Comics – Stress Struck

Writer: George Gladir
Pencils: Stan Goldberg
Inking: Mike Esposito
Original Publication: Betty’s Diary, No. 17
Cover Date: June, 1988
Length: 5 pages

I’m sorry for doing a quickie this week, but I want to devote extra attention to something pretty neat for next week’s review.

This week, I’ve decided to review another story from the “Betty’s Diary” series.

Betty muses about how, these days, “almost every teen” complains about stress. However, Betty feels, if one anticipates problem situations and plans ahead, stress can be eliminated.

As an example, she uses “Big” Ethel always complaining about the hassle of getting to school on time. The “poor girl” uses up all of her energy just getting to school, so she’s drained before the school day even begins. Betty wishes Ethel would learn to set her alarm like her to avoid the stress. Here’s something odd. Ethel wakes up at 8:25. After quickly getting dressed and grabbing her books, she just misses the school bus. Betty sets her alarm for 7:00. Why so early?

For her next example, Betty uses Veronica getting out of the shower and stumbling and sliding to her bedroom’s phone, stressing over the idea that it might be “important” (to a teen), only to discover it’s a wrong number. Haha, the days before cell phones. In a similar situation, Betty takes a bubble bath and doesn’t panic when her phone rings, reasoning they’ll call back if it’s important.

Betty’s next diary box is mistakenly not colored in. For her next example, Betty uses Archie stressing and cramming the night before an exam (while the TV and boombox are on). As Betty passes by Ethel’s (first-floor) bedroom window, Ethel is studying and asking Betty about it. Betty says she finished studying yesterday and believes in relaxing the night before an exam.

For her next example (set in Pop’s), Betty uses Midge stressing over Moose not having asked her to the dance yet. Betty tells her to relax, because Midge is the only girl in Moose’s life. Midge asks Betty if it bothers her that Archie asked Veronica. Betty admits it does but then says she’s attractive and is sure that some other boy will ask her. That’s a rare bit of vanity on Betty’s part. Sure enough, at that very moment, a guy named Roger comes over and asks Betty to the spring dance, and she accepts. Betty feels justified, but Midge says it doesn’t help her. Moose comes by and asks if he forgot to ask Midge to the dance (Moose’s hair is colored more brown in this panel). Midge tells the dumbass yes. As Moose leaves, Betty tells Midge that she worked herself up over nothing. Midge admits it but then freaks out over having nothing to wear to the dance, which is a few days away. Betty is like “WTF?”

The story concludes with Betty worrying over having no problems, her life being “too perfect”, and a potential, unknown “something” that might ruin it.

She goes downstairs and stares out the living room window at the full moon and a bright star. As Alice and Hal watch her, Alice says Betty seems so restless and fidgety “lately” (despite the fact that Betty only just now started worrying). Hal (whose hair was white during this time) guesses it must be stress; he hears there’s a lot of it going around.

This story is pretty good. It has a cute ending. I was worried that Betty would end up stressing over Archie or something equally stupid, but that didn’t happen.

Tune in next Wednesday!

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