Comics – Aunt That a Shame

Writer: Dan Parent
Pencils: Dan Parent*
Inks: Jim Amash*
Colors: ?*
Letters: ?*
Original Publication: Tales From Riverdale Digest, No. 22
Cover Date: September, 2007
Shipping Date: July 11, 2007**
On-Sale DDC Date: July 18, 2007**
On-Sale Newsstand Date: July 31, 2007**
Length: 6 pages

*I’m posting an old review that I wrote in 2007, of a story in a digest that I no longer own. I didn’t make note of anyone other than the writer back then; the info comes from Grand Comics Database with the following note: “Credits from Archie & Friends Double Digest #18.”

**according to solicitations

Archie, Betty, Veronica, Frankie, and Maria are at Pop’s. Maria had promised to come with Frankie to pick up his Aunt Tilly on Saturday, but she has to go to her cousin’s wedding. Aunt Tilly broke her hip, and Frankie could use help getting her. Veronica suggests Frankie ask Archie. Archie agrees to help Frankie. Cheryl comes out of nowhere, hugs Archie, and asks him to go with her to the carnival on Saturday. Archie says he can’t, and Veronica joyfully explains why. Cheryl asks Frankie, and he confirms it. Cheryl is upset at Veronica. A nerd at a table offers to take Cheryl, but Cheryl tells him to fuck off as she storms out of Pop’s. Betty congratulates Veronica.

That Saturday, Archie and Frankie load a wheelchair into the back of Frankie’s van and drive to Aunt Tilly’s place. On the way, Frankie explains they thought it would lift her spirits to come stay with them. Archie observes Aunt Tilly “really lives out in the sticks”.

When they arrive, Archie discovers Tilly is young. She’s Frankie’s dad’s youngest sister – twenty years younger. She broke her hip at cheerleading practice (she’s a professional cheerleader). Tilly kisses Archie on the cheek.

At the carnival, Betty and Veronica are hanging out together. Veronica joyfully observes Cheryl is with another guy instead of Archie. Betty says “Good! The last thing I wanted to see was Archie with some gorgeous girl all over him!” Sure enough, Archie arrives at that moment with Tilly, freaking Veronica out and upsetting Betty. Betty tries to get Archie to come with her and Veronica. Archie can’t. He promised Tilly that he’d help her around. When they leave, Veronica is furious, and Betty worriedly wonders what Frankie’s uncles look like.

This is the other new story in this digest. It can be likened to a “B movie” or “B-side track”. I actually like it better than the main feature, “Civil Chore“. There’s some weirdness, though:

How could Maria promise to help Frankie but then back out due to her cousin’s wedding? Did her cousin give so little notice of her wedding? Did Maria simply forget about the wedding when she made the promise?

Cheryl’s appearance is very random, and she seems to serve no purpose except to get mad. She seems happy with the guy that does take her to the carnival, though, so she has a happy ending.

How could Frankie have neglected to mention in all of that time anything about his Aunt Tilly other than she broke her hip? Sure, the gag wouldn’t have worked, but it’s unbelievable that Frankie didn’t say anything, and Archie didn’t ask.

Finally, why is Betty worried over what Frankie’s uncles look like?

Overall, it’s an okay story and a decent alternative to “Civil Chore”.

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