Archie’s Weird Mysteries, Episode 31 – Scarlet Night

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-01-Riverdale-ReporterWriter: Brian Swenlin
Original Air Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2000
Length: 22:11

I’m sorry that this is so late. After reviewing “I Was a 12 Year Old Werewolf” last week, I thought it’d be fun to keep the entire month Halloween-related. So I’m gonna be reviewing the vampire trilogy from “Archie’s Weird Mysteries” (I normally wouldn’t skip ahead). Yeah, it’s throwing my entire planned schedule out of whack, but I think it’ll be fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ Speaking of schedules, see the note at the end of this review regarding a new schedule for this blog.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-02-titleThe episode opens at Riverdale High School.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-03-Veronica-lockerIt looks like Veronica decided to memorize her locker combination.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-04-Veronica-surprisedShe’s surprised to see something.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-05-Veronica-batsAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-06-Veronica-bats-2AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-07-Veronica-bats-3AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-08-Veronica-upsetAfter such a terrifying incident, Veronica’s biggest concern is her messed-up hair.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-09-vampireSuddenly, a vampire shows up.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-10-Veronica-please“Motherfucker, please.”

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-11-cross-shinesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-12-vampire-VeronicaAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-13-vampire-killedI don’t know what Veronica does to the vampire, but she manages to kill it.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-14-Scarlet-VeronicaSuddenly, a mysterious woman – impossibly hidden in the shadows – arrives and addresses Veronica.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-15-Veronica-scaredVeronica is scared of her.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-16-Scarlet-Veronica-2Um, it’s some redhead. That scares you?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-17-Veronica-bed-1AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-18-Veronica-bed-2It was all just a dream.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-19-bedroom-windowAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-20-moon-batsOr was it?

By the way, that shot of the window seems to indicate the location of Veronica’s bedroom within the Lodge mansion.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-21-bird-RHSAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-22-Veronica-BettyThe next day, at school, after Veronica recounts her dream to Betty, Betty says it’s “weird” that Veronica wasn’t frightened by the vampire.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-23-Veronica-Betty-2Veronica says she can’t be bothered with this vampire bullshit.

Betty asks about Veronica being afraid of redheads. Veronica doesn’t know and dismisses it as a “stupid dream”.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-24-gangThey meet up with Archie and Jughead. Archie guesses it’s his “lucky day” for both of them to come by to see him. Does this not happen often?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-25-gang-2He wants them to read his latest column about vampires. He then proceeds to throw out some extremely common facts about vampires as if he’s making revelations.

Wait. Why are there residential houses across the street from the high school? Aren’t there, like, zoning laws or something? Or is this actually a common real-world occurrence?

Anyway, Veronica’s sick of this vampire shit. Archie and Jughead are confused. Betty explains.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-26-Veronica-BettyVeronica yells at Betty for even bringing it up.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-27-Veronica-Betty-2I love Betty’s expression. She’s like “Yep, typical Veronica.”

Archie goes on about vampire shit, angering Veronica further. She says she might as well be afraid of the tooth fairy.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-28-Jughead-manhandles-VeronicaJughead fucking manhandles Veronica, convinced the tooth fairy is real and can hear her blasphemy. If I was Veronica, I’d bite Jughead’s hand and then beat the shit out of him.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-29-ScarletThe redhead from Veronica’s dream shows up, surprising her. She’s actually looking for Archie, though, to compliment him on his column.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-30-ArchieArchie’s already fallen for her.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-31-Scarlet-2She introduces herself as the new transfer student from Redlands, Scarlet Helsing.

Archie introduces her to his friends. Betty welcomes Scarlet to Riverdale. Veronica is sarcastic in her greeting. Jughead offers Scarlet his cheeseburger. Um, yeah, no, that’s totally out of character. Scarlet responds to Veronica and Betty and politely declines the cheeseburger.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-32-Betty-Scarlet-ArchieScarlet wants to talk to Archie more about his article, so he offers to take her to Pop’s. I guess it’s the end of the school day. So why’d it take so long for Veronica to tell Betty about her dream?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-33-gangAnyway, Veronica takes issue with Archie breaking their date to Pop’s. Archie walks off with Scarlet without a word.

Veronica calls out to “Archiekins”. Don’t degrade yourself, girl!

Jughead observes the girls have some new competition. Betty now understands Veronica’s nightmares about redheads.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-34-Archie-ScarletOn their way to Pop’s, Scarlet and Archie discuss the weirdness. Archie guesses weird mysteries happen everywhere, and people just don’t notice it, because they don’t wanna believe these things can really happen.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-35-Archie-Scarlet-2Scarlet gets really friendly with Archie and then says she thinks Riverdale’s in big trouble, which surprises Archie. Yeah, talk about a tonal whiplash.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-36-Veronica-phone-carLater, Veronica’s on her fucking cell phone while driving. What’s with the head scarf? She looks like an Eastern European grandmother. When would this ever be considered a fashion do?

Anyway, Veronica’s complaining to Betty about Scarlet.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-37-Veronica-carAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-38-Veronica-phone-car-2Here’s something that I just noticed. Veronica was driving on the left side of a two-way street and switched to the right lane only to get around a truck that was parked there. That’s the only logical conclusion that I can draw from the visuals.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-39-Betty-phoneBetty, who’s looking out the window (probably to see when Archie returns), isn’t convinced Scarlet’s bad.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-40-Babushka-VeronicaTurn this into a meme, Internet. Please.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-41-Betty-deskBetty admits they’re both “a little jealous” and asks what they can do.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-42-Betty-computerVeronica says Betty is “good at snooping” on her computer and has her see if the Redlands school database has any “dirt” on Scarlet. Okay, Veronica just told Betty to hack into a school database, and Betty just fucking does it like it’s an everyday thing.

By the way, they got the C prompt wrong. Also, the background’s supposed to be black.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-43-Betty-painVeronica nearly causes a wreck and blames the “moron” in the other vehicle.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-44-Betty-ear“Stay off your fucking cell phone while driving, you fucking idiot!”

Veronica tells her to mind Scarlet’s business instead of hers and hangs up.


AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-46-Beaumont-scaredAfter some more driving-related hijinks, Veronica narrowly avoids killing Doctor Beaumont but manages to scare the shit out of him.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-47-bag-openVeronica insists on helping Doctor Beaumont with his things but does more harm than good.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-48-cross-shinesOh, look, it’s the cross that Veronica wore in her dream.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-49-Veronica-crossOr, as Veronica calls it, the “amulet”.

Doctor Beaumont is surprised that she recognizes it. Veronica says she saw it in a dream.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-50-Beaumont-Veronica“Cross of silver, ray of light, in Ender’s hand will end the night.”

Veronica recognizes him as “that weird guy from that spooky old junk shop”. He introduces himself and then announces he’s getting the fuck out of town. She asks what the rush is.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-51-Pop'sAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-52-Archie-Scarlet-boothArchie and Scarlet have seemingly been on this date for hours. Archie’s hanging on her every word.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-53-Archie-Scarlet-booth-2Scarlet mentions the Eternal Night…

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-54-Beaumont-Veronica…of the Vampires. Doctor Beaumont tells Veronica the same thing. He also gets a bit touchy-feely with her briefly for whatever reason. Ugh. Never touch someone without permission.

Doctor Beaumont says the vampires are coming to Riverdale. According to “the prophecy”, the sun shall set this “Halloween Eve” (that’s redundant) and never rise again.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-55-ScarletScarlet says thus will begin the rein of the vampires.

Archie says Halloween is this weekend (which, actually, it was) and asks if there’s anything that they can do. Scarlet says it’s unclear, but “the prophecy” spoke of a “chosen one” – the Ender. She knows only that it’s a girl, and she’ll have the Sun Stone – an amulet with a gem:

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-56-cross-drawingAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-57-Beaumont-VeronicaDoctor Beaumont gives Veronica the Sun Stone, citing her dream. He says “its destiny” belongs in her hands. Its destiny? Why not just say “it” or “It’s destined to be in your hands”?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-58-Veronica-crossVeronica talks about Archie’s “stupid columns” and how that’s not her. Bitch, did you forget about being awesome and saving the world that one time?

Anyway, she says she can’t do it. He says she better do something and then leaves.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-59-Veronica-contemplativeIt takes her a while, but she realizes he’s disappeared.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-60-Veronica-callsShe calls and asks “Pops” if Archie’s there. Yeah, she might have been addressing “Pop’s” (the business), but it still sounds weird. She asks to speak with Archie.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-61-Veronica-Archie-parking-lotLater, she and Archie meet in a parking lot. She has to explain to Archie (again) that she wants to avoid Scarlet. He brings up Scarlet’s vampire research.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-62-Veronica-vampiresVeronica gets upset and goes off about vampires, not realizing two show up right behind her. Archie freaks out, but Veronica’s oblivious for a while.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-63-Archie-VeronicaAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-64-Archie-Veronica-runArchie grabs Veronica’s hand, and they run away. The vampires give chase. Veronica tries to convince herself that this isn’t happening.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-65-vampire-Archie-VeronicaArchie pulls Veronica into an alley, but they’re soon found.

They run away. Archie asks Veronica if she has any holy water or wooden stakes on her. Veronica reacts like this:

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-66-Archie-Veronica-lalalaAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-67-Archie-garbage-cansArchie kicks a couple of garbage cans at the vampires, which does nothing, because vampires can float (or, at least, they can here).

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-68-Veronica-pointsVeronica points in the direction that she wants them to go.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-69-Archie-doorArchie finds a door and tries to open it, but it’s locked or stuck, which leads to this funny gag:

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-70-Archie-VeronicaAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-71-Veronica-Archie-doorAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-72-Archie-Veronica-2AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-73-Archie-Veronica-3AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-74-Veronica-happyAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-75-Veronica-angryAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-76-Veronica-shoves-ArchieAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-77-Veronica-kicks-doorAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-78-Veronica-shrugsAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-79-Archie-on-doorThen they give up and run away, because the vampires show up. They arrive at a fence. Veronica says it’s a dead end. Archie sees a fire escape at a nearby building, which leads to them trying to jump up high enough to grab hold of the ladder. They can’t.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-80-Archie-lifts-VeronicaThen Archie has Veronica stand on his hands, and he lifts her up. He tries to position Veronica right under the ladder. Veronica tells Archie to hurry and then bends her knees a bit to…

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-81-Archie-tongues-Veronica…have Archie eat her pussy…through her dress.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-82-Veronica-pulls-ladderVeronica manages to pull the ladder down just before the vampires arrive. I love Archie’s expression. He’s just so over this.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-83-Archie-VeronicaVeronica and Archie climb up to the roof. She grabs his hand, and they run.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-84-Archie-Veronica-moonGorgeous shot. I’ll even overlook the fact that there was a half moon on Halloween of 1999.

But the moon is still way too big. I know, I know, it looks cool.

They run to the edge of the building. The vampires rise up in front of them. Then Archie has a plan:

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-85-Archie-Veronica-grab-vampireAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-86-Archie-Veronica-vampire-landWell, it worked.

They run the fuck away.

I need to note, after they run away, and the other vampire is descending to check on the fallen one, the audio goes out for a split second. And then it happens again as Archie and Veronica are shown running. That’s some shoddy quality control.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-87-Veronica-Archie-shopFortunately, Veronica and Archie are at Doctor Beaumont’s shop.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-88-Archie-Veronica-shopVeronica thought he left town. Archie guesses Doctor Beaumont forgot to lock up.

The audio goes out again as Veronica closes the door. And again as the vampires look through the window.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-89-Archie-Veronica-floor“I can’t even.”

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-90-Veronica-covers-faceVeronica is distraught. She talks for a bit about what’s happened, and Archie asks about her amulet.

Veronica tells him to give it to the chosen one.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-91-Veronica-crossFor some reason, Archie thought the chosen one would already have the amulet. Based on that:

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-92-Veronica-no“Oh, fuck no!”

They argue for a while. Veronica wants to get the fuck out. Archie concurs and suggests searching for a back door.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-93-Veronica-bookVeronica comes across a book that she guesses is the last thing that Doctor Beaumont read before he left.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-94-bookShe says it’s the one with the “spooky prophecies”.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-95-Veronica-book-2So why does she look so happy while reading it?

Anyway, she reads “Raven and red upon their heads, destiny awakens. One girl is the Ender, while another is mistaken.”

She starts to think about that, but Archie calls her.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-96-Archie-Veronica-back-doorThe back door is just as ornate as the front door. Doctor Beaumont really went all out.

The vampires come after them. They run away for a while, and then…


Veronica cheers “Archiekins”. He grabs her hand, and they run off.


AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-99-Veronica-Scarlet-ArchieVeronica and Archie run into Scarlet, who asks what’s going on. They’re like “Vampires, bitch! Fucking run!” She runs into the alley to confront the vampires.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-100-Veronica-Archie“Whoa, there’s some serious shit going on in there! But we’re just gonna stand out here and listen.”

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-101-Veronica-Archie-2They finally decide to check it out.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-102-Scarlet-vampire“Let’s get the fuck outta here.”

Archie asks how she did it. She guesses she was just lucky. Veronica angrily asks how she found them.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-103-Scarlet-ArchieShe hesitates for a moment and then says she followed Archie in a cab out of worry.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-104-Veronica-happyVeronica takes this surprisingly well – without a hint of jealousy.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-105-Veronica-highOf course, she’s probably high as fuck.

Oh, look, they came out where Veronica’s car is parked. Isn’t that convenient?

Anyway, Veronica wonders what she’s doing here.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-106-Veronica-car-ScarletShe guesses Scarlet is the Ender, tells “the weird-mystery couple” to figure it out, and tears off.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-107-Lodge-mansionAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-108-bedroom-windowAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-109-teddy-bearAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-110-Veronica-bedLater, at Lodge Manor, Veronica is trying to relax. We learn she has a teddy bear. Cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-111-Veronica-phoneAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-112-Betty-phoneBetty calls Veronica up with some important info.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-113-Veronica-hairBut Veronica starts bitching about Scarlet and talks about her being the Ender.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-114-Veronica-bedroomAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-115-Scarlet-photoBut Betty says Veronica was right. Furthermore, there was a Scarlet Helsing in Redlands over 200 years ago.

Veronica thinks back to earlier in the day, when Archie had told her that vampires live for hundreds of years.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-116-Scarlet-VeronicaShe then recites to Betty what she’d read in Doctor Beaumont’s book.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-117-Veronica-spookedShe’s spooked by the whole thing and guesses she’s the chosen one after all.

Betty is confused. Veronica says she’ll explain later, but they’ve gotta save Archie now.

Fade out. Fade in.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-118-Andrews-houseArchie guesses his parents are still at the movies.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-119-Archie-ScarletHe and Scarlet argue over whether she’s the chosen one.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-120-cross-ScarletHe offers her the cross.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-121-Archie-Scarlet-2She asks where he got it. He says Veronica. She realizes Veronica is the chosen one. Archie realizes Scarlet doesn’t have a reflection.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-122-Scarlet-vampireWho didn’t see that coming?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-123-Archie-ScarletArchie, that’s who.

He tries to get away.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-124-Scarlet-trips-ArchieShe trips him by literally pulling the rug out from under him, although the editing gives him enough time to have, logically, made it past the rug before she pulled it. This is a common problem in cartoons: way more time passes in critical situations, but the shows try to insist otherwise.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-125-Archie-Scarlet-2They talk for a bit. Archie believes she wasn’t a vampire when they first met. She says she was. He thought daylight destroyed vampires.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-126-Scarlet-slaps-ArchieShe dismisses that as movie shit and repeatedly slaps him, which is hilarious.

But, yeah, I’m glad that this show acknowledges the “sunlight destroys vampires” thing is movie shit. In fact, it originated in the 1922 German Expressionist silent horror film, “Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens“.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-127-MasterBut then they ruin it when Scarlet says only the Master can’t survive in the sun, which makes no fucking sense at all.

She also says the rest of them can survive the sun in their human form and “wear some serious sunblock”. Just…shut up. You’re making no sense.

Archie asks about the Master and falls onto the couch. Scarlet says, once the Master is awakened, his power will bring on the Eternal Night. Then he can go wherever whenever. Whatever. For some reason, she starts drawing out her “s” sounds like a snake woman.

Anyway, Scarlet has to find and kill the Chosen One first. Archie realizes that’s why she sought him out. As she talks, he tries to sneak out – but then turns back to confirm she’s after Veronica. Duh, you fucking moron! She’s already fucking said that! Stop talking to her and go out and warn your girlfriend!

Only after she confirms it does he make a run for it, but…

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-128-vampires.jpgOh, shit.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-129-Scarlet-bat-moonAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-130-Scarlet-flyingAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-131-vampires-ScarletScarlet explains her earlier deception, though the flashback makes it seem like she kicked the vampires’ asses immediately after flying to their location, which I suppose she could have, and then she just ran back into the alley in human form and pretended to kick their asses. Or she only warned them against feeding on Archie and Veronica first and explained she was gonna kick their asses momentarily for show. It’s a bit confusing.

Archie realizes she spared them to get information and would have let the vampires feed on them otherwise. Scarlet says yes for the chosen one but reveals they weren’t supposed to feed on him.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-132-Scarlet-ArchieHe’s “special”. He’s hers. He cries out for help.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-133-Scarlet-cheeseburgerAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-134-vampires-gangHe gets it.

Archie rips the cross off Scarlet, even though she’s wearing it on a thick chain, and Jughead and Betty pull him out the (conveniently open) window.

Scarlet spits out the cheeseburger and exposits about how they mustn’t let the chosen one get the Sun Stone. No shit.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-135-gangBetty asks now what.

Veronica takes back the cross. As the vampire goons approach, she struggles to remember the incantation.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-136-Veronica-cross“Cross of silver, ray of light, in Ender’s hand will end the night.”

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-137-cross-shinesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-138-cross-firesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-139-vampire-hitAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-140-vampire-diesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-141-Betty-vampireAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-142-Veronica-smilesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-143-cross-fires-2AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-144-vampire-hit-2AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-145-vampire-dies-2You go, girl!

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-146-Scarlet-fliesAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-147-Veronica-crossAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-148-cross-fires-3AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-149-Scarlet-red-smokeHmmm, that’s different. And suspicious. No one questions it, though.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-150-gangVeronica’s amazed at what she did. Betty playfully rubs her head like she’s a dog. Veronica lets out a very satisfying “Aaahhh…” Um, yeah, draw your own conclusions.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-151-Veronica-happyAWM-31-Scarlet-Night-152-gang-2Veronica celebrates her victory.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-153-gang-3Her friends join in.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-154-Andrews-houseLater that night, Archie praises Veronica in his column. Why is one of the Andrews’ garage doors open at night?

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-155-Archie-windowAnyway, he guesses, sometimes, we can do a lot more than we give ourselves credit for.

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-156-Riverdale-1He says just ask a girl named Veronica…

AWM-31-Scarlet-Night-157-Riverdale-2…in a little town called Riverdale.

This was a pretty cool episode. Veronica got the chance to be the hero again. Even better, this is merely the beginning of a three-parter! Betty put her “skills” to good use. The only real downside to this episode is Archie being his usual idiotic self.

I’ve recently realized it’s too much work for me to do a full episode review every week. When I subtract work at my actual job and any chores around the house, my actual free time is fairly limited. It took me well over 7 hours to write this review (that includes watching the episode, writing the text, and taking screencaps), and it typically takes me a little shy of 4 hours to create the post (correcting the text and uploading and inserting the screencaps in the proper spots). A review of “The New Archies” takes a bit less time. A review of “Riverdale” takes way more time. I can’t do this every week without my other interests taking a back seat. I have plenty of DVDs to watch. I also write fan fiction and original fiction.

Therefore, after Halloween, this blog will alternate between a TV review and a comic review. I can typically review a comic story in around an hour, and it takes me way less time to create the post. The TV reviews every other week will be whatever I happen to get done. The comic reviews will probably cover primarily the “Betty’s Diary” and “Cheryl Blossom” series.

Tune in next Wednesday!

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6 thoughts on “Archie’s Weird Mysteries, Episode 31 – Scarlet Night”

  1. 1. Thats actually a very cool vampire design, especially considering its Archie. They did a good job making them look distinct from fanged humans.

    2. Again not an expert, but doesn’t Archie date both girls. He comes across as a real jerk here, going after yet another girl! Betty and Veronica should date Dilton..or each other.

    PS: obvious vampire is obvious.

    3. Dr Strange is in Archie now?

    4. These chosen one prophecies get really weird, I bet every citizen of Riverdale has been the chosen one for some prophecy at least once by now.

    Have you thought of breaking your recaps of an episode into two parts, I won’t mind.

    If you’re doing episodes of this series in no particular order, do you take suggestions?

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    1. Archie definitely is a jerk – at least in the modern Classic Archieverse comics. In the old comics, Archie did date Betty at first but then started dating Veronica and was usually just oblivious to Betty’s feelings. New Riverdale replicates that. In the modern classic comics, though, Archie dates both girls, often accidentally making dates with both of them (plus even Cheryl sometimes) in the same location at the same time. Or maybe different locations at the same time. Or he’ll get Betty to fix his car – only to reveal he needed it to take Veronica out. Or he’ll fall for any random cute girl. And Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl degrade themselves by fighting each other for this dude. This show tones all of that down a bit, but it’s still there.

      I don’t wanna split the episodes into two-part reviews. I want each review to cover a complete story. I do that even for the comics (Bad Boy Trouble!, Civil Chore); if there’s a multi-issue story, it still gets covered in one review.

      I broke order only because I decided, at the last moment, to keep the horror theme started with “I Was a 12 Year Old Werewolf” going all October, leading up to Halloween. In other words, it was just perfect timing with that first review of the month, followed by a flash of inspiration. Other than this, I won’t be breaking order.


      1. Geez what do Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl(who from what I get is a meaner Veronica) see in the guy. Its funny that he actually became more of a jerk after the 50-70 era(if thats what you mean by “old comics”)?

        Ah ok. You could always do half an episode a day, and then only post it when the whole review is done.

        I gotcha, thats why I asked.

        BTW my username is a reference to an episode!

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  2. Yeah, Vinnie Wells “just wanted nachos”, which led to him stealing a time-travel device Dilton had invented, which led to a jail term, and then his future time-travelling self breaking him OUT of jail, so that both young and middle-aged Vinnie could team up to seek revenge on Archie Andrews and the town of Riverdale in general. That story was also a trilogy, and a better one than the vampire trilogy IMO. You should have reviewed that one, Mark. Yeah, I know, no Halloween connection. The last episode in the time-travel trilogy was the best of the entire series, with homages to the very first Archie story from PEP #22, a wilderness scout (in 1699) named Bob Montana who founds the town of Riverdale (with a little help from a time-travelling Archie), an ADULT time-travelling Archie Andrews (in addition to his teenage time-travelling self), and other neat easter eggs.

    BTW, Mr. J. W. Nachos, that’s Dr. Beaumont (not Dr. Strange) who runs a curio shop containing many weird artifacts in Riverdale. Both Beaumont and Scarlet returned in “The Return of Scarlet” (what else?) in ARCHIE’S WEIRD MYSTERIES #12, so there’s actually a *fourth* chapter to the vampire trilogy. Scarlet was also featured in a short backup story in AWM#15, “Scarlet’s Guide to Vampire Hunting”. I think both of those were reprinted in the AWM trade paperback collection from 2011, as well. I also seem to have a vague recollection that Vinnie Wells returned in a story in AWM, but I can’t be sure.

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  3. **Swear to God, it’s in the episode. After Vinnie Wells steals the time-travel device from Dilton (after being ejected from Pop’s where he unsuccessfully attempted to mooch money off everyone to buy nachos), he mentions that he hopes to sell Dilton’s device for enough money to buy plenty of nachos. “Most Original Motivation For A Time-Travelling Villain”?

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