Comics – Just Another Day!

Writer: Dan Parent
Pencils: Jeff Shultz
Inking: Bob Smith
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Original Publication: Betty and Veronica, No. 269
Cover Date: February, 2014
On-Sale Date: January 15, 2014
Length: 20 pages

This is kind of an important issue, not so much for any specific part of the story contained herein but for the fact that it’s the first in-continuity issue in over a year. See, for the past five issues (all of 2013), Betty and Veronica had been taken up by parodies of fairy tales, leaving the “real” girls to be seen in only Archie and perhaps new stories in some of the digests. This issue was our first chance to see them in their own adventures on a regular basis again, so we got an issue-length story featuring a day in their lives.

Betty, Veronica, and Archie are all asleep in bed at around 1:30 AM. The girls are dreaming of him, and he’s dreaming both of them are giving him some loving.

As the night wears on, though, the girls interrupt each other’s dreams, giving them a restless night’s sleep. Meanwhile, they’re still giving Archie that sweet, sweet loving in his own dream. It’s now 3:20 AM.

At 7:00 AM, the girls are woken up (Betty by her alarm clock and Veronica by Smithers). Meanwhile, Archie peacefully sleeps through his alarm, still dreaming of getting loving from the girls.

Betty has to rush out the door. Her parents have already left for work, so she decides to grab a quick bite but then realizes she has to feed the cat (whose name is Caramel, although it isn’t mentioned here). She also realizes her blue shirt is still in the dryer. Um, a few questions. Who did the laundry and when? Who forgot to take Betty’s shirt out of the dryer? And why is Betty concerned about this right now, considering she’s already put on a pink shirt?

Meanwhile, Veronica asks her servant, Fifi (who had also brought her her designer pumps in bed), to remove some excess marmalade from her toast. Fifi’s thoughts are censored.

Meanwhile, Archie’s still having his wet dream at 7:10 AM.

Betty runs after the school bus, realizing her watch has stopped (apparently, she doesn’t rely on any clock in the house). She has a peace sign on her bookbag.

Meanwhile, Veronica trying to decide which color car to drive to school today.

Meanwhile, Mary wakes Archie up, because he’s late again.

On the bus ride to school, Betty had helped Ethel with her geometry homework and let Dilton borrow her earbuds. They thank her.

Veronica takes up two parking spaces in the student parking lot (which, oddly, is right next to some residential housing) and gets yelled at for it. She doesn’t give a shit.

Archie’s just now making his way out the door and spills everything out of his bookbag. Why doesn’t his mom give him a ride?

Betty sees a poster for the Riverdale High Winter Blitz dance (which is tonight) and decides to text Archie before Veronica gets to him.

Meanwhile, Reggie asks Veronica to the dance. She’s texting Archie and tells Reggie that she’ll put him on “stand by” only if Archie can’t take her, which means Reggie isn’t even her second choice (or maybe, y’know, the line was poorly worded).

Running to school, Archie realizes he’s been texted.

The girls are pissed off, each worrying the other got to Archie first. Archie got both texts and, smug asshole that he is, tells Jughead that he’ll let them fight it out.

Question: How did these girls not know about this imminent dance until today?

Betty sees Veronica in the hallway and decides to play it cool, but Veronica sees right through it. Meanwhile, Archie’s calmly walking to class, unaware of the girls’ anxiety. The bell rings, so enough of this shit.

In Professor Flutesnoot’s class, he praises Betty for getting an A+ on an assignment or test, but she’s preoccupied over whether Archie got her text or not.

In Ms. Grundy’s class, Veronica hasn’t gotten a text back from Archie. Ms. Grundy is pissed and confiscates her cell phone.

In a history class, an unnamed female teacher criticizes Archie for having the wrong book and wrong homework and also for wearing his shirt backwards. She asks him where his head is. Archie’s winking at a cute girl and doesn’t pay any attention to the teacher.

At lunch time, Betty decides to meet the gang and orders a “regular lunch” from Ms. Beazley. Jughead tries to mooch food off Betty.

Meanwhile, Veronica doesn’t eat “this school slop” and has her lunch delivered from home. Smithers presents her with smoked salmon.

Meanwhile, Archie laments his sandwich getting “all squished” by his books, but it still tastes good, so he doesn’t mind much.

We get a landscape (“widescreen”) shot of the gang at the table. There’s a lot of arguing. In short, the girls are going to the dance by themselves, Reggie reminds Veronica of him, Jughead asks Kevin if he’s gonna eat his burger, and Kevin’s glad that he doesn’t have to deal with this shit (except for, y’know, sitting at the same table as these assholes).

After school, Betty’s waitressing at some random restaurant and complaining about Veronica, confusing her customer and coworkers.

Meanwhile, Veronica is complaining about how nobody appreciates her while Fifi gives her a massage, and Veronica accuses “Fi-Fi” of trying to kill her.

Meanwhile, at home, Archie’s laughing his ass off while watching a parody of Tosh.0.

That night, Betty puts on a homemade dress that she’s already worn – along with a new shawl.

At Veronica’s, Vera Wang has personally dropped Veronica’s dress off. Veronica compliments it and says the check is in the mail. Um, why not just hand it to her? Ms. Wang is eager to buy a summer beach house. Okay, technically, her first name isn’t mentioned, but it’s obviously meant to be her.

At Archie’s, Mary and Fred criticize a stain (which he’ll cover with a flower) on his suit and his mismatching socks, respectively.

As Betty rides her bike to the dance, she starts questioning everything about it (including going at all).

During the limo ride to the dance, Reggie fishes for a compliment on his appearance, but Veronica’s pissed at him for not complimenting her appearance and not bringing her flowers.

At the dance, Archie arrives, disheveled, and explains to Midge, Ginger, and two random girls that he had a flat tire.

Dilton asks Betty to dance, and she’s torn between that and talking to Archie.

Veronica ignores Reggie in favor of Archie and notices Betty “honing in”.

Cheryl asks Archie to dance. Why’s Cheryl at a Riverdale High dance, you ask? Well, around this time, they seemed to quietly do away with Pembrooke Academy, and Cheryl was attending Riverdale High with seemingly no explanation. (Who the hell knows where Jason was during this time?) This lasted up through the final Classic Archieverse floppy issue, just after New Riverdale launched.

Betty tries to talk to Archie, but Cheryl barges in. Betty falls, and Cheryl is surprised and seemingly takes the blame for it. However, when Veronica helps Betty up and accuses Cheryl of pushing her, Betty admits she just tripped over herself (I think we’re meant to believe she tripped over her shawl, which she ends up leaving on the floor).

Veronica makes up with Betty, affirming they’re best friends. Archie wants to dance, and Veronica lets him dance with Betty first. Cheryl asks about herself, but Archie cuts her out for the night, and he seems oddly happy to do it, despite the fact that she really didn’t do anything. As she watches them dance (simultaneously, despite the fact that Betty and Veronica were supposed to take turns with Archie), Cheryl asks what Betty and Veronica have that she doesn’t. Kevin again states he’s glad to not be a part of this shit.

The last two pages are taken up with Betty’s diary entry. She writes about friendship while dressed in her sleep attire (shorts and a T-shirt). We see Veronica looking at a selfie that she (I guess) took of them. Archie comes home, completely wiped and in a happy daze (draw your own conclusions) while his happy parents look on.

The story ends where it began. It’s 12:10 AM, and everyone’s fast asleep. The girls dream of Archie, and Archie dreams of getting some hot loving from the girls.

This story’s pretty nice. Not a whole lot to say about it. It’s nice to see a typical day in the lives of Betty, Veronica, and Archie. Archie is, of course, a complete ass, so I’m upset that the girls flocked back to him and that he got to reject Cheryl.

Tune in tomorrow for a review to make up for the lack of one three weeks ago!

Author: markmooreauthor

I love watching anime and superhero movies, and I love playing video games. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

12 thoughts on “Comics – Just Another Day!”

  1. There’s a lot of waffling in the 2010s stories with Cheryl. Sometimes she goes to RHS, sometimes to Pembrooke Academy… and sometimes her dad lost his fortune sometime after they moved to Europe and then moved back to Riverdale, and he’s now working for Mr. Lodge… and then sometimes he seems like he’s got his own Blossom Industries back again, like in “Archie’s Rockin’ World Tour”, which had cover dates from January through April of 2014… presumably just about the same time that B&V #269 would have been taking place! Yet there’s never an actual story which shows Mr. Blossom losing, or regaining, his fortune. “In-continuity”? Hardly worth mentioning.

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    1. Actually, there IS a specific sequence of events for that. In Betty and Veronica Spectacular, No. 48 (2001), Cheryl left to England, due to her father transferring there for work. Cheryl returned in Betty and Veronica Spectacular, No. 64 (2003), in “Love Showdown 2”. The explanation, from what I can gather, is Cheryl’s family lost a lot of money, so she was now merely upper-middle-class instead of insanely rich. She was also now living in Riverdale proper instead of the Pembrooke community/town and attending Riverdale High instead of Pembrooke Academy. These events were re-affirmed in “Who is Cheryl Blossom?”, the cover story of Betty and Veronica Double Digest Magazine, No. 160 (2008). In “Back to Basics”, a 12-page story in Betty and Veronica Double Digest Magazine, No. 166 (1/09), the Blossom family became billionaires again after Clifford created a Google knock-off and sold it. Cheryl and her family moved back to Pembrooke, and Cheryl began attending Pembrooke Academy again. So, in total, Cheryl was poor and attending Riverdale High for just under six years in our universe.

      The point that I was making in the post was that Pembrooke seemed to have been quietly dropped around late 2013 / early 2014, years after all of the drama of Cheryl moving all around. She wasn’t explicitly shown attending Pembrooke Academy, and she routinely showed up at Riverdale High’s dances. The final major storyline in Betty and Veronica, shortly before it was cancelled (2015), explicitly showed Cheryl attending Riverdale High and joining the cheerleading squad. As far as I can tell, there was no story that had Cheryl explicitly start attending Riverdale High again; she just was. Maybe they figured, with the massive decrease in the amount of stories, due to the cancellation of titles, a separate school like Pembrooke Academy was superfluous, so they just quietly moved Cheryl to Riverdale High for story convenience.

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      1. Thanks for identifying the specific stories where the Blossoms left for Europe — I already knew from Love Showdown 2 (“Lights, Camera, Action!”) when Cheryl returned — and identifying the one where they regained their fortune. Later on, “Who Is Cheryl Blossom?” presents a good (and logically consistent) summary up to that point. The only problem is that the Blossoms’ demotion in financial status happened off-panel, and is only referred to in retrospect as *having* happened.

        And “Back to Basics” hasn’t been reprinted so far (or even referenced in a footnote), so you can see where it becomes confusing in the last couple of years where Cheryl, after being back at Pembrooke Academy in the 4-part “Queen B” story (Cheryl’s last starring role, AFAICT) from B&V FRIENDS #209-212 (2011), is all of a sudden a couple of years later seemingly attending RHS again for no logical reason. No logical reason from a STORY point of view, at any rate. Since she’s no longer a star, but merely a supporting character like Chuck or Dilton, she doesn’t rate the space for complicated explanations, but she still seems to be attending Pembrooke as of ARCHIE #657 (Nov. 2014). Since “Who Is Cheryl Blossom?” was reprinted in the latest BETTY AND VERONICS JUMBO DIGEST, we can hope that the rest of Cheryl’s B&V digest stories will follow suit chronologically, in subsequent current digest reprints.

        That’s discounting “Freshman Year” and its sequel, which don’t seem to fit in with stories that came after, and (surprisingly, given its popularity in sales) AFAICT has never been referenced anywhere else but obliquely in the future timelines of The Married Life. It’s probably best to think of FY as another Memory Lane “road not taken”, and Batton Lash was just doing his own riff on the characters that regular writers chose to more or less ignore.

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  2. I don’t know… is it kinda pervy that we get to peep on Betty in her bedroom, wearing her skimpy sleepwear? It’s not something you see much (generally speaking) in Veronica’s stories, or in Josie stories… maybe a little bit in Sabrina stories, but not like ALL THE TIME. With Betty it’s an established constant that we’re going to get to spy on her while she’s doing whatever she’s doing before going to sleep, if not in one story, then probably one in four or five, anyway… she’ll be scribbling away in her diary, either at the beginning, or end, of the story. And she practically never wears those baggy, shapeless pajamas. It’s pretty deliberate that they’re putting that scene in so many Betty stories.

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    1. Heh, good point.

      Oh, regarding, Archie #657, I have that issue, as well as most of the others featuring Cheryl for around the last year of its existence, and Pembrooke isn’t mentioned in any of them. In fact, today, I just got the speed dating issue (#654), and she’s relegated to a cameo toward the end. There’s also a fashion show story in B&V #271, and Cheryl is grouped in with a bunch of Riverdale girls with no mention of Pembrooke. In fact, the latest mention of Pembrooke that I can find is in “Stranded in Paradise!” in Kevin Keller #3 in mid-2012. Maybe there might be some mention of Pembrooke in the “Archie Marries Valerie” storyline (released at the same time), “What’s the Story” (the “Once Upon a Time” parody) in Archie #637-638, “Archie Meets Glee” in #641-644, or “Archie’s Rockin’ World Tour” in #650-653, but I haven’t read any of those, so I can’t say for certain.

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  3. Okay, I think I got #654 (the one where Archie gets taught to windsurf by Cheryl, which takes place at the beach) confused with the story from Archie’s Summer Splash (FCBD 2010).

    I think the confusion is because when Cheryl’s dad wasn’t rich anymore, THEN Cheryl had to go to Riverdale High, so naturally if her parents still wealthy, you don’t expect to see her going to RHS; you expect that she’s going to Pembrooke Academy, even if it’s not otherwise specifically mentioned.

    But somehow, at some point (I’m not sure exactly when) she seems to be going to Riverdale High again, despite the fact that her parents are STILL rich — which makes no sense, since it’s never mentioned that she STOPPED going to Pembrooke Academy, or WHY she’s now a student at Riverdale High again… that certainly wouldn’t be by Cheryl’s choice.

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    1. There could be an untold story where her parents, like the Lodges, simply decided to send Cheryl to public school, so she’ll have a “normal” and “grounded” upbringing. Presumably, Jason’s attending Pembrooke Academy. So either Cheryl attended Pembrooke Academy “in the past”, or she’s “always attended” Riverdale High (ala “Freshman Year”).

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      1. There have been so many twists and turns in Cheryl’s status since she first appeared that I guess it would be impossible to incorporate/condense them all down into her history with the Archie gang. She’s left the Riverdale region twice, and returned twice. Her parents have lost their fortune, and regained it. Cheryl had her own MTV reality-TV series one summer, and tried to make it in Hollywood, and tried to make it in a number of different jobs. All this supposedly happened during Cheryl’s last couple of high school years. It’s a bit much to attempt to shoehorn it all in and make it fit consistently, so it wouldn’t surprise me if with the failure of the last attempt to kickstart her as a solo-star in B&V FRIENDS, and her subsequent demotion to “merely a supporting character”, much of her prior story history is considered moot.

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  4. I should point out that Cheryl (since her return in “Love Showdown”) is different than the typical ACP character in that she HAS been affected by continuity, rather than having the effects of a single story affect her ONLY for that one story.

    Prior to “Love Showdown”, the only other Archie Comics character so affected had been Jughead, in a series of stories from the late 1980s to early 1990s; those stories instituted changes and relationships for Jughead that had consequences, continuity-wise, in subsequent Jughead stories — but those changes proved to be ultimately unpopular with readers, so they were slowly erased and forgotten; it’s now as if Jughead had never dated two girls, Debbie Dalton and Joani Jummp, and never been a Deputy Marshall of the Time Police, or been in love with Archie’s descendant from the 29th Century, January McAndrews… he never went through a skatepunk phase, or had important supporting characters like Sassy Thrasher and Anita Chavita, whom he once dated, incurring the irrational jealousy of Dilton Doiley. While those people and events affected his stories for a period of time, it’s now as if those stories never existed for Jughead. The only lasting continuity to affect Jughead is the birth of his baby sister, Jellybean — and NOW it’s almost as if Jellybean had *always* existed. As opposed to the *usual* sort of non-continuity of events in Archie Comics stories, where events happening in a single story affect the character ONLY for that one story alone, and are then forgotten completely as if they never happened, in that character’s very next published story.

    Events that happened to Cheryl in stories affected her for a definite period of time, in a sequence of several subsequent stories published over a period of months or years.

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  5. The Cheryl’s class thing brought up this question, do any main characters go to Central High, or is it just one shot villains of the week at that school

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      1. Given Central High seems to be fairly ubiquitous as Riverdale High’s archrival in the franchise, even showing up in stuff like Weird Mysteries and Little Archies(ok, not sure about that last one), I find it very odd there isn’t a character associated with Central High.

        You’d think there could be one recurring underhanded captain of the Central sports instead of a dozen “Central High Jock unscrupulous competitor #24.” Add more character/consistency. Like how Tiny Toons had Roderick Rat consistently representing Perfecto prep(another evil rival school).

        Alternatively, perhaps one of the minor characters such as Veronica’s cousin, Harper, could go there, show there is more to the school then evil sports team?

        Maybe one of the new Archie series could do something like that. I believe Reggie’s new series mentioned Central high.

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