oldAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-07-Scarlet-Medlock-2He drains her life force, stealing her youth. Um, so why didn’t he do that earlier?

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-08-MedlockHe declares he will claim his “destiny as ruler over the Eternal Night of the Vampires”. Then he laughs evilly. Typical villain shit.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-09-Lodge-gateAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-10-Lodge-mansionAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-11-doorbellAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-12-Archie-JugheadAt Lodge Manor, Archie and Jughead arrive for Veronica’s Halloween party. Also, the moon went back up to full.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-13-SmithersI’m surprised that Smithers got into costume. Mr. Lodge must have forced him.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-14-decorationsWe learn this is an annual Halloween bash.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-15-bash-1AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-16-bash-2AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-17-bash-3Jughead goes to eat. Betty calls to Archie.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-18-Betty-hidesShe hides her face from him momentarily, I guess to…surprise him?

Oh, and she wore her cheerleading outfit to the Halloween party. Laziest costume ever!

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-19-Betty-confusedShe’s confused over what he’s supposed to be.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-20-Archie-firesHe’s a “cyber-warrior”.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-21-Betty-rubs-ArchieThen she rubs his face with a pom-pom. Bitch, cut that out; it’s rude.

She asks if he likes her costume: captain of the cheerleading squad. When he points out that that’s what she actually is, she excuses her laziness by saying she was going for realism.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-22-Reggie-JugheadReggie comes by and tries to scare Jughead, who’s unfazed. By the way, the mountain of cheeseburgers is a nice touch; it shows the Lodges were prepared for Jughead.

Anyway, Reggie’s disappointed, and Jughead points out that this is Reggie’s costume every year.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-23-Reggie-DiltonDilton sees through it, too.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-24-EthelOh, look, a silent cameo by Ethel. I wonder who she’s with.

Archie wonders where Veronica is. Betty says she’s playing a gypsy fortune teller. They go into the tent to check her out, but she’s not there. Betty guesses she’s on her break.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-25-Archie-Betty-ScarletThen Scarlet comes in. Archie and Betty think she’s Veronica. Scarlet talks about the Eternal Night of the Vampires being upon them.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-26-Archie-Veronica-BettyAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-27-Veronica-crossAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-28-VeronicaThen Veronica comes in. Archie and Betty are confused. Veronica compliments Scarlet’s costume. Scarlet finally reveals her identity, surprising the others. Veronica asks what happened, insulting her at the same time. Scarlet explains the sitch.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-29-gang-ScarletBetty tries to comfort her. Archie only now realizes the implications of Medlock stealing Scarlet’s life force. He’s not very bright, is he? Anyway, he wants to stop Medlock. Scarlet says it’s impossible. Veronica’s like “I’m the motherfucking Ender.” There’s a flashback to Medlock’s defeat at the end of the last episode.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-30-Scarlet-Veronica“Um, the Sun Stone was destroyed, you shithead. This cross is about as useful as the trinkets that you get out of the clucking hen machines at Wal-Mart.”

Betty’s confused, because the prophecy said the amulet could end the Eternal Night. Scarlet says unless Medlock befriends the chosen one. Okay, he kinda did that in the last episode, I guess, but this still isn’t making any sense.

Anyway, Veronica guesses Medlock is gonna crash her party to make her his “friend”. Archie says vampires can’t enter a home unless invited.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-31-Betty-Veronica-Archie-dohThey find out that Smithers invited Scarlet in.

Fade out – but not all of the way.

Fade in.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-32-Reggie-bumperOh, look, it’s the tail-end of Reggie’s commercial bumper. Great job. It’s like “Hey, here’s a tease of what you’re missing out on, motherfuckers!”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-33-Lodge-mansionAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-34-Smithers-MedlockAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-35-MedlockAnyway, Medlock shows up, and Smithers praises his “most impressive costume” and just lets him in. A little sound effect lets us know Medlock entered the mansion. What was that? The uninvited barrier going down?

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-36-guestsWhile Scarlet instructs the gang inside the tent, we see these two random, nameless guests.

Anyway, Scarlet tells Betty and Archie to protect Veronica from Medlock, because she’s the chosen one, and they react like this:

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-37-Scarlet-gangAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-38-Veronica-shockedUm, this is not exactly a surprising revelation. It’s been the main crux of the past two episodes.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-39-Reggie-MedlockReggie tries to scare Medlock but momentarily gets frightened himself. They make small talk about the “costume”. Reggie takes off the werewolf head and introduces himself. So does Medlock, and then…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-40-Reggie-Medlock-2AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-41-Medlock-fangsOh, shit.

Fade out. Fade in. No commercial break, though, because the music is continuous.

Betty says they have to warn the other guests about Medlock. Scarlet tells them to save themselves. Archie says real friends stick by their friends. He tells the girls to come on.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-42-VeronicaAs Veronica follows him, she motions with her hand. I’m not sure if she’s indicating for Betty to follow her or just thinking “Oh, whatever.”

As they leave, Scarlet cries out that friends are worthless, and they must protect the chosen one.

Betty spots Medlock hanging out with some random dude.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-43-Veronica-ReggieAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-44-Veronica-Reggie-2Reggie comes by and tries to attack Veronica. She dismisses it as his usual bullshit and says he’s got to protect her from the vampires.

Medlock floats toward them.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-45-Veronica-unmasks-ReggieAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-46-Veronica-shockedAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-47-Archie-Veronica-Betty-shocked“Oh, you’re fucking kidding me!”

Medlock arrives. Reggie moves in to bite Veronica. Archie hands her a jack-o’-lantern, and…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-48-Veronica-jacks-ReggieAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-49-Reggie-jackedAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-50-Reggie-MedlockSeriously? Medlock’s knocked over by someone walking into him? What kind of Dark Master is he?

Archie grabs hold of Betty, Betty grabs hold of Veronica, and the three of them run a short distance.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-51-Archie-warnsArchie gets on a coffee table and warns the guests.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-52-Moose-MidgeReally, that’s the reaction that he should have expected. Oh, look, cameos by Moose and Midge.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-53-Veronica-Archie“Motherfucker, move over; I’ll handle this.”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-54-Veronica-happy“I’m attractive and awesome.”


AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-56-Veronica-grinsAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-57-Veronica-thanks“I totally deserve that. Thanks.”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-58-Betty-Veronica-Archie“Get to the fucking point, bitch!”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-59-Betty-Veronica-Archie-2“Oops, sorry, my bad.”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-60-Betty-Veronica-Archie-3“Everybody get the fuck out right fucking now!”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-61-Betty-Veronica-Archie-4“That was Oscar-worthy, right?”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-62-Veronica-shocked“Oh, shit.”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-63-Reggie-Medlock-floatAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-64-EthelThe guests run away, leaving Archie, Betty, and Veronica against Medlock and Reggie.

Our heroes scramble for ideas for a bit, and Archie finally suggests garlic.


Scarlet finally comes out of the tent. It turns out that Jughead’s still here, too.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-66-Medlock-Scarlet“Relax, bitch, you ain’t worth the trouble.”

Archie and Betty come into the kitchen. Archie asks about garlic powder.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-67-Archie-Betty“Spice rack!”

Veronica comes into the kitchen and finds Smithers (somehow unnoticed by Archie and Betty). She begs him to help them get out of here.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-68-SmithersWell, shit.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-69-Veronica“Stay the fuck away from me!”

Betty and Archie drop the spices that they were holding. Then Archie finds the garlic and…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-70-garlic-pouredAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-71-Archie-girlsAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-72-Archie-fires…y’know, that’s actually pretty clever.

Anyway, the garlic makes Smithers itch, and he flies away.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-73-Veronica-BettyVeronica is upset about Smithers, and Betty tries to comfort her, saying it’s not her fault. Veronica’s just concerned about who’s gonna clean up the mess; it won’t be her. Disgusted, Betty and Archie walk off, much to Veronica’s confusion.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-74-Jughead-ArchieThe three of them check the dining room. Archie looks pissed when Jughead runs into him. Um, just be grateful that your friend’s still alive, asshole.

Jughead warns Archie about the vampires and runs off. Then Archie comes face to face with Reggie and…just stands there until…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-75-Reggie-ArchieThat’s what happens, man.

Archie actually gasps after this happens, like it’s some profound revelation that the bad guy will snatch your gun from you if you don’t shoot.

The door closes.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-76-Jughead-girlsYeah, Jughead accidentally left his friend in a room with a vampire. These things happen.

Betty opens the door to check things out.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-77-Betty-shockedReggie grabs Betty and pulls her into the dining room. The door closes. Why does the door close on its own?

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-78-Jughead-Veronica-scaredAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-79-Reggie-BettyBetty tells the “snaggle-toothed traitor” to let her go. Um, it’s not Reggie’s fault that he’s a vampire.


AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-81-Betty-elbows-ReggieAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-82-Betty-throws-ReggieHoly shit, Betty’s strong!

Betty calls out to Archie. Archie calls back for her to run and get help. Betty runs into the tent, vowing to not leave without him.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-83-Betty-Archie-Smithers-MedlockAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-84-Reggie-BettyAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-85-Reggie-Medlock-BettyAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-86-Medlock-BettyWell, shit.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-87-Veronica-Jughead-hideLater, Veronica and Jughead hide from the vampires. Medlock wants to use Archie as bait for Veronica.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-88-Jughead-VeronicaVeronica tries to go out to him, but Jughead stops her.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-89-vampires-Archie-flyThe vampires take Archie back to the abandoned mansion.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-90-Jughead-VeronicaLater, Veronica and Jughead come out of hiding. Veronica regrets not doing anything, but Jughead basically says they couldn’t do anything. Scarlet continues to be negative about the whole thing, which makes Veronica gasp. What is it with characters being surprised by mundane stuff?

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-91-Scarlet-JugheadJughead doesn’t wanna give up (friends should stick by their friends) but wants a plan first.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-92-Scarlet-Jughead-VeronicaSuddenly, they’re surprised by a noise and movement under a nearby table.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-93-Lodge-mansionAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-94-Scarlet-Jughead-VeronicaAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-95-Dilton-tableAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-96-Dilton-garlicOh, it’s just Dilton. Why didn’t he run out with the other guests?

Veronica asks Scarlet where Medlock took her friends. Scarlet is still all doom and gloom.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-97-Scarlet-Dilton“Bitch, we have to try…for science!”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-98-Scarlet-VeronicaVeronica speechifies and tries to make Scarlet feel useful. Scarlet’s still a Negative Nancy but agrees to help.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-99-gang-mansionLater, they arrive at the mansion (in a pretty cool panning shot).

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-100-gang-gunsThey bust in, locked and loaded. So, um, where’d they pick up the extra Super Soakers? Did they stop by Wal-Mart on their way to the abandoned mansion? I can totally imagine Veronica refusing to go in just out of principle, opting to wait in her car.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-101-Scarlet-DiltonIs this the inspiration for Riverdale’s version of Dilton Doiley?

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-102-ArchieIt’s a trap. Don’t fall for it.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-103-Archie-2Told ya.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-104-Veronica-shockedY’know, the clearly pale skin should have been a dead (undead?) giveaway.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-105-Dilton-Jughead-VeronicaAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-106-vampiresSon of a cock, the vampires were hiding…on the ceiling.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-107-Betty-itchesJughead fires at Betty and successfully makes her itch.

But then he hesitates when Reggie approaches.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-108-Reggie-takes-gunThat’s what happens, man.

Anyway, Medlock gets to Jughead, and Reggie gets to Dilton.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-109-Veronica-gunOnly Veronica remains. She alone can save the world.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-110-vampires-1AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-111-vampires-2AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-112-Vamperonica-1Well, shit.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-113-Vamperonica-2She introduces herself as “Vampronica”, although I’ve always has the feeling that the proper name should be “Vamperonica”.

Anyway, she takes off the cross and throws it away.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-114-Medlock-celebratesMedlock feels triumphant.

I want to make an observation here. Medlock seems far more serious and scarier in this episode than in the previous one. His humor is almost completely absent. I’m not saying it’s unwelcome, but it does feel off compared to his previous portrayal.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-115-Medlock-celebrates-2AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-116-sunriseAnyway, Medlock speechifies about eternal darkness, and then the sun rises. Ha.

He goes and shuts the doors, confused.

Scarlet reveals they were “mistaken”; Veronica Lodge was never the Ender to begin with. *sigh* I’ll give my feelings about this later. Let’s just wrap this up.

Scarlet speechifies, and then…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-117-cross“Cross of silver,…”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-118-Medlock“…ray of light,…”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-119-Scarlet-window“…in Ender’s hand shall end the night.”

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-120-Medlock-2AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-121-vampiresAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-122-Medlock-crumblesEveryone turns back to normal and witnesses Medlock’s destruction.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-123-Veronica-ScarletScarlet explains the part of the prophecy that Veronica had read in the first part. You can tell Veronica is utterly disappointed that she wasn’t the Ender.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-124-Veronica-happyOr not.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-125-Veronica-Scarlet-hugVeronica and Scarlet talk for a bit and then hug.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-126-gang-happyAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-127-ScarletAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-128-Scarlet-ascendsAWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-129-gangScarlet regains her humanity and ascends to the afterlife.

Fade out. Fade in. No commercial break, though.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-130-Andrews-houseClose the garage door, damn it!

As Archie continues to narrate his column, he informs us that Veronica’s parents flipped their shit over the mess in the mansion once they got home from their charity gala.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-131-Archie-windowHe wonders if they’ll ever let Veronica have another Halloween party.

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-132-Archie-typesBut he figures no party could ever live up to this one, when the real vampires came trick-or-treating…

AWM-33-Halloween-of-Horror-133-Riverdale…in a little town called Riverdale.

So…I have mixed feelings about this episode. It’s generally creepier than the previous two, which is fine, but…

Okay, I’ll be blunt: the resolution sucks. Yeah, I know they set it up in part 1 with that prophecy, but saying Veronica never was the Ender diminishes her contribution. She did far more than Scarlet did. Scarlet’s contribution amounted to holding a useless cross and simply exposing Medlock to sunlight, which had already been established to be his weakness in part 2. So, just to be clear, Veronica’s role in all of this was to deceive Medlock, so Scarlet could simply tear open a curtain and expose him to sunlight. How pathetic. Oh, and Scarlet held the cross just to make it seem like that incantation applied to what she was doing.

Anyway, sorry for the extreme lateness of this post. Have a happy Halloween and tune in tomorrow for a new review.

Archie’s Weird Mysteries, Episode 32 – I Was a Teenage Vampire

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-01-Riverdale-ReporterWriter: Brian Swenlin
Original Air Date: Thursday, February 10, 2000
Length: 22:16

I’m sorry that this is so late. My job responsibilities – and thus my schedule – recently changed, and my browser has been acting up recently.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-02-titleAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-03-mansionThe episode opens with a bat and red mist arriving at an old, abandoned mansion.

By the way, as the mist is making its way through the mansion, the picture goes black for 8 frames (though the audio remains). Not sure if that’s a problem in the original episode or a DVD error of some kind.

The red mist goes down to the basement.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-04-ScarletYeah, Scarlet’s still alive. I told you that her “defeat” at the end of the last episode was different and suspicious. She announces to the other vampire that arrived at the mansion that she’s back. Okaaay. How long’s it been since she was here?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-05-Scarlet-vampireThe other vampire chastises her for being late and asks if she’d heard the Master’s call. Angry, she snatches a shovel from him and says she did.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-06-Scarlet-digsShe orders him to get digging, because it’s time to free the Master.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-07-RHSAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-08-Reggie-girlsThe next day, at school, Reggie reads the headline of Archie’s column: “Veronica Lodge Saves the World from Vampires”.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-09-Veronica-photoHehe, Archie even got Veronica to pose for a photo, holding the cross. Reggie is in disbelief.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-10-Reggie-girls-2Veronica makes a joke about Reggie not being the center of attention. Betty washes down her pot brownie with a drink. The two girls laugh.

Reggie reads from the article and asks where he was when all of this happened.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-11-Archie-Reggie“Like, you snooze, you lose, man. Smoke a joint.”

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-12-girls-laughThe girls laugh again. Seriously, I think everyone’s stoned in this scene, but it affects them differently. Anyone wanna look in Betty’s paper bag?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-13-girls-ArchieThe girls simultaneously greet Archie. He greets them. He asks Veronica why she’s not wearing her Sun Stone.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-14-girls-Archie-2“Like, total fashion don’t, totally.” Really? But a babushka scarf is a fashion do?

Also, she’s trying to put the vampire stuff behind her.


AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-18-gangReggie asks where Veronica’s “magic necklace” is. She says “Safely tucked away.” Archie and Betty make guesses as to where. Veronica says it’s in a shoe box. Reggie asks what’s so safe about that. Betty explains through metaphor, but it basically boils down to “Veronica has a shitload of shoe boxes in her giant-ass closet.”

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-19-Veronica-posesVeronica tells “Archiekins” that she picked up “the cutest pair of pumps” to wear on their date tonight. Betty shakes her head…for…some reason.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-20-Veronica-poses-2Veronica says Archie’s taking her to La-Cha-Ching for dinner and dancing, which is news to him, but she says he owes her for saving his ass and giving him the story for his latest column. Reggie advises him: “Speak now or forever hold your wallet.” For saving the world from “the unholy hordes of darkness”, Archie agrees to the date.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-21-Veronica-ArchieShe tells him to wear his best suit, and she wants his word that he won’t be late. He promises to be there at 8:00 PM sharp. Veronica means it, because Smithers is on vacation, and her parents are going to some charity banquet. Girl, you’ve got a huge mansion to yourself. Invite Archie over for a fuck session! “I did save the world. Don’t you think my pussy deserves to be licked thoroughly, and my asshole deserves to be ripped and reamed by your massive cock?”

Anyway, Veronica claims to be scared of being alone at night. Archie again promises and then gives Veronica his “super-sacred word”. He says she’ll be “as safe as a necklace in a shoe box”.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-22-mansionAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-23-coffinIt’s now twilight, and Scarlet and the other vampire have just now gotten the Master’s coffin out of the ground, which means it took the two of them nearly an entire day to dig that hole. I’m a lazy-ass motherfucker, but even I could have dug that hole in a few hours at most.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-24-MasterThe Master, Medlock, wakes up.

Scarlet and Medlock greet each other.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-25-Master-cracks-knucklesThen Medlock cracks his knuckles and his neck, which makes it really hard to take him seriously as the “Dark Master”.

Medlock seems to be aware that he’s been asleep for centuries. How the fuck does he know?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-26-Medlock-ScarletAnyway, he gives the typical vampire villain speech.

Scarlet and the other vampire also talk about how the sun will set tomorrow, on Halloween, and never rise again. But then Medlock learns Scarlet hasn’t “had the chance to convert” the Ender. The other vampire, who seems to be called Nilnuze (that’s a stupid name), asks Medlock to give him a shot, which angers Scarlet, and Medlock grants it.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-27-Andrews-houseAgain, why is one garage door left open at the Andrews house at night? It’s not safe!

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-28-Archie-dressesArchie is getting dressed for his date with Veronica.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-29-Archie-flowersHe then steals some of his mother’s flowers to give to Veronica. Ass.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-30-Archie-Mary-1Archie rushes to the front door and encounters his mom.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-31-Archie-Mary-2Mary wants to take a picture of her “handsome” son. She doesn’t notice her flowers in his hand.

Archie declines, citing his “super-sacred word”. Mary understands, excusing him from the “glamor shots”. But then Archie checks himself out in the mirror and agrees to the pictures, thinking Veronica won’t mind if he’s “just a few minutes late”.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-32-Veronica-waitingAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-33-Veronica-waiting-2AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-34-Veronica-waiting-3The clock chimes in Lodge Manor, and Veronica is getting bored. She’s also upset at Archie for breaking his word.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-35-Mary-Archie-poseAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-36-Andrews-familyAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-37-FredMore time-wasting at the Andrews house. Even Fred’s gotten in on the action.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-38-Archie-flowerAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-39-Mary-kisses-ArchieMary finally puts an end to the photos and sends Archie on his way.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-40-Jughead-moonJughead arrives at that moment. Looks like someone finally closed that damn garage door.

Archie rushes out the door and…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-41-Archie-Jughead-cheese…gets sauced.

Archie’s worried about his suit. Jughead’s worried about his dinner. Why the fuck was Jughead just randomly coming over to Archie’s house, anyway?

Archie sniffs the mess and, disgusted, asks what it is.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-42-Jughead-breathes-on-ArchieJughead says it’s Pop Tate’s newest “culinary delight”, the Roasted, Spicy Garlic Burger.

Archie asks what the fuck he’s doing here. Jughead apologizes and says he thought he’d see if Archie wanted to catch a movie. Who the fuck does that? Don’t people make plans to go to the movies? Even if it’s a last-minute thing, shouldn’t Jughead call Archie instead of walking over to his house?

Anyway, when Archie reveals his dinner plans, Jughead seems to blame him for the way that he looks. Ass. Archie doesn’t know what to do, since this is he only suit.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-43-Veronica-phoneAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-44-phone-callArchie calls Veronica from Jughead’s house. Rather than explain the situation, he says it’s a “long story” and promises to make it up to her. She says he’s always making promises that he doesn’t keep. She mentions he gave her his super-sacred word and seems to indicate she’s scared to be “all alone” in “this creepy house” at night. Archie tells her to relax, saying nothing’s going to happen to her. She tells him to get here soon.

Archie and Jughead briefly discuss Archie’s appearance.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-45-Lodge-ManorAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-46-Veronica-waitsVeronica’s waiting at the bottom of the staircase again. There’s a knock at the door.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-47-Veronica-happyShe says come in. Seriously? You’re the one that’s scared, but you’re leaving the front doors unlocked and just inviting anyone in?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-48-front-doorsThe show ruins the suspense by immediately showing no one outside.

Veronica finally opens the doors, sees no one, and closes them. She hears a loud bang and then complains about Archie breaking his promise and her being creeped out and hearing things. Meanwhile, Nilnuze mists into the mansion through a (conveniently) open window.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-49-Veronica-NilnuzeAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-50-Veronica-mirrorAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-51-Veronica-Nilnuze-2AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-52-Veronica-scaredAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-53-Nilnuze-fangsShe doesn’t seem him until it’s too late.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-54-Archie-apologizesArchie arrives and rings the doorbell. Veronica answers the door. Archie apologizes and offers her the stolen flowers.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-55-Archie-scaredIt actually takes him a moment to react to this:

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-56-VamperonicaHow the fuck does he not immediately notice his girlfriend’s a vampire? And why does she still call him “Archiekins”?

Anyway, she criticizes him for being late and for the suit. He again says it’s a “long story”.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-57-Vamperonica-ArchieShe moves in for a bite of his “delicious” body.

He tries to get away but runs into her “new friend”, Nilnuze.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-58-Vamperonica-Archie-2She wants to feast on Archie, but Nilnuze shakes his head. She’s surprised. In typical short-sighted fashion, he says there will be plenty of time for that later. Even as a vampire, Veronica is her usual impatient self. Then she wants to bite Betty and Reggie – but not Jughead. Archie suggests she listen to her new friend.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-59-Vamperonica-Nilnuze-flyAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-60-Nilnuze-Vamperonica-flyAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-61-bats-moonNilnuze and Veronica fly away. Archie begs her not to go.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-62-Archie-drivesArchie laments what’s happening, believing it’s his fault (due to being late), although Veronica might have been turned after their date. Anyway, he gets in his car and tears off.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-63-bat-moonA single bat flies overhead.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-64-mansionAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-65-Scarlet-MedlockBack at the mansion, Scarlet and Medlock make small talk, because…I guess there isn’t anything to do until the Ender is turned. We learn Medlock is around 900 years old. That means he would have been born around the turn of the 12th century. Also, apparently, vampires age, but they won’t once the Eternal Night falls.

Scarlet pledges to spend eternity by Medlock’s side – even if he grows old and toothless. Medlock says there will never be another one like her.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-66-VamperonicaAnd then he promptly ditches her for Veronica. Ha.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-67-Vamperonica-mistAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-68-batVeronica kept Nilnuze (in mist form) in her mouth. She breathes him into her clenched fist and then reveals him (in bat form) in the palm of her hand. Just…why? Was Veronica just so eager to make a flashy entrance but didn’t wanna be stuck in Nilnuze’s mouth?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-69-vampiresMedlock praises Nilnuze and welcomes his “child” to the fold. Um, he didn’t turn her. Veronica flatters him.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-70-Scarlet-slaps-VamperonicaThen Scarlet bitch-slaps Veronica. Veronica is surprised that Scarlet still exists.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-71-Vamperonica-ScarletIt looks like the two of them are about to fight, but Medlock tells Scarlet to lay off their “beautiful new friend”. Medlock and Veronica walk off, complimenting each other and leaving Scarlet pissed off. She won’t put up with this shit. Even Nilnuze laughs at her. Medlock asks Veronica for the Sun Stone.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-72-batNilnuze turns into a bat and flies after them for whatever reason.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-73-Pop'sAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-74-Jughead-Betty-ReggieJughead, Betty, and Reggie leave Pop’s, pretending to have an actual conversation. Seriously, it’s weird; they’re not actually talking. Come to think of it, what do these diverse people talk about in normal conversation?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-75-gangArchie drives right up to them and gets out of the car. Reggie ribs him about the suit.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-76-Jughead-BettyWe learn Jughead has an Uncle Ahern. What’s up with Betty? Do these teens constantly scarf down food at Pop’s, because they’re constantly high?

Anyway, Betty asks Archie about his date with Veronica.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-77-gang-2Archie catches his breath and explains what happened. Reggie doubts the story.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-78-gang-3AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-79-Scarlet-moonScarlet comes by to confirm it.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-80-Reggie-faintsBetty, Archie, and Jughead are surprised that Scarlet still exists. Reggie faints.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-81-ScarletThen we get this creepy/cool panning shot of Scarlet’s face.

Betty, while taking a step back, brings up Scarlet’s supposed defeat.

Through the use of a flashback, during which there’s a new voiceover of Veronica reciting the incantation (but incorrectly saying “shall” instead of “will”) while aiming the cross at Scarlet (even though she hadn’t done so in the previous episode), Scarlet explains she transformed into mist before the deadly light of the Sun Stone could touch her.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-82-Scarlet-hitSeen here: Scarlet not transforming into mist before the deadly light of the Sun Stone could touch her.

Also, the animation was redone for the flashback (although the differences are almost imperceptible), which seems like a huge waste of time and effort. It also led to this completely avoidable error:

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-83-gang-Scarlet-NightAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-84-gang-flashbackAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-85-Scarlet-ArchieAnyway, Archie assumes she’s back for revenge, but Scarlet wants to help them save their “annoying friend”. Basically, kill Nilnuze, and Veronica turns back to normal.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-86-Scarlet-throws-ArchieAs she explains this, she throws Archie to the pavement, which is hilarious.

Oh, yeah, they have only one hour before the “vampire spell” becomes permanent. Vampire spell? The fuck?

After expositing stuff that we already know, Betty questions Scarlet’s motive. Scarlet doesn’t wanna spend eternity with “an eternal pain in the neck”. Betty doesn’t trust her. Archie doesn’t either, but he has to try to save Veronica to right his wrong. Scarlet will bring Nilnuze to the high school in a half-hour; she claims they “know what to do”. She turns into mist and takes off.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-87-Archie-Jughead-BettyJughead doesn’t know what to do. Betty is repulsed by Jughead’s garlic burger. Archie tells Jughead to take a breath mint and adds “Those garlic burgers are lethal.”

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-88-garlic-burgerC’mon, you dumbass, put it together. The answer is literally right in front of you.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-89-Reggie-wakes-upReggie regains consciousness…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-90-Reggie-passes-out…and promptly passes out again from the scent of the garlic burger.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-91-Reggie-duhIt’s only at this point that Archie gets an idea.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-92-Archie-BettyBetty volunteers to help. Archie sends her to find the Sun Stone in Veronica’s closet.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-93-Archie-Jughead-toss-ReggieArchie and Jughead toss Reggie in the back seat of Archie’s car. Then they go into Pop’s to “prepare for battle”.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-94-RHSAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-95-guys-eatLater, at Riverdale High School, the guys hide behind the Thinker statue and chow down garlic burgers. Reggie’s confused about Archie’s plan.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-96-Archie-newspaperArchie’s like “Read my column, you dumbass! It’s the garlic!” Does Archie just carry his column around to show off to people? Was he gonna show it off to the patrons and staff of La-Cha-Ching? Veronica would have kicked his ass.

Also, hasn’t Reggie ever seen a vampire movie?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-97-Nilnuze-ScarletAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-98-guys-statueScarlet brings Nilnuze to the school, reveals his “dinner”, turns into mist, and leaves.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-99-Lodge-mansionAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-100-Betty-closetBetty has a difficult task before her.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-101-Nilnuze-ReggieNilnuze swats Archie and Jughead aside and goes directly for Reggie…for some reason.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-102-Reggie-breathesReggie knows what to do.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-103-Reggie-stuffedUnfortunately, Nilnuze is smart enough to tear off a piece of Reggie’s shirt and stuff it into his mouth.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-104-Lodge-mansionAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-105-crossAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-106-Betty-crossAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-107-Vamperonica-MedlockVeronica chastises Betty for digging through her shit.

Reggie and Nilnuze struggle. Then…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-108-Archie-Jughead-breatheAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-109-Betty-cross“I can wield this cross like a nunchuk, bitch!”

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-110-Vamperonica-crossVeronica tries to take the cross. She also suddenly lapses into broken English for some reason.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-111-girls-fight-1AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-112-girls-fight-2Betty and Veronica struggle over the cross.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-113-Vamperonica-cross-2Veronica is victorious.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-114-guys-breatheThe guys are kicking Nilnuze’s ass with their garlic breath.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-115-Scarlet-moonScarlet comes by to laugh at his misfortune.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-116-guys-breathe-2AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-117-Nilnuze-crumblesAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-118-windowOdd establishing shot, considering Veronica’s bedroom is on an upper floor.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-119-Veronica-revertsAnyway, with Nilnuze’s defeat, Veronica returns to normal.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-120-Veronica-crossShe’s momentarily disoriented.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-121-Veronica-Betty-crossBetty helps her out.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-122-cross-shinesAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-123-guys-celebrateThe guys celebrate Nilnuze’s defeat.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-124-Archie-highLooks like Archie had a little somethin’ else with the burgers. Maybe some of that “Jingle Jangle” that Reggie’s been selling on “Riverdale”.

Scarlet takes off, worried about “Master”.

Archie wonders about Veronica and Betty, but he says it in such a way that he’s realizing something. Not sure what, though. I mean, if Veronica got to Betty and bit her, both of them should have reverted upon Nilnuze’s defeat.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-125-Lodge-mansionOnly now does Veronica say the incantation. What’s taking her so damn long?

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-126-Veronica-Betty-cross“Cross of silver, ray of light, in Ender’s hand shall end the night.”

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-127-cross-beams-MedlockDespite Veronica misspeaking, the cross fires…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-128-Medlock-old…and turns Medlock old. Okaaay…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-129-Sun-Stone-shattersThe Sun Stone shatters.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-130-Veronica-Betty-cross-2The girls don’t know what to make of this.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-131-Scarlet-shockedScarlet arrives, shocked to see Medlock.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-132-gangThe guys arrive. Archie goes straight to Veronica. Betty doesn’t seem to mind…much.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-133-Veronica-ArchieAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-134-Medlock-ScarletScarlet walks off with Medlock.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-135-Archie-JugheadJughead wants to burger their asses, but Archie lets them go, reasoning the Master won’t be causing any more trouble. Um, both he and Scarlet are still vampires, dude.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-136-Scarlet-Medlock-moonAWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-137-Andrews-houseThat night / The next morning (by which point, the full moon had waned to half), Archie declares in his column that the vampires are “no longer a threat”. Scarlet loves Medlock just the same and keeps her word to take care of him.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-138-Archie-windowArchie will never forgot how he almost lost Veronica due to breaking one little promise.

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-139-Archie-window-2He vows to always keep his word – and his super-sacred word…

AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-140-Riverdale-1AWM-32-I-Was-a-Teenage-Vampire-141-Riverdale-2…in a little town called Riverdale.

This was another cool episode. Veronica took a back seat but managed to come back at the end (because of Archie, Jughead, and Reggie) to defeat Medlock (with help from Betty). It really was a team effort this time.

Tune in next Wednesday!

Archie’s Weird Mysteries, Episode 31 – Scarlet Night

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-01-Riverdale-ReporterWriter: Brian Swenlin
Original Air Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2000
Length: 22:11

I’m sorry that this is so late. After reviewing “I Was a 12 Year Old Werewolf” last week, I thought it’d be fun to keep the entire month Halloween-related. So I’m gonna be reviewing the vampire trilogy from “Archie’s Weird Mysteries” (I normally wouldn’t skip ahead). Yeah, it’s throwing my entire planned schedule out of whack, but I think it’ll be fun. 🙂 Speaking of schedules, see the note at the end of this review regarding a new schedule for this blog.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-02-titleThe episode opens at Riverdale High School.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-03-Veronica-lockerIt looks like Veronica decided to memorize her locker combination.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-04-Veronica-surprisedShe’s surprised to see something.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-05-Veronica-batsAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-06-Veronica-bats-2AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-07-Veronica-bats-3AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-08-Veronica-upsetAfter such a terrifying incident, Veronica’s biggest concern is her messed-up hair.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-09-vampireSuddenly, a vampire shows up.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-10-Veronica-please“Motherfucker, please.”

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-11-cross-shinesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-12-vampire-VeronicaAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-13-vampire-killedI don’t know what Veronica does to the vampire, but she manages to kill it.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-14-Scarlet-VeronicaSuddenly, a mysterious woman – impossibly hidden in the shadows – arrives and addresses Veronica.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-15-Veronica-scaredVeronica is scared of her.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-16-Scarlet-Veronica-2Um, it’s some redhead. That scares you?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-17-Veronica-bed-1AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-18-Veronica-bed-2It was all just a dream.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-19-bedroom-windowAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-20-moon-batsOr was it?

By the way, that shot of the window seems to indicate the location of Veronica’s bedroom within the Lodge mansion.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-21-bird-RHSAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-22-Veronica-BettyThe next day, at school, after Veronica recounts her dream to Betty, Betty says it’s “weird” that Veronica wasn’t frightened by the vampire.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-23-Veronica-Betty-2Veronica says she can’t be bothered with this vampire bullshit.

Betty asks about Veronica being afraid of redheads. Veronica doesn’t know and dismisses it as a “stupid dream”.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-24-gangThey meet up with Archie and Jughead. Archie guesses it’s his “lucky day” for both of them to come by to see him. Does this not happen often?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-25-gang-2He wants them to read his latest column about vampires. He then proceeds to throw out some extremely common facts about vampires as if he’s making revelations.

Wait. Why are there residential houses across the street from the high school? Aren’t there, like, zoning laws or something? Or is this actually a common real-world occurrence?

Anyway, Veronica’s sick of this vampire shit. Archie and Jughead are confused. Betty explains.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-26-Veronica-BettyVeronica yells at Betty for even bringing it up.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-27-Veronica-Betty-2I love Betty’s expression. She’s like “Yep, typical Veronica.”

Archie goes on about vampire shit, angering Veronica further. She says she might as well be afraid of the tooth fairy.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-28-Jughead-manhandles-VeronicaJughead fucking manhandles Veronica, convinced the tooth fairy is real and can hear her blasphemy. If I was Veronica, I’d bite Jughead’s hand and then beat the shit out of him.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-29-ScarletThe redhead from Veronica’s dream shows up, surprising her. She’s actually looking for Archie, though, to compliment him on his column.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-30-ArchieArchie’s already fallen for her.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-31-Scarlet-2She introduces herself as the new transfer student from Redlands, Scarlet Helsing.

Archie introduces her to his friends. Betty welcomes Scarlet to Riverdale. Veronica is sarcastic in her greeting. Jughead offers Scarlet his cheeseburger. Um, yeah, no, that’s totally out of character. Scarlet responds to Veronica and Betty and politely declines the cheeseburger.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-32-Betty-Scarlet-ArchieScarlet wants to talk to Archie more about his article, so he offers to take her to Pop’s. I guess it’s the end of the school day. So why’d it take so long for Veronica to tell Betty about her dream?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-33-gangAnyway, Veronica takes issue with Archie breaking their date to Pop’s. Archie walks off with Scarlet without a word.

Veronica calls out to “Archiekins”. Don’t degrade yourself, girl!

Jughead observes the girls have some new competition. Betty now understands Veronica’s nightmares about redheads.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-34-Archie-ScarletOn their way to Pop’s, Scarlet and Archie discuss the weirdness. Archie guesses weird mysteries happen everywhere, and people just don’t notice it, because they don’t wanna believe these things can really happen.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-35-Archie-Scarlet-2Scarlet gets really friendly with Archie and then says she thinks Riverdale’s in big trouble, which surprises Archie. Yeah, talk about a tonal whiplash.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-36-Veronica-phone-carLater, Veronica’s on her fucking cell phone while driving. What’s with the head scarf? She looks like an Eastern European grandmother. When would this ever be considered a fashion do?

Anyway, Veronica’s complaining to Betty about Scarlet.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-37-Veronica-carAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-38-Veronica-phone-car-2Here’s something that I just noticed. Veronica was driving on the left side of a two-way street and switched to the right lane only to get around a truck that was parked there. That’s the only logical conclusion that I can draw from the visuals.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-39-Betty-phoneBetty, who’s looking out the window (probably to see when Archie returns), isn’t convinced Scarlet’s bad.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-40-Babushka-VeronicaTurn this into a meme, Internet. Please.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-41-Betty-deskBetty admits they’re both “a little jealous” and asks what they can do.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-42-Betty-computerVeronica says Betty is “good at snooping” on her computer and has her see if the Redlands school database has any “dirt” on Scarlet. Okay, Veronica just told Betty to hack into a school database, and Betty just fucking does it like it’s an everyday thing.

By the way, they got the C prompt wrong. Also, the background’s supposed to be black.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-43-Betty-painVeronica nearly causes a wreck and blames the “moron” in the other vehicle.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-44-Betty-ear“Stay off your fucking cell phone while driving, you fucking idiot!”

Veronica tells her to mind Scarlet’s business instead of hers and hangs up.


AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-46-Beaumont-scaredAfter some more driving-related hijinks, Veronica narrowly avoids killing Doctor Beaumont but manages to scare the shit out of him.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-47-bag-openVeronica insists on helping Doctor Beaumont with his things but does more harm than good.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-48-cross-shinesOh, look, it’s the cross that Veronica wore in her dream.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-49-Veronica-crossOr, as Veronica calls it, the “amulet”.

Doctor Beaumont is surprised that she recognizes it. Veronica says she saw it in a dream.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-50-Beaumont-Veronica“Cross of silver, ray of light, in Ender’s hand will end the night.”

Veronica recognizes him as “that weird guy from that spooky old junk shop”. He introduces himself and then announces he’s getting the fuck out of town. She asks what the rush is.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-51-Pop'sAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-52-Archie-Scarlet-boothArchie and Scarlet have seemingly been on this date for hours. Archie’s hanging on her every word.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-53-Archie-Scarlet-booth-2Scarlet mentions the Eternal Night…

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-54-Beaumont-Veronica…of the Vampires. Doctor Beaumont tells Veronica the same thing. He also gets a bit touchy-feely with her briefly for whatever reason. Ugh. Never touch someone without permission.

Doctor Beaumont says the vampires are coming to Riverdale. According to “the prophecy”, the sun shall set this “Halloween Eve” (that’s redundant) and never rise again.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-55-ScarletScarlet says thus will begin the rein of the vampires.

Archie says Halloween is this weekend (which, actually, it was) and asks if there’s anything that they can do. Scarlet says it’s unclear, but “the prophecy” spoke of a “chosen one” – the Ender. She knows only that it’s a girl, and she’ll have the Sun Stone – an amulet with a gem:

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-56-cross-drawingAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-57-Beaumont-VeronicaDoctor Beaumont gives Veronica the Sun Stone, citing her dream. He says “its destiny” belongs in her hands. Its destiny? Why not just say “it” or “It’s destined to be in your hands”?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-58-Veronica-crossVeronica talks about Archie’s “stupid columns” and how that’s not her. Bitch, did you forget about being awesome and saving the world that one time?

Anyway, she says she can’t do it. He says she better do something and then leaves.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-59-Veronica-contemplativeIt takes her a while, but she realizes he’s disappeared.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-60-Veronica-callsShe calls and asks “Pops” if Archie’s there. Yeah, she might have been addressing “Pop’s” (the business), but it still sounds weird. She asks to speak with Archie.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-61-Veronica-Archie-parking-lotLater, she and Archie meet in a parking lot. She has to explain to Archie (again) that she wants to avoid Scarlet. He brings up Scarlet’s vampire research.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-62-Veronica-vampiresVeronica gets upset and goes off about vampires, not realizing two show up right behind her. Archie freaks out, but Veronica’s oblivious for a while.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-63-Archie-VeronicaAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-64-Archie-Veronica-runArchie grabs Veronica’s hand, and they run away. The vampires give chase. Veronica tries to convince herself that this isn’t happening.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-65-vampire-Archie-VeronicaArchie pulls Veronica into an alley, but they’re soon found.

They run away. Archie asks Veronica if she has any holy water or wooden stakes on her. Veronica reacts like this:

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-66-Archie-Veronica-lalalaAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-67-Archie-garbage-cansArchie kicks a couple of garbage cans at the vampires, which does nothing, because vampires can float (or, at least, they can here).

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-68-Veronica-pointsVeronica points in the direction that she wants them to go.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-69-Archie-doorArchie finds a door and tries to open it, but it’s locked or stuck, which leads to this funny gag:

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-70-Archie-VeronicaAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-71-Veronica-Archie-doorAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-72-Archie-Veronica-2AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-73-Archie-Veronica-3AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-74-Veronica-happyAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-75-Veronica-angryAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-76-Veronica-shoves-ArchieAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-77-Veronica-kicks-doorAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-78-Veronica-shrugsAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-79-Archie-on-doorThen they give up and run away, because the vampires show up. They arrive at a fence. Veronica says it’s a dead end. Archie sees a fire escape at a nearby building, which leads to them trying to jump up high enough to grab hold of the ladder. They can’t.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-80-Archie-lifts-VeronicaThen Archie has Veronica stand on his hands, and he lifts her up. He tries to position Veronica right under the ladder. Veronica tells Archie to hurry and then bends her knees a bit to…

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-81-Archie-tongues-Veronica…have Archie eat her pussy…through her dress.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-82-Veronica-pulls-ladderVeronica manages to pull the ladder down just before the vampires arrive. I love Archie’s expression. He’s just so over this.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-83-Archie-VeronicaVeronica and Archie climb up to the roof. She grabs his hand, and they run.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-84-Archie-Veronica-moonGorgeous shot. I’ll even overlook the fact that there was a half moon on Halloween of 1999.

But the moon is still way too big. I know, I know, it looks cool.

They run to the edge of the building. The vampires rise up in front of them. Then Archie has a plan:

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-85-Archie-Veronica-grab-vampireAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-86-Archie-Veronica-vampire-landWell, it worked.

They run the fuck away.

I need to note, after they run away, and the other vampire is descending to check on the fallen one, the audio goes out for a split second. And then it happens again as Archie and Veronica are shown running. That’s some shoddy quality control.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-87-Veronica-Archie-shopFortunately, Veronica and Archie are at Doctor Beaumont’s shop.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-88-Archie-Veronica-shopVeronica thought he left town. Archie guesses Doctor Beaumont forgot to lock up.

The audio goes out again as Veronica closes the door. And again as the vampires look through the window.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-89-Archie-Veronica-floor“I can’t even.”

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-90-Veronica-covers-faceVeronica is distraught. She talks for a bit about what’s happened, and Archie asks about her amulet.

Veronica tells him to give it to the chosen one.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-91-Veronica-crossFor some reason, Archie thought the chosen one would already have the amulet. Based on that:

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-92-Veronica-no“Oh, fuck no!”

They argue for a while. Veronica wants to get the fuck out. Archie concurs and suggests searching for a back door.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-93-Veronica-bookVeronica comes across a book that she guesses is the last thing that Doctor Beaumont read before he left.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-94-bookShe says it’s the one with the “spooky prophecies”.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-95-Veronica-book-2So why does she look so happy while reading it?

Anyway, she reads “Raven and red upon their heads, destiny awakens. One girl is the Ender, while another is mistaken.”

She starts to think about that, but Archie calls her.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-96-Archie-Veronica-back-doorThe back door is just as ornate as the front door. Doctor Beaumont really went all out.

The vampires come after them. They run away for a while, and then…


Veronica cheers “Archiekins”. He grabs her hand, and they run off.


AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-99-Veronica-Scarlet-ArchieVeronica and Archie run into Scarlet, who asks what’s going on. They’re like “Vampires, bitch! Fucking run!” She runs into the alley to confront the vampires.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-100-Veronica-Archie“Whoa, there’s some serious shit going on in there! But we’re just gonna stand out here and listen.”

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-101-Veronica-Archie-2They finally decide to check it out.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-102-Scarlet-vampire“Let’s get the fuck outta here.”

Archie asks how she did it. She guesses she was just lucky. Veronica angrily asks how she found them.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-103-Scarlet-ArchieShe hesitates for a moment and then says she followed Archie in a cab out of worry.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-104-Veronica-happyVeronica takes this surprisingly well – without a hint of jealousy.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-105-Veronica-highOf course, she’s probably high as fuck.

Oh, look, they came out where Veronica’s car is parked. Isn’t that convenient?

Anyway, Veronica wonders what she’s doing here.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-106-Veronica-car-ScarletShe guesses Scarlet is the Ender, tells “the weird-mystery couple” to figure it out, and tears off.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-107-Lodge-mansionAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-108-bedroom-windowAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-109-teddy-bearAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-110-Veronica-bedLater, at Lodge Manor, Veronica is trying to relax. We learn she has a teddy bear. Cute. 🙂

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-111-Veronica-phoneAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-112-Betty-phoneBetty calls Veronica up with some important info.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-113-Veronica-hairBut Veronica starts bitching about Scarlet and talks about her being the Ender.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-114-Veronica-bedroomAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-115-Scarlet-photoBut Betty says Veronica was right. Furthermore, there was a Scarlet Helsing in Redlands over 200 years ago.

Veronica thinks back to earlier in the day, when Archie had told her that vampires live for hundreds of years.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-116-Scarlet-VeronicaShe then recites to Betty what she’d read in Doctor Beaumont’s book.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-117-Veronica-spookedShe’s spooked by the whole thing and guesses she’s the chosen one after all.

Betty is confused. Veronica says she’ll explain later, but they’ve gotta save Archie now.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-118-Andrews-houseArchie guesses his parents are still at the movies.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-119-Archie-ScarletHe and Scarlet argue over whether she’s the chosen one.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-120-cross-ScarletHe offers her the cross.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-121-Archie-Scarlet-2She asks where he got it. He says Veronica. She realizes Veronica is the chosen one. Archie realizes Scarlet doesn’t have a reflection.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-122-Scarlet-vampireWho didn’t see that coming?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-123-Archie-ScarletArchie, that’s who.

He tries to get away.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-124-Scarlet-trips-ArchieShe trips him by literally pulling the rug out from under him, although the editing gives him enough time to have, logically, made it past the rug before she pulled it. This is a common problem in cartoons: way more time passes in critical situations, but the shows try to insist otherwise.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-125-Archie-Scarlet-2They talk for a bit. Archie believes she wasn’t a vampire when they first met. She says she was. He thought daylight destroyed vampires.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-126-Scarlet-slaps-ArchieShe dismisses that as movie shit and repeatedly slaps him, which is hilarious.

But, yeah, I’m glad that this show acknowledges the “sunlight destroys vampires” thing is movie shit. In fact, it originated in the 1922 German Expressionist silent horror film, “Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens“.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-127-MasterBut then they ruin it when Scarlet says only the Master can’t survive in the sun, which makes no fucking sense at all.

She also says the rest of them can survive the sun in their human form and “wear some serious sunblock”. Just…shut up. You’re making no sense.

Archie asks about the Master and falls onto the couch. Scarlet says, once the Master is awakened, his power will bring on the Eternal Night. Then he can go wherever whenever. Whatever. For some reason, she starts drawing out her “s” sounds like a snake woman.

Anyway, Scarlet has to find and kill the Chosen One first. Archie realizes that’s why she sought him out. As she talks, he tries to sneak out – but then turns back to confirm she’s after Veronica. Duh, you fucking moron! She’s already fucking said that! Stop talking to her and go out and warn your girlfriend!

Only after she confirms it does he make a run for it, but…

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-128-vampires.jpgOh, shit.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-129-Scarlet-bat-moonAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-130-Scarlet-flyingAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-131-vampires-ScarletScarlet explains her earlier deception, though the flashback makes it seem like she kicked the vampires’ asses immediately after flying to their location, which I suppose she could have, and then she just ran back into the alley in human form and pretended to kick their asses. Or she only warned them against feeding on Archie and Veronica first and explained she was gonna kick their asses momentarily for show. It’s a bit confusing.

Archie realizes she spared them to get information and would have let the vampires feed on them otherwise. Scarlet says yes for the chosen one but reveals they weren’t supposed to feed on him.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-132-Scarlet-ArchieHe’s “special”. He’s hers. He cries out for help.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-133-Scarlet-cheeseburgerAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-134-vampires-gangHe gets it.

Archie rips the cross off Scarlet, even though she’s wearing it on a thick chain, and Jughead and Betty pull him out the (conveniently open) window.

Scarlet spits out the cheeseburger and exposits about how they mustn’t let the chosen one get the Sun Stone. No shit.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-135-gangBetty asks now what.

Veronica takes back the cross. As the vampire goons approach, she struggles to remember the incantation.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-136-Veronica-cross“Cross of silver, ray of light, in Ender’s hand will end the night.”

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-137-cross-shinesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-138-cross-firesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-139-vampire-hitAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-140-vampire-diesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-141-Betty-vampireAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-142-Veronica-smilesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-143-cross-fires-2AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-144-vampire-hit-2AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-145-vampire-dies-2You go, girl!

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-146-Scarlet-fliesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-147-Veronica-crossAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-148-cross-fires-3AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-149-Scarlet-red-smokeHmmm, that’s different. And suspicious. No one questions it, though.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-150-gangVeronica’s amazed at what she did. Betty playfully rubs her head like she’s a dog. Veronica lets out a very satisfying “Aaahhh…” Um, yeah, draw your own conclusions.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-151-Veronica-happyAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-152-gang-2Veronica celebrates her victory.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-153-gang-3Her friends join in.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-154-Andrews-houseLater that night, Archie praises Veronica in his column. Why is one of the Andrews’ garage doors open at night?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-155-Archie-windowAnyway, he guesses, sometimes, we can do a lot more than we give ourselves credit for.